How often to Clean Pool Pump Basket – Know When and Why You Need to Clean Pool Pump Basket


how often to clean pool pump basket

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I am sure most of the readers visiting this site like to swim in a pool with sparkling clean and hygienic water.

However, to keep your swimming pool clean and dirt free, you definitely need to do regular cleaning and maintenance of your pool.

But manually maintaining the pool requires a lot of your time, hard work, and patience.

So, to make your lives easy, you can use best quality swimming pool cleaners available in the market.

As per my experience, I can recommend the best swimming pool cleaner to you and that is Dolphin pool cleaner.

You can choose the model which suits the size and type of your swimming pool.

They are the most important gadget for a pool owner.

These devices are highly efficient, time-saving, and require almost zero to very little human intervention.

But if you want your pool cleaner to last longer and work more efficiently for a longer period, then you definitely need to maintain their cleanliness on a regular basis.

One of the most important methods to do so is to keep the pool pump basket clean and dirt free.

Some people do ask about the frequency of the cleaning for these baskets.

As per my research and experience, I can say that you need to clean the pool pump basket at least once a week.

Let us now understand more about the pool pump basket from the discussions below.

What is a Pool Pump Basket and What is its Primary Function?

A pool pump basket also known as a pool strainer is a vital part of the pool pump cleaning system.

They collect large pieces of debris like rocks, pebbles, etc. from the pool water and help to keep the pool cleaner and hygienic.

Sometimes the pool skimmer fails to collect large debris or some of them get sucked through one of the drains.

In such a case, the pool pump basket plays a pivotal role.

They prevent the large debris pieces from entering the main assembly of the pool pump.

This action prevents clogging of the impeller.

How to Check If Your Pool Pump Basket Needs Cleaning?

Apart from cleaning the pool pump basket once every week, you can also check if it needs urgent cleaning.

The pool pump basket generally has a transparent lid.

So, after every cleaning, you can check the presence of large debris without removing it completely.

If you observe any such impurities or debris inside, then you can remove them immediately.

What will Happen if You Don’t Clean Pool Pump Basket Regularly?

If you want to ensure the longevity of your pool cleaner system, then you must take good care of every part of the device.

The pool pump basket is a small part of the pool cleaning device.

But it plays a vital role in the pool maintenance process.

If you fail to clean it regularly, it will directly affect the performance of the pool cleaner.

Let us see how by considering the following cases.

Case 1: If the pool pump basket is not cleaned properly, then it can easily get clogged after few days. 

When this happens, it leads to the pool pump taking more force to filter the pool water.

This obviously requires more energy and higher electricity bills.

Case 2: The clogged basket will decrease the water flow into the pump filter.

This means that less water will get filtered out of the pool cleaner.

Hence, efficient cleaning will not be achieved is the basket is clogged with debris.

Case 3: If you continue to run the cleaner without emptying or cleaning the pool basket, the device may get heated up a lot.

The pool pump may get damaged too due to excessive pressure.

Thus, the durability and overall performance of your pool cleaner will decrease gradually.

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What is the Diameter of the Pump Basket?

The diameter of a residential pump basket is around 6 inches.

How often Should You Clean Your Swimming Pool?

If you are using your swimming pool daily, then you must clean it after every 2-3 days at least.

I often recommend to clean your swimming pool on a daily basis if you are using it excessively on a daily basis.

But if you are an occasional user, cleaning it once a week is ok.

What will Happen if You Swim in a Dirty Swimming Pool?

If you do not clean your swimming pool regularly, the water will get contaminated gradually.

Swimming in a contaminated pool can cause many serious skin ailments and other health issues.

In addition to this, if such dirty water enters your body, it may cause a variety of serious diseases like Diarrhoea, Hepatitis A, eye infection, ear infection, throat infection, etc.

Therefore, you must always keep your pool clean and hygienic.


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