Intex Sand Filter Low Pressure – 6 Main Reasons for Low Filter Pressure and 6 Easy Solutions


intex sand filter low pressure

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Sand filtration is not a new technology and has been in use since last so many years.

When it comes to filtering your swimming pool water, good quality sand filters such as Intex Sand Filter plays a pivotal role in maintaining proper water circulation and water purity.

These filters are usually very easy to handle and maintain.

They are also comparatively pocket friendly.

All these attributes make them a favorite choice among most swimming pool owners.

But like every electronic device, sand filters can also have some fault or malfunction.

As per my research, low pressure in the sand filters including Intex sand filter is a common problem faced by most users.

Generally, pool filters require a certain amount of pressure inside the filter tank to function.

This pressure value is indicated by a small device called a pressure gauge.

It is usually attached to the top of your sand filter.

The values displayed by this device may sometimes be high, low, or normal.

The low pressure in the pool filter is indicated when the pressure gauge displays a lower-than-normal value.

The average normal pressure value of any pool filter ranges between 10 to 25 psi.

But you must be amazed to know that every pool filter has its own normal pressure value.

This value depends on various factors like the size of your pool, pump size, number of inlets and skimmer boxes used, cleanliness of the pool filter, and few others.

Now the question is how you can determine the normal pressure range of your pool filter.

Generally, the best time to determine the pool filter pressure is when the device is in its best form i.e. in the cleanest form.

It can be done either when the equipment is new or after the backwashing of the pool filter.

The value recorded by the pressure gauge in that condition can be considered the normal baseline pressure of that sand filter.

Any deviation from this value indicates a fault in the device.

So, it is always advisable to keep a tap on the pressure gauge.

The values displayed by it give you a clear idea about your machine’s health.

When the pressure gauge records a lower than baseline value then you must not neglect this issue at any cost.

A low Intex sand filter pressure indicates that the circulation of water in the pool has got disrupted.

This means that the filtration process of pool water is not working properly.

The pool water is not getting cleaned properly and water gets contaminated with various types of fungi, algae, bacteria, calcium buildup.

Swimming in such a dirty pool water is very harmful for your health as well as for the health of your loved ones.

Now apart from low-pressure readings, some other factors indicate low pool filter pressure.

I have mentioned 3 of the most important factors that indicate the low sand filter pressure.

Factor 1: A slow Rate of Water Flow through the Return Jet

When water flows back to the pool after filtration, the force is usually high.

But if this flow of water back to the pool is weak, then you may assume that pool filter pressure may be low.

Factor 2: Pool Cleaners Take Longer to Operate

Generally, pool cleaners use water pressure to operate and move.

If you observe that the pool cleaner is taking more time to operate than normal, it may indicate low sand filter pressure.

Factor 3: No Water from Water Features of Your Pool

Some pools have water features like a fountain etc.

Low or no water coming out from these features or installations indicates low pool filter pressure.

If any of the above-mentioned cases appear, you should try and fix them immediately.

Now, I will dig deeper and then we understand why low pressure develops in Intex sand pool filters and then I will also provide some quick fixes to solve those problems on your own.

6 Main Reasons and 6 Solutions for Intex Low Sand Filter Pressure

Reason 1: Low Water Level

The water level in the pool gradually decreases.

Some of the major reasons for the same are mentioned as follows.

1. Whenever we move in or out of the swimming pool, we splash water out of it.

2. Regular exposure to the sunlight also causes water to evaporate from the pool.

3. In addition to the above, backwashing operations also cause the water level to drop in the swimming pool.

When the water level in the pool gets very low, the pool pump starts to suck in the air.

This action leads to low water pressure in the pool filtration system.

Solution 1: Fill the Swimming Pool with Enough Water

First, you have to check the water level.

For this check the skimmer opening.

When the water level of the pool reaches below the skimmer, it will cause low pool filter pressure.

To fix this issue, you have to add water into the swimming pool up to the ideal limit.

You have to fill the water until it reaches a little above the mid-point of the skimmer opening.

Reason 2: Debris in Pump Basket and Displaced O-rings

The main factors such as the debris in the pump basket, a cracked pump lid, and displaced O-rings affect the flow of water into the filtration system.

This also can cause low pressure for the Intex sand filter.

Solution 2: Clean the Pump Basket and Reposition O-Rings

To fix this issue first turn off the pool filter system.

Then open the lid and check for any damage signs.

Then check the position of the O-rings.

If the O-ring is displaced you need to reposition it.

Now open the pump basket.

If debris is present then remove the debris and clean the basket before starting the device.

Reason 3: Clogged Impeller

Impeller is a fan-like device which is responsible for propelling water into the pool filter system at a high speed.

They are generally positioned inside the impeller housing behind the pump basket.

Now if the impeller gets clogged, the rate of flow of water will also decrease.

This in turn causes low pool sand filter pressure.

Solution 3: Properly Clean and Unclog the Impeller

When you notice that the impeller is not moving freely, you should understand that it has been clogged.

To remove the stuck debris, detach the device from the power supply.

Then remove the pump basket and lid. 

Using a wire, remove the debris and unclog the impeller.

Once the process is over, then you can re-assemble the device back to its original state.

Then run the pool pump and check the water pressure again.

Reason 4: Leak or Crack in the Pool Pump

Although not common, a leakage or a crack in the pool pump can also cause low pressure in the Intex pool sand filter.

To ascertain this, you need to carefully examine the pool pump.

If you find those issues, then you must fix them immediately.

Solution 4: Fix the Cracks and Leaks or Replace the Pool Pump

Sometimes due to long-term usage, or a low maintenance, or even due to external conditions, the leakages and cracks can happen in the pool pumps.

If you have sound knowledge, you can fix it yourself or take a professional help to fix these cracks and leaks.

If repair is not possible, replace it the damaged pool pump.

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Reason 5: Wrong Settings of Multiport Valve

The multiport valve (MPV) as the name suggests, has multiple ports and performs several functions.

They are generally placed at the top of the sand filter and regulate the flow of water.

Sometimes, while operating, we may forget to adjust the settings of the MPV.

When the MPV setting is in waste, backwash, or recirculate mode, then the water can bypass the filter.

After that, the pressure gauge can display zero pressure.

Solution 5: Adjust Proper Settings for MPV

To adjust the settings of MPV, you need to first turn off the device.

Then adjust the MPV settings to filter mode.

Now turn the device on and allow water to circulate into the pool sand filter system.

This will slowly bring back the pool filter pressure to a normal level.

Reason 6: Defect in Pressure Gauge

Sometimes even when the device is running smoothly, the pressure gauge may display the wrong or low filter pressure readings.

This happens when the pressure gauge malfunctions or the device pointer gets stuck or breaks.

Solution 6: Repair or Replace the Pressure Gauge

Generally, if you tap on the pressure gauge, it usually resets.

But if that does not work, replacement is the only option.

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I also recommend you to watch the following video from Swim University to understand all these problems and their solutions in more detail.

4 Tips to Avoid Intex Low Sand Filter Pressure

Tip 1: I recommend you to regularly clean the skimmer basket, strainer, and pool filter regularly to prevent the accumulation of impurities and dirt.

Tip 2: Maintain the water level of the pool above the midpoint of the skimmer opening.

Tip 3: Measure the pool filter pressure from time to time to keep abreast of the pool filter’s performance.

Tip 4: Always turn off the pump before performing any important operations like switching the mode of MPV, cleaning the skimmer, etc.


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