How to Remove a Hot Tub Filter Housing? – 3 Methods to Remove Stuck Hot Tub Filter Housing


how to remove stuck hot tub filter housing

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If you are using a hot tub on a regular basis, you would be aware of its most important parts such as the hot tub filter, hot tub pumps, etc.

Where the hot tub is a luxury in itself on the cold winter days or the hectic summer days when you need some relief, the water filter is its heart.

You must know that the lungs in our body, filter out the bad gasses from the body.

In the same manner, the water filter in the tub eliminates all the dust, dirt, and calcium residue and makes the water in the tub clean and healthy for us.

But behind every great thing, there is an unknown object which plays a pivotal role.

In this case, it’s the water filter housing of your hot tub.

The filter housing protects the water filter from dust and dirt around and makes sure it works in the best way possible.

With the water filter housing, your tub gets a longer life span.

But in some cases, it may cause some issues as well.

For example, the blockage of water or the water filter is not a very rare issue for hot tub owners.

However, there are a number of methods that you can employ to fix this issue.

One of the most effective solutions to this issue is by removing the water filter housing of your hot tub.

And that’s what I will mainly discuss about in this article.

The housing might be stuck inside the tub due to being installed there for a longer period of time.

Also, there might be a blockage that caused the issue.

The easiest way to remove the hot tub filter housing is by emptying the tub and deflating it.

After that, you can use a grip-making tool such as a flannel to hold the housing properly.

It will make the removal process much easier for you.

Well, there are many more reasons that can cause the filter housing in your hot tub to get stuck inside it.

And so are the solutions.

In this article, I will mention all the major issues related to your hot tub filter housing along with their solutions.

So, I recommend you to read this article till the end to understand the problem and its solution all at once.

Where is Filter Housing in My Hot Tub?

The positioning of the filter housing depends mainly on your hot tub model, year of making, and its overall design.

Different hot tubs have the housing installed at different positions.

Usually, you can find the filter housing installed in one of the corners of your hot tub.

Also, different filter housings are designed differently so make sure to ask the manufacturer what your tubs filter housing looks like.

3 Reasons Why Hot Tub Filter Cover or Housing Gets Stuck and 3 Solutions to Fix Them

As I mentioned in the first section of the article, there are a number of reasons why your hot tub filter housing is stuck.

And as per the reasons, there are different ways to fix this issue as well.

Below, I have mentioned 3 possible reasons causing the filter housing to get stuck, along with their most effective solutions.

Reason 1: The filter housing of your hot tub gets expanded due to excessive high-temperature of the water.

Solution 1: Shut off your hot tub completely and let the water inside the tub cool down a bit.

This will make the filter housing more contracted and easier to remove for your hands.

Reason 2: You have over tightened or cross-threaded the filter housing.

Solution 2: Pop a screwdriver through the filter housing to create a handle.

Then, you can lift the housing off the debris screen and remove it easily.

Reason 3: There is a high pressure in the filter housing of your hot tub.

Solution 3: Place a small bucket or a similar item under the housing.

Press the relief button (if possible) in the housing to get all the pressure out.

As soon as the pressure in the housing gets to normal, make sure it’s fastened securely.

Then, use the bucket to store water from the housing while you unscrew it by rotating it to the left.

So, these are the major reasons why you find your hot tub filter housing stuck inside the tub.

First, find what is causing the issue in the tub and then fix it accordingly by referring to the aforementioned steps.

If you are still unable to remove the filter housing from your hot tub, then I recommend to contact the official customer support team of your hot tub for the best assistance.

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What to Do When Hot Tub Leaks from Filter Housing?

If you are using your hot tub regularly, then the issue of leakage is something you would be familiar with.

But apart from the other leakage issues, the leakage from the filter housing is the most serious one which needs your immediate attention.

Solution 1: One good thing you can do when your hot tub leaks from the filter housing is to drain out some water from the tub.

Doing this will keep the water level of the tub below the filter which will stop its water leakage.

Solution 2: Also, you can use a hot tub silicone sealant and apply it to the damaged part of the tub to stop the leakage.

While applying the sealant, make sure you cover all of the seams between the shells of the tub and the filter housing.

To get the best effect of the sealant used, press the sealant into the gaps after wearing a glove.

You can also use a caulking tool to do this.

However, doing this with your hands gives you better results.

After the sealant is properly penetrated the tub gaps, let it set up properly before filling it again with the sealant.

At last, make sure there is no strain left on the housing system.

Once done, screw up the housing again with channel locks using a wrench.

Use the wrench carefully as a hard push might break the housing.

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How to Replace Hot Tub Filter Housing Parts that are Damaged?

To keep a hot tub running properly, you need to look after it on a regular basis.

Each one of the parts of the hot tub is equally important.

If even one of them is damaged, it can be a great mess for you to fix later on.

When the other parts of the hot tub get damaged, they can be replaced quite easily.

But when any part of the filter housing is damaged, it leads to complete chaos, and you are left with nothing but to see a professional help from company support.

However, below I have mentioned 3 easy troubleshooting steps to replace hot tub filter housing parts that are damaged.

Step 1: First, drain all the water from your tub and make sure it’s clean and empty.

Step 2: Then, using a wrench or a screwdriver, carefully unscrew the filter housing by rotating it leftwards.

Step 3: Once removed, you can see whether the housing is broken or damaged.

If it is so, replace it with a new one and install the housing in the opposite way as you have removed the housing.

That’s all you need to do to fix the damaged hot tub filter housing parts.

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Below, I also have listed a few important filter housing parts you may need during the replacement process.

No. 1: Pillow Filter Lid

No. 2: Filter Standpipe

No. 3: Filter Spindle Lid

Get these parts in case they are damaged and are beyond repair condition.

You can also get these parts by contacting your hot tub provider.


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