How to Fix Hot Tub Jets Blowing Out – 3 Main Reasons and 1 Easy Solution to Fix This Issue


how to fix hot tub jets blowing out

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I am sure as a proud hot tub owner, you must be knowing how hot tub jets work by now.

Hot tub jets primarily stir up high water pressure, being pushed into them by water pumps through the plumbing lines, to give a soothing massage to the spa users.

In some cases, high water pressure can blow out a jet from its holder.

However, this doesn’t just happen for no reason.

If your hot tub jets keep popping out or blowing out, then it could probably mean they’re not properly tightened or the jets’ tabs are broken.

For broken tabs, you might need to replace your hot tub jets or use a strong adhesive or silicone sealant to fix them back.

Gluing them back may not be the best idea because there’s a possibility that your hot tub jets can pop out again.

If the tabs are okay, then make sure that the jet face is properly screwed in place.

Try turning it counterclockwise a little to get it fitted on the holder and then turn it clockwise to tighten it.

You can make use of a wrench if you find it difficult to turn your jets that way.

However, to be sure the jets are fixed in the right way, make sure you read the instructions on how to fix the jets before installing them.

Still you can’t seem to fix the blowing jets after trying out above method, then I recommend to seek a professional help to fix this problem.

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In the next section, I will explain all the main possible causes that are possible for hot tub jets blowing out and after that will provide their solutions too.

3 Main Reasons for Hot Tub Jets Blowing Out

The problem with most hot tubs is that the jets are often popping out.

This problem is common with old hot tubs.

There are several reasons why tub jets blow out or get loosened due to high water pressure.

Here are the most common reasons for you.

Reason 1: Jet Face not Properly Screwed in Place

Of course, hot tub jets won’t stay in place if they aren’t properly screwed.

Be sure to check the jets are fixed properly and they are tight enough before turning on your hot tub.

If possible use a wrench to screw them in to fix them solid.

Reason 2: Broken Seal

Another reason why your tub jets keep popping out is that the seal on the jet body is broken or worn out.

What you should do in this case, is to simply replace those jets with new ones.

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Reason 3: Jet Body Damaged or Worn out  

Sometimes, the hot tub chemicals used for preserving and keeping the tub water clean can be the main culprit.

These chemicals are partly responsible for most damages on the jet body, especially when used excessively.

High chlorine in your hot tub water can cause the jet tabs to wear out gradually.

This gradual wear and tear reduce the tabs to smaller sizes.

These small tabs then can’t hold the jets in place.

This can also cause the jets to brittle and break, which makes it impossible for them to stay in place.

Most common hot tub sanitizers used today are bromine and chlorine tablets.

However, before using any of these products, I highly recommend you to educate yourself about proper usage of chlorine and bromine in your hot tub.

One Simple Solution to Prevent Hot Tub Jets Blowing Out

The best way to prevent your hot tub jets from blowing out is to avoid too much application of chemicals in your hot tub water.

Too many chlorine deposits on the body of the jet can cause the plastic tabs on the sides of the jets to break.

This plastic tab is what snaps into the jet holder to enable it to stay in place.

Gunk caused by sunscreen, body cream, cosmetics, etc., can deposit on the body of the jet.

Because of this, over a period, the jet tab begins to deteriorate.

You must avoid these things too.

You obviously don’t want to sit in a hot tub filled with gunk that can’t be easily removed.

Therefore, you need to keep the hot tub water clean and crystal-clear all the time.

Only then, you can reduce the chances of your hot tub jets popping out or getting loose.

Remove the gunk and keep the hot tub fresh with a hot tub cleaner and purge.

I recommend to use a good quality hot tub detox available in the market.

The one I recommend you to use is Leisure Time 45450-02 Jet Clean for Spas and Hot Tub, which prevents buildup that is capable of damaging equipment and restricting the flow of water.

Why Won’t My Hot Tub Jets Turn Off?

Water jets in almost all the hot tub systems turn off automatically after running for a fixed time of about 15 to 20 minutes or more.

If your hot tub jets aren’t turning off automatically after certain time period, then check the circulation system for any signs of clogging.

Ignoring your hot tub filter can cause a lot of problems with your hot tub.

Clogged hot tub filters is one of the most common reasons for this problem.

I suggest you to regularly clean the filters to enhance the flow of water or replace the filter if they can’t be cleaned properly.

If you want to clean your hot tub filters, then use this HTH Spa Filter Cleaner.

And if you want to replace the old damaged filters, then click here to get the new replacements.

Another thing to consider is your hot tub water pump.

It is advisable to check that the water pump if it is working properly.

If otherwise open the pump airlock valve and panel to allow the release of air from the line and flow of water through the jet.

You can also try turning off the hot tub jets manually or resetting the heater to get it going again.

If the problem still persists, then I suggest you get in touch with a hot tub engineer in your area.

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Why are Some of My Hot Tub Jets Not Working?

Sometimes, it may happen that some hot tub jets are not working while the others are perfectly working in your hot tub.

This is a common problem with hot tub jets especially the older ones.

Your hot tub jets usually do not work due to following 6 main reasons.

No. 1: Clogged Filters

No. 2: Air Leak

No. 3: Clogged Pump Impeller

No. 4: Closed Valve

No. 5: Low Water Levels

No. 6: Software or Electrical Issues.

Look out for any of these issues on your hot tub jets and try troubleshooting from your side if you can.

In case, you can’t find the fault, then I recommend to call an engineer to fix the problem asap.   

If you want to do it yourself, then you can watch the following video tutorial to understand all the troubleshooting steps.

3 Steps to Unblock Hot Tub Jets

Hot tub jets often get clogged up from the debris, clumps of calcium, and by small pieces of parts deposits in the jets.

This clogging later on blocks the flow of water through the jets.

To unblock the clogged hot tub jets, you need to follow the below mentioned cleaning steps.

Step 1: First, you need to unscrew your hot tub jets and remove them from the tub.

Step 2: Then turn on the hot tub pumps to clear the blockages.

Step 3: Now, use a piece of dental floss to clean the inside and the back of jet nozzles completely. 

Sometimes, the hot tub jets are not removable.

In that case, try connecting a pump to the blocked jet and cap the other jets and their air venturi pipeto put more pressure on the blocked jet.

Then blow out through the venturi pipe to get the clogs out.

That’s it.

If you follow these steps carefully, then you will be able to clean the clogging of your hot tub jets successfully.

If you feel it is harder for you, then seek help from a hot tub engineer or a hot tub manufacturer support team.


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