Pool Filter Pressure Gauge Reading 0 – 5 Main Reasons and 5 Simple Solutions to Fix this Problem


pool filter pressure gauge reading zero value

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A pressure gauge or a pool filter gauge is a simple device that displays the amount of pressure inside the pool filter tank.

It is a small device that is generally found at the top of your pool filter.

As a pool owner, I am sure you know the importance of having reliable and quality pool filters.

They are responsible for keeping the pool clean, hygienic and safe for your swimming.

Pool filters require some amount of pressure to operate.

This internal pressure inside the filter tank is responsible for circulating water through the device.

So, any deviation from the normal pressure value directly affects the quality of your pool water.

Thus, we can say that the pool filter gauge is an important device that helps to keep an eye on the performance of the pool filter.

From its readings, users can determine when the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Generally, the average normal pressure value of any pool filter varies between 10 to 25 PSI (Pounds per square inch).

But you will be surprised to know that there is no specific normal value when it comes to measuring high pool filter pressure.

Every pool has its own specific normal or baseline pressure value.

This pressure value depends on the factors like the size and type of the pool, pump size, cleanliness of pool filters, etc.

Now you might be thinking about when to determine the pressure value of your pool.

Usually, the ideal time to measure the pool filter pressure is when the device is clean and unclogged.

This is possible after the backwashing process or in the case of a newly installed device.

The pressure value recorded during that time is the normal or the baseline pressure value of the pool filter.

This value can be used for all your future references.

So, if your pressure gauge reads an abnormal or zero value, then there is certainly some fault in the system.

It indicates that the filtration process is hindered to there are some clogged parts in the system that are causing problem for the filtration process.

This also means that the pool water is not getting cleaned properly and it will turn murky and contaminated after some time.

Swimming in such contaminated pool water is very harmful to that specific swimming pool users.

As per my research, 5 most common reasons that may cause the pool filter gauge to read a zero value are as follows.

Reason 1: A clogged filter

Reason 2: A fault in the pressure gauge

Reason 3: Blocked valves

Reason 4: Damaged Impeller

Reason 5: Air leak

Let us now discuss these causes one by one and learn how we can fix them from the discussion below.

5 Main Reasons Why Pool Filter Pressure Gauge Reads Zero Value and 5 Simple Solutions

Whenever your pressure gauge reads a zero value, you need to immediately try to find the root cause of this problem first.

Once the cause is detected, you can fix them easily.

Below mentioned are 5 most common errors that cause the pressure gauge to read a zero value.

I have also provided its simple solution immediately below each reason for your simplicity.

Reason 1: A Clogged Pool Filter

This is one of the most common reasons that cause zero value reading in the filter pressure gauge.

If you do not clean the pool filters regularly, the dirt and debris start to accumulate gradually and the filter gets clogged after few days.

This also reduces the flow of filtered water back into the pool.

If the filter gets fully blocked due to extensive dirt deposition, no water can get filtered out of the device.

This leads to a zero pressure value in the pool filter gauge.

Solution 1: Clean the Pool Filter Completely

The only way to fix this issue is an extensive cleaning of the pool filters.

If those filters have been damaged due to dirt and debris, in that case, you have to replace them immediately. 

So, it is always advisable to keep your filters clean.

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Reason 2: Defective Pool Filter Pressure Gauge

Defective pool filter pressure gauge is also one of the major reasons why a pressure gauge displays zero or an abnormal value.

All devices can malfunction at some point when you don’t maintain or take care of the machine.

A pool filter gauge is no exception.

This device may get damaged due to long-time usage, external forces, or mishandling.

When your pool filter is faulty, it may display zero readings.

To check the accuracy of your filter, you can either take professional help or use a pressure gauge tester.

Solution 2: Get a New Filter Pressure Gauge if Damaged

Sometimes the pressure gauge’s pointer may get stuck if exposed to extreme weather conditions.

In that case, you need to tap on the pressure gauge and after that, it will start to read again if there is no other fault.

But, if this trick does not work then you should get a new replacement gauge for your pool filter.

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Reason 3: Damaged Impeller

Impeller is an important part of the pool filter that is placed inside the impeller housing behind the pump.

It looks like a fan and is responsible for pulling water into the pool filter at a high speed.

This action causes pressure inside the filter tank.

If the impeller gets damaged or worn out due to long-term usage, it will directly impact the flow of water into the pool filter.

No pressure will be developed inside the pool filter if the impeller does not work.

This ultimately causes the filter pressure gauge to display a zero value.

Solution 3: Install a New Impeller Device

If your impeller is damaged and beyond repair stage, then replacement is the only way to fix it.

So, I recommend getting a new impeller device in case it is broken or damaged.

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Reason 4: Blocked Valves

If the valves attached to the pool filtration system get blocked or clogged, it will impact the flow of water through them.

When the water flow is less, the pressure in the filter will be very low or zero.

In such a situation, the pressure gauge may display a zero value or an abnormal value.

Solution 4: Clean or Unclog the Valves

Carefully inspect the valves attached to the filtration system.

If you find any blockage then I recommend to clear it immediately.

This will help to normalize the water flow and hence the pressure value will also be brought back to normal.

Reason 5: Air Leak

Air leakage is one of major reasons that cause the lower pressure inside the pool pump.

Sometimes due to a loose connection or defect, air may enter the filtration system.

This lowers the pool filter pressure and the pressure gauze may display a zero value.

Solution 5: Tighten the Loose Connections

Manually observe the presence of any wear or tear in the device and loose connection.

Users can even use a pressure testing kit to check air leaks in the system.

If you find a loose connection, tighten it properly.

In case of equipment damage, take an expert’s advice.

If your pool pump is in the warranty period, then you can claim a replacement for sure.

I highly recommend to get a reliable pressure testing kit for your pool pump to verify that there is no internal air leakage.

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I am sure, once you find the root cause of zero value reading of your pool filter’s pressure gauge, then you can easily fix this problem with the help of my above recommendations.






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