Pool Sand Filter Leaking from Top and Bottom – 4 Reasons for Top Leak and 3 Reasons for Bottom Leak


pool sand filter leaking from top and bottom

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Pool Sand Filters are one of the simplest and widely used pool filtration systems by majority of swimming pool owners.

As the name suggests, sand is used as the filtration medium to remove impurities from your pool water.

When water is passed at high speed through the sand, it collects all the debris from it.

Impure water gets removed from the pool and clean water flows back to the swimming pool.

Generally, a pool sand filter, if handled properly, can last around 3 to 7 years without replacement.

Also, replacing sand is not that costly.

Even you can remove the old sand yourself when it is time to replace the old sand with the new one.

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These sand filters can be serviced easily and are easy to use.

All these features make them a popular choice among swimming pool owners.

According to a report published on reportsanddata.com, the global market size for pool sand filters is increasing rapidly and will reach a significant value by 2028.

The key factors expected to boost this rapid growth are more significant investments in the construction industry (both residential and commercial) and the new trend of engaging interior designers in construction projects, and few other relevant factors.

Even though you need a little maintenance, sand pool filters can also malfunction after some point of time.

One of the most common issues faced by the users is the leakage of pool sand filter from both sides.

This leakage can happen from both the top and bottom parts of the sand filter.

Whenever a leakage is detected, I highly recommend you to fix this issue as soon as possible.

This is because a leaking filter affects the performance of the pool pump and if neglected, it can lead to harmful outburst due to excessive pressure buildup.

Generally, the main factors that are responsible for the leakage in sand pool filters from top side and bottom side are damage in filter parts, loose connection, or crack in the filter body.

In this article ahead, I will provide main reasons for leakage of sand pool filter from top side and bottom side and then will provide the right solutions to fix those problems without much hassles.

4 Main Reasons for Leakage of Pool Sand Filter from Top Side and 4 Easy Remedies

I have listed 4 most common reasons for pool filter leakage from its top as follows.

At the same time, I have provided the solutions for those 4 problems to fix them as soon as possible for you.

Reason 1: Crack Near the Top of the Filter

If your sand pool filter is leaking from the top, the first thing you need to check is the presence of any cracks.

Due to various external factors or mishandling, cracks may appear at the top of the filter.

This obviously leads to leakage from the top side of your pool filter.

Solution 1: Fix Those Cracks Quickly

When you detect the crack, you first need to check if the pool filter is under warranty.

You can get it exchanged if it is under warranty period.

Otherwise, it is best to get it replaced with the new one.

Sealing the crack is not advisable as it is not a permanent solution and can lead to more serious problems later on.

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Reason 2: Improper Installation of the Machine

Sometimes if the parts of the sand pool filter are not fixed properly at the time of installation, leakage from the top can happen.

Now if the pool pump or filter is a new one, then leakage from the top of the filter is most commonly caused due to improper device assembly.

Solution 2: Assemble the Machine Parts Carefully

Now if you are not a technically sound person, you will need the assistance of a professional pool pump repair technician to fix this problem.

To solve the top filter leaking problem, the device needs to be assembled properly again.

You may even need some additional fittings to fix this leaking issue.

Reason 3: High Pressure in Sand Filter

Higher pool filter pressure is one of the most common reasons for pool filter’s leakage from its top side.If the problem is not fixed quickly it may be harmful for the pool users.

There are a lot of reasons that may cause high pressure in pool sand filters.

Some of them are clogged filters, not having enough water in the pool, a problem with the pressure gauge, an air leak into the filtration system, etc.

Solution 3: Reduce or Minimize the High Filter Pressure

You can fix the leakage due to high pressure in the filter by following the below-mentioned steps.

First, turn off the device and observe the pressure gauge.

If the device pointer does not turn to zero, then the pressure gauge is faulty. You need to take the help of a professional to fix this.

If it is damaged, then you need to immediately replace it with the new reliable pressure gauge.

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The next step is to open the filter carefully and observe the sand.

If the sand appears to be oily or dirty, the leakage is probably caused by this type of sand.

In that case, you need to replace this oily and dirty sand from the pool filter.

While doing so make sure the correct measurement of sand is refilled.

Too less or too much will not serve the purpose.

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Now check all the pipings connected to the filter.

If there is dirt or debris collected inside the pipes of the filter, then there is a high chance of leaking.

Also, clogged filter piping increases pressure in the filter.

Therefore, I recommend to remove any clogging or debris collected inside these pipes once you locate the same.

Lastly, check the multiport valve (MPV).

Make sure there is no regurgitation of water.

When water fails to flow out of the filter, it creates a high pressure in the filter and ultimately causes leakage.

Reason 4: Loose Fittings and Cover Ring

The pool filter assembly consists of several fittings and cover rings.

If you observe water leaking heavily from the top of the filter, a loose connection of fittings or cover rings may be the probable cause.

Solution 4: Follow This 5 Steps Solution

You can fix this issue by following the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: First, check the o -rings.

If you find them rusted or damaged you need to replace them.

If the O-rings are ok, clean them properly and lubricate them to ensure their durability.

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Step 2: The next step is to check the clamp bands.

If they are loose then tighten them.

Step 3: After this, check all the bolts present in and around the filter top.

If the clamp bolts have got rusted or worn out you need to replace them with the new ones.

Step 4: The next step is to check the PVC around the filter.

If it has got wrapped due to frequent temperature variations, you have to change it soon.

Step 5: Finally check the couplings and unions at the top of your pool filter.

If they are worn out, leakage can happen.

So, its better to replace them with the new ones and reduce the pool filter leakage from the top.

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3 Main Reasons and 3 Solutions for Pool Filter Leakage from its Bottom

Sometimes pool filters leak from the bottom side too.

If you are facing this issue right now, then I recommend checking out these 3 reasons and their 3 simple solutions to fix the problem.

Reason 1: Water Dripping from the Top of the Pool Filter

If your filter is not old and is leaking from the bottom, you need to first check if the water is dripping from its top side.

Sometimes water from the top of the filter starts dripping towards the bottom which makes it appear as if the bottom is leaking.

Solution 1: Fix the Dripping from the Top Side

In such a case, I recommend to check the cause of top side leakage first and fix the issue.

You can check 5 reasons and their 5 solutions for top side leakage as I have provided them earlier in this article.

Reason 2: Loose Fittings and Pipings

Sometimes while removing the drain cap from the bottom of the filter tank, the pipe may get loose and water can start leaking.

Solution 2: Tighten the Fittings and Piping Connection

To fix it, first, wipe the joint and make sure it is dry.

Then using a wrench, tighten the joint slowly.

Wipe the joint again and check if it is still leaking.

Once it is fixed, check all other fittings and joints.

If you find any leakage, fix it using the same method.

Reason 3: Minor Hairline Crack in the Tank and Pipes

If the filter assembly is exposed to freezing temperatures, a minor hairline crack can appear on the tank body or in pipings. 

When there is no water in the device assembly you can find the hairline crack by investigating the device body with a flashlight and magnifying glass.

Solution 3: Replace the Damaged Parts

In case, you find any hairline cracks inside the water tank or piping, then you need to fix these cracks asap.

If you can’t fix them then replacement is the only way to fix this issue.








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