How to Remove a Hot Tub Jet Housing? – 4 Simple Steps to Get Hot Tub Jets Nozzle Out of Spa


how to remove hot tub jet housing

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Hot tubs are our true friends in the cold winter seasons and on tired and hectic days.

They serve us with ultimate relief and relaxation with their soothing massage and hot bath.

Personally, I love to soak in my hot tub whenever I come home after a long busy and tiresome day.

And the time when I soak in my hot tub is surely the best feeling in the world.

These hot tubs are so much special not only because of their relaxing bath experience but because of their body-relieving hydrotherapy features.

This soothing massage therapy will take away all your tiredness as well as body pain and will provide you extra energy boost.

However, the main factor behind making this massage therapy a soothing experience for you is the hot tub jets.

Hot tub jets manipulate the flow of water and makes sure that you get the best massage while you soak inside the hot tub water.

The hot tub jets are connected to the tub with the housings that are also known as nozzles.

Sometimes, this little housing can create a lot of trouble in your hot bath.

With time, these nozzles become dirty and clogged with debris.

After that, they need to be either cleaned properly or need to be replaced.

For that, you need to first remove this housing of the hot tub jets.

Thus, the main topic of this article is how do you remove a hot tub jet housing without causing any issues.

Don’t worry, I have already done my research and now know the right method to remove this housing.

Step 1: To remove the jets housing from your hot tub, you must remove the hot tub jets first.

Step 2: Once done, then you can see that there is a chain of pipes and tubes connected together behind the tub.

There, you will find that the tubes are getting connected to the housings and have silicone on them to get better fixing.

Step 3: To remove that, try to turn the housing counterclockwise for a while until it loosens.

Step 4: Once it becomes loose, you simply keep turning it to get it out of the hot tub.

But what if the housing doesn’t turn with your hands?

What if it gets stuck there?

Well, I will answer every important question regarding your hot tub jets housing in this article ahead.

Therefore, kindly keep reading this article till the end. 

Are Hot Tub Jets Universal?

This question is one of the most common questions that I have come across while doing research for this topic.

And the answer to this question is “Yes”.

So, most hot tub jets are universal or interchangeable if their size measures the same.

Most of these hot tub jets can easily be removed by turning them left.

And also, most will pop up right out after that.

But this never means that you can use any kind of jet with your hot tub.

Different hot tubs require different types of hot tub jets to perform properly.

You may miss out on that muscle-soothing massage and mind relaxing hot bath if your hot tub doesn’t have the right type and right size of jets.

There is a wide range of jets available for hot tubs that come with different styles and designs.

There are mainly 4 types of hot tub jets which are mentioned as follows.

No. 1: Rotary Jets

These jets make the water move in a circular motion inside the hot tub, covering a much wider area for massage.

Usually, they are installed on the back of your tub to cover your neck and back areas, making you relaxed and tension-free.

No. 2: Moving Jets

The moving jets provide you with extra relief and relaxation by pushing the water up and down as well as horizontally inside the tub.

These jets direct powerful streams of water by utilizing the water strength coming through the plumbing.

No. 3: Directional Jets

I won’t be wrong if I say that these are the most used jets today.

These jets provide targeted hydrotherapy massage to take all your body pain away and make you feel fresh and active.

You can use these jets to direct a powerful stream of water to a targeted area where you need it the most.

Medically, these jets are proven to enhance blood circulation and ease muscle tension and body pain.

No. 4: Footwell Massage Jets

These types of jets have just started to be used at a larger scale in high-tech hot tubs that focus on footwell areas.

These jets reproduce health improving, reflexology-type pressure.

At the same time, they help to reduce pain and soreness in your feet, making your hot bath a pleasurable and soothing experience.

Are All Hot Tub Jets Removable?

Well, most of the hot tub jets are removable, but not all.

It is always a better choice to get a hot tub that has removable jets.

Because you will find it much easier to get them out when they are worn or stuck inside the tub.

Also, if they start leaking, then you can easily remove and replace them whenever needed.

In case the jets are non-removable, the only way to clean them is by cleaning them inside the hot tub.

This sometimes makes the process quite chaotic and messy.

Personally, I have removable jets in my hot tub so I can easily remove them and clean them.

You can also replace them with new ones in case they get dirty or get damaged.

Click Here to Get New Removable Jets for Your Hot Tub.

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5 Simple Steps to Remove a Jet Body from a Hot Tub

Sometimes you can’t remove your hot tub jets or the housing properly.

No matter how carefully you do it, the jets still continue to leak.

When I faced this big issue with my hot tub jets, I became quite desperate and had no clue about how I would solve this problem.

Then with more focus and peaceful mind, I checked the whole jet connection and found out that there was one thing which I was not paying proper attention to.

It was the jet body.

One of the jet bodies of my hot tub was damaged and was causing that leakage.

Now that I have known the issue, I thought I would just replace the jet body simply and get my hot tub working properly.

But the task of removing the jet body from my hot tub was not that easy.

Still, I did remove it successfully.

Here is how I did it and how you can remove the jet body from a hot tub without causing further problems for you.

Step 1: First, remove the hot tub jets by gripping them tightly and turning them counterclockwise.

If the jets don’t come out easily, use a tool to loosen them and then remove them carefully.

Step 2: Once you are done with that, head to the backside of the tub where the jets are connected to the tubes and pipes via the outer body.

This outer body is known as the hot tub jet body.

Here, you will see that the jet bodies are inserted with each jet in an arranged order, mostly from the smallest to the largest.

Step 3:  Now, try to get the body out by rotating it counterclockwise with your hands.

It will mostly not come out due to the silicone used for the strong connection.

In this case, you need to break the silicone with the kitchen knife or something sharper like that. After this, screw out the outer lock of the body to get the jet body exposed for your task.

Step 4: Then, loosen the jet body by removing the silicone glue on the sides using a knife and then rotate it with a wrench or a plier.

Step 5: Now you can easily remove the tube connected and put the jet body out gently.

And hurray! You have successfully removed the jet body from the hot tub without creating any mess.

I recommend to watch the following short tutorial to understand the whole process mentioned above.

4 Steps to Change a Jet Seal on Your Hot Tub

If your hot tub starts leaking suddenly without having any issues with the jets, the housings, or with the bodies, then it might be the sealant that has gone off and is causing the leakage.

A hot tub is protected using high-quality sealants to prevent leaks and damages.

Also, a sealant protects your hot tub from those unwanted microorganisms that forcefully try to enter your hot tub and can cause you diseases.

But to keep your hot tub running properly, you must keep changing the jet seal on a regular period i.e. every week, every month, or every six months.

Here are the basic 4 steps that will help you to change a jet seal on a hot tub.

Step 1: Firstly, find where the leak is coming from.

Usually, it comes from the mouth of the jet i.e. the wall flat around the jet.

As it is made of acrylic, it can leak after few months.

Step 2: Take a knife or some other sharp thing and clean up the area by removing any residue of the sealant remaining from the last use.

Make sure you make the process gentle and smooth.

Step 3: Dry up the area properly using a dryer or using pieces of paper.

Now take the sealant and put it inside a glue gun.

After this, carefully apply it to the whole outer body of the jet where the leak has started.

Step 4: Gently spread the sealant using a piece of cloth or paper around the neck of the body properly to get the jet fit in easily.

This is how you change a jet seal on your hot tub quite effortlessly.

If you are stuck with any of the steps mentioned above, I am all here to help you out.

If you face some issues that you can’t seem to solve then I recommend contacting the official customer support of your hot tub to get everything sorted.


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