Hayward Sand Filter Leaking from Top – 4 Reasons and 4 Solutions to Fix the Leakage of the Top


hayward sand filter leaking from top

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In the past 10-12 years, I have had the opportunity to work with various types of swimming pool sand filters.

One of them was Hayward pool sand filter and in my opinion, it is still one of the best performing sand filters in the market.

It has multiple benefits such as its ease of use, simple installation technique, easy and low-cost maintenance, and high efficiency, etc.

All these benefits make this sand filter extremely cost efficient and widely used model across the globe.

The operating style of the Hayward sand filter is essentially simple.

It makes use of special filter sand which is used to capture and remove the dirt and debris from pool water.

The filter tank is filled with sand and acts as the media for removing impurities from the swimming pool water.

The dirty pool water is pumped through the filter sand.

The dirt and debris present in the pool water is captured by the sand bed.

After that, clean filtered water is then returned to the pool via a control valve and the piping system.

This entire process automatically continues until full recirculation of pool water takes place.

But after some time, continuous accumulation of dirt in the filter may oppose the flow of water.

After that, the rate of filtered water back in the pool starts to diminish.

If such cases occur, then you need to backwash your pool filter.

For this, you have to put your control valve in the backwash mode.

After the backwashing of the pool sand filter is over, you have to manually re-assign the control valve to rinse mode.

You can then start using your sand filter without any issues.

However, just like any other machine, this Hayward sand filter does face some malfunction after few months of usage.

One of the most commonly found issues is the leakage of the Hayward sand filter from its top side.

There are several reasons that cause this leakage from the top side of the sand filter such as damaged or broken O-rings, cracks, loose clamp bolts, faulty gaskets, etc.

In this article ahead, I will explain 4 most common reasons that cause the leaking top of the Hayward sand filter.

4 Main Reasons and 4 Solutions for Fixing Leakage of the Top of Hayward Pool Sand Filter

If you observe that your Hayward sand pool filter is leaking at the top, then I highly recommend checking for the following 4 reasons and also fix that problem with the relevant solution.

Reason 1: Damaged O-rings 

The function of the O-rings is to seal the top and bottom assembly of the pool sand filter.

It helps you to secure the connection between them and prevents the occurrence of leakage at the top of the filter.

So, when you observe that your sand filter is leaking, you should always check if the O-rings are either broken or damaged.

In due course of time, dirt and debris enter inside the O-rings.

This obviously weakens the sealing capacity of the o-rings and causes the machine to leak from the top.

In that case, you either need to fix the broken O-rings or need replace the old damaged O-rings with the new ones.

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7 Steps to Fix Broken or Damaged O-Rings of Hayward Sand Filter

Firstly, if your O-ring is not damaged but is only dirty, then clean it with water only.

Then seal it again with a silicon-based lubricant and it will usually fix the leaking issue.

However, when choosing the lubricant, you must always buy a silicon-based one.

Many experts suggest that not all lubricants are good for O-rings.

Non-silicon-based lubricants attract more dirt and debris which may prove worse for the O-rings.

Secondly, if the O-ring is damaged, you need to replace it.

You can replace it by following the below mentioned fixing procedure.

Step 1: Disconnect the filter from the electrical source.

Now, slowly turn the pressure valve in an anticlockwise direction.

Allow the water to drip down completely.

Step 2: Observe the pressure gauge.

You should not start the process until its pointer turns to zero.

Step 3: Now open the locking knob slowly by turning it in an anticlockwise direction.

The filter head should be kept away from the body.

Step 4: The next step is to turn the head of the filter downward.

Then you will observe the O-rings placed on the groove.

Step 5: Slowly lift the O-rings from the groove.

Clean the groove with a damp cloth properly.

Now place the new O-ring on the clean groove and seal it with a silicon lubricant.

Step 6: Once the new O-ring is placed, re-adjust the head of the filter such that the pressure gauge faces outside.

You can recheck the position of the O-rings before locking the head of the filter.

Step 7: You can now turn on the power source and recheck the pressure if it has returned to the normal level.

Reason 2: Crack in the Filter Tank

A crack in the filter tank is one of the main reasons for the leakage of the Hayward pool sand filter.

Exposure to extreme weather conditions or mishandling may cause a small hairline crack in the filter body.

This minute crack can later on widen and cause major leakage at the top side.

Fixing Options in Case Your Sand Filter is Cracked

Sadly, there is no way to repair a cracked tank.

The only way is a replacement.

If your sand filter is new, then you can ask the dealer for a replacement and consult for available options.

If your machine is an old one, then you need to buy a new one for sure.

Reason 3: Damaged Spider Gasket

If your Hayward pool sand filter is leaking from the multiport valve or backwash line, then the most possible cause is a damaged spider gasket.

A spider gasket is a tool that helps to secure the Multiport Valve (MPV).

Due to long-term usage or poor maintenance, this tool can get damaged resulting in leakage from MPV.

How to Fix Broken Spider Gasket?

If your gasket is damaged, you can try adjusting it once.

If it still does not work, then its replacement is the only option.

You will find different varieties of gaskets in the market.

I recommend to choose the one which is suitable for your particular sand filter model.

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Reason 4: Loose or Stripped Clamp Bolts

A clamp is an essential tool in the pool sand filter.

It is responsible for securing various parts of a device and preventing them from moving apart.

In a sand filter, a circular shaped clamp is used.

It is also known as the marman clamp.

They usually look like a band with a gap between them.

There is a bolt fixed in this gap which helps the users to control the flexibility of the grip of the clamp.

In the Hayward Pool sand filter, a flange clamp is present to secure the MPV with the filter tank.

Sometimes, due to external forces and mishandling, the clamp bolt may get stripped.

This weakens the grip of the clamp and may cause leakage in the sand filter at the top side.

How to Fix Loose or Stripped Clamp Bolts of Hayward Sand Filter?

When the clamp bolt gets stripped, replacement of the clamp assembly is the only option.

But you must note that every sand filter has a specific type of clamp assembly.

So, while buying, I highly suggest you to choose the clamp assembly suitable for your Hayward filter model.

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If all your efforts fail to stop the leakage, then it is always advisable to take help from a professional repair service in your area.

Failing to repair the leakage on time will affect the performance of the sand filter.

Impurities will not get removed completely from your pool water.

Swimming in such a dirty pool water is very harmful for your health as well as for your family members.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to fix those loose or stripped clamp bolts of your Hayward Sand filter.

Check out the following video to learn and understand how to efficiently fix backwash and valves leakage of your Hayward sand filter.

3 Important Tips to Maintain Hayward Pool Sand Filter

Tip 1: Check the sand from time to time and replace it whenever necessary.

Tip 2: You should regularly backwash and clean the filter.

Tip 3: Invest in good quality sand like silica sand etc.

I also highly recommend to watch the following troubleshooting video where you will learn how to take good care of your pool sand filter so that it will keep working efficiently for years.





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