My Introduction

Hello friends, welcome to my swimming pool and hot tub cleaning website, SwimmingPoolHow.Com.

My name is Nicholas Johnson , and I am the proud owner of this website.

I am currently residing in Tucson, Arizona along with my beloved wife and two children.

We all take great pleasure in spending our leisure time in the backyard swimming pool, which is an in-ground 15 x 30 swimming pool that I am fortunate enough to own.

Recently, we purchased a hot tub measuring 6.6 x 7.9 feet, which has added a new dimension to our aquatic experience.

However, over the past few years, I have encountered several challenges and problems associated with my below-ground swimming pool, which is constructed using concrete material.

Additionally, I have also encountered a few issues with my newly acquired hot tub.

Despite these challenges, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience, and I have improved my pool and hot tub cleaning and maintenance skills significantly over the last few years.

As a result, I have created this, a website designed explicitly for swimming pool and hot tub owners.

My goal is to assist owners in properly cleaning, maintaining, and increasing the lifespan of their swimming pools and hot tubs.

With the right knowledge, I am confident that you too can effortlessly clean and maintain your in-ground or above-ground swimming pool, as well as your hot tub or soft tub.

Thank you for visiting my website and do check out my blog section for all the tips regarding hot tub and swimming pool cleaning.

I also have my Youtube Channel with the same name, Swimming Pool How. So don’t forget to subscribe to this channel to get my latest news and updates regarding your swimming pool and hot tub maintenance.

Your Friend and Guide,

Nicholas Johnson

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