How to Remove Stuck Hot Tub Jets? – Follow 3 Simple Steps to Loosen Stuck Hot Tub Jets


how to remove stuck hot tub jets

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Hot tubs are our best friends whenever we are tired or there is too much cold outside.

These tubs calm us with soothing hot baths along with the most pleasant massage therapy.

The world-class massage we get is only due to the hot tub jets that decide the flow of the water in the tub.

But what if your hot tub jets don’t work properly?

Yes, of many other issues with hot tubs, the malfunctioning of the hot tub jets is also quite commonly observed by its users.

So, what actually causes the jets to not work properly?

The thing is, the jets sometimes get stuck in the hot tub and become unable to direct water flowing inside the tub.

And due to this issue, we not only miss our soothing massage but the tub can also get exposed to many other issues at the same time.

When I experienced this issue, I was literally frustrated and hopeless as the jets were not coming out even after I tried a dozen times.

But finally, I fixed the issue and I got my hot tub jets out properly and safely, quite easily indeed.

So, today’s main topic is how do you remove the stuck jets from your hot tub and start enjoying your favorite bath again?

The process that I follow is quite simple and I have mentioned it step by step below for your reference.

Step 1: First, take a wrench and grab the hot tub jets tightly.

Step 2: Then rotate the jets anti-clockwise.

At first, it might seem that you would take the jets off the tub roughly.

But after a few tries, the jets will become smooth and get off the tub quite smoothly.

It was simple, wasn’t it?

But what if this way doesn’t work for you while you try to remove the stuck hot tub jets.

Don’t worry, as always, I have got this topic entirely covered.

In this article, I will be explaining to you how you can remove the stuck hot tub jets from your hot tub properly.

Also, I will be putting light on some other common hot tub jets problems that you may face in the future, along with their solutions.

3 Best Hot Tub Jets Removal Tools to Use

When you try your best to get those stuck hot tub jets out of the place but don’t get much success, then you should know that this task requires a machine involvement now.

There are different tools available in the market that can make your task of removing the stuck hot tub jets out of the machine quite easier.

Below, I have mentioned a few important tools you can use to get your stuck hot tub jets off the machine quite easily.

No. 1: A Neck Jet Wrench Spa Tool

No. 2: A High-quality Silicone-based Lubricant to make a better grip on the jets

No. 3: A Set of Channel-lock Pliers

In most cases, using these easily available tools is enough to get your stuck hot tub jets removed without putting in too much effort.

In case you are still unable to get your stuck jets out of the hot tub, you may need to contact the official support team of your tub to get it fixed.

You can also call a local hot tub technician to get it done quite easily.

How to Remove Hot Tub Jet Stuck in Housing?

In case your hot tub jets get stuck in the housing of your hot tub, then it might be somewhat tedious for you to get them out properly.

The major issue for people during this process is the breaking of the jets inside the housing, which can lead to plenty of more issues.

I am saying this because I have experienced that.

Yes, once I broke the jets and then it led to more issues that I anticipated later on.

So, how can you remove the hot tub jets stuck in its housing or the nozzles without breaking them?

The answer is simple.

All you need to do is follow 3 simple steps mentioned below to remove the stuck hot tub jets in the nozzles.

Step 1: Hold the jets with your hands and try to rotate them anti-clockwise to make them loose.

If the jets are too slippery for your hands, then you may use a rag or washcloth to hold them properly.

If they start loosening, then keep unscrewing them until they are totally removed.

If you can’t seem to loosen them up, then try the step no. 2 mentioned below.

Step 2: Get the pipe wrench made specially to repair spa or hot tubs as already mentioned above.

Now, place it around the hot tub jets and gently unscrew the jets by rotating them anti-clockwise.

If they are loosening, keep doing it, or else head to the next step to try the third method.

Step 3: Now,get the silicone-based lubricant as mentioned above and squeeze it on your fingers.

This will help you make a better grip on the hot tub jets.

Now, rub the lubricant with your fingers between the jets and the hot tub wall.

The more you will do, the better it will be for you to loosen the jets.

Let the lubricant do its work in 10-15 minutes and wait for the jets to be removed.

If not, continue the process a couple of times until you get the stuck jets removed successfully.

Note: In case none of these methods work, it will be the wisest decision to call the official customer support team of the hot tub.

They can guide you in the best way possible.

Also, if things go wrong later, they will visit your place and get everything fixed in a while.

For a detailed guide on how you can easily remove the stuck hot tub jets housing, I recommend to check out this article.

7 Simple Steps to Clean Hot Tub Jets with Vinegar

We all know how much ease and comfort hot tub jets provide us with, aren’t we?

It is the jets that control water motions in the hot tub and make sure you get a proper relaxing massage.

But being a machine, it comes with its few issues and disadvantages too.

For example, the hot tub jets can get dirty, can get defective, or can get damaged as well.

Mostly, the problems occur when the jets get dirty or clogged with debris and you don’t know how to clean them properly.

The spa jets work quite frequently and have a heavy workload over them.

To keep them running smoothly and flawlessly, you must clean them at regular intervals.

One of the best ways to clean your hot tub jets is by using distilled white vinegar.

But how?

I have mentioned below 7 easy steps that will help you clean your spa jets with white vinegar quite easily.

Step 1: Fill the hot tub with water properly (to the usual water level of the tub).

Here, you need to make sure the jets are being covered with a minimum of 2 inches of hot water.

Step 2: Then, take pure white vinegar and pour it into the tub.

After that, start and run the machine for about 15 minutes.

Step 3: Now, wait and allow the vinegar to go through the jets and the other parts of the hot tub properly.

Step 4: After that, turn off the jets and wait for half an hour before turning the jets for another 15 minutes round.

Step 5: Clean away all the dirt or stuck-on-grime from the jets using your old toothbrush or a scrubber.

Then simply drain your hot tub.

Step 6: After step 5, once more fill the hot tub with water properly, making sure that the water covers the jets sufficiently.

Step 7: Do a quick 5-min test by turning the jets on to clean any remaining residue.

And finally, you are done!

Just drain out all the water from the tub and clean it properly this time.

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How to Loosen Stuck Hot Tub Jets?

A stuck jet in your hot tub can be as messy as a wild rat wandering in your house.

When it is stuck, it will pretend to be very rigid and will not move from its place.

So, how can you loosen such stuck spa jets?

One great way to loosen your stuck hot tub jets is by doing backflushing.

Step 1: In this process, you just need a water sprayer hose nozzle.

Put the sprayer into the center of the jet (center hole).

Step 2:  Then, turn it on to spray water directly into the jets at a tremendous speed.

Due to the water force, the jets revert water back and may start leaking from its side as well.

But, that’s all okay for now.

Step 3: After this, if you try to move the jets, you will find them quite loose than earlier they were.

If they haven’t loosened yet, repeat the process until it works.

It’s a simple yet very effective technique that works with all types of jets (from rigid mouth to movable mouth).

I highly recommend you to get a reliable and good quality water sprayer hose if you want this backflushing process to be successful.

Click Here to Get a High Quality Water Sprayer Hose Nozzle for Hot Tub Jets Removal.

If you want to see and understand the actual procedure, then check out the following video.

How to Reseal Hot Tub Jets?

Once you have successfully removed the stuck jets from your hot tub and replaced them back with the new ones, then everything looks so good.

But there is one issue left.

The jets may again start leaking when you use the hot tub.

The best way to fix this issue is by resealing your hot tub jets properly.

Here is how you can reseal hot tub jets in the best way possible.

To complete the process, you will need two things.

The first thing you will need is the RTV Silicone Adhesive and the second thing you will need is the bristle brush to clean the tub properly.

First, take the silicone RTV adhesive and apply it to the sides of the jets properly by pushing them gently.

Here, make sure that the process is slower and smoother so there are not any air bubbles around the side.

Another thing you can do to seal the jets properly, you can use your thumb to apply the silicone RTV properly on the sides.

And it’s done, your jets have been sealed properly and will not leak now.

Check out the following video to understand how to properly reseal the hot tub jets with the help of RTV adhesive.


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