Pentair Pool Pump Error 0002 – 3 Main Reasons and 3 Simple Solutions to Fix the Error Code 0002


pentair pool pump error 0002 code

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For a pool owner, the importance of having a reliable and durable swimming pool pump is of paramount importance.

It is actually responsible for circulating clean water in your swimming pool in a homogenous manner.

Now while researching, I have found three basic types of pool pumps that are commonly available in the market today.

The first type is a single-speed pool pump, second type is a dual-speed pool pump, and the third type is a variable-speed pool pump.

The single-speed pool pump is the most basic type with only one unadjustable operating speed.

They generally run at a constant high speed of around 3450 RPM.

They are cost-effective but need more power to operate.

The dual-speed pool pumps can operate at two different speeds.

These pumps work at a high speed as well as at a low speed.

They can adjust and run at two speeds so their power consumption is lesser than the single-speed pool pumps.

The variable speed pool pumps are generally designed with 3 to 8 preprogrammed speed ranges.

They are equipped with highly advanced variable speed technology that enable them to adjust the speed of the pump as per the user’s requirement.

But, like any other electronic device running based on the software, a pool pump can also sometimes malfunction and does display error codes according to the problem.

Sometimes I notice that my Pentair variable speed pool pump is not operating as usual or it has ceased to run.

When that happens, I observe that an error code always gets displayed on its screen.

So, from my experience, I can sum up that the display of the error code means the pool pump is having some internal working issues.

One of the most common error codes that I often find with Pentair pool pump is an error code 0002.

When this error code appears, the pool pump stops functioning until the issue is resolved.

This code is an inbuilt safety feature that protects the pool pump from overheating and damage.

Generally, the error code 0002 appears when your Pentair pool pump is facing the following 3 issues.

Reason 1: When the impeller gets blocked with dirt and debris and the pool pump fails to prime

Reason 2: A loose wire or weak connection

Reason 3: When the current limit of the system has exceeded the prescribed value.

So, if an error code 0002 appears on your Pentair pool pump, then I suggest all the users to check for the above-mentioned 3 reasons first.

Moving forward with the article, I have also discussed how to resolve these 3 issues concerning Pentair pool pump’s error 0002.

So, without any delay, lets get to those solutions.

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3 Solutions to Fix Error Code 0002 in Pentair Pool Pump

The first step to solving the 0002 error code is to find out the root cause of the issue.

When the reason is known, troubleshooting becomes easier.

But before starting the inspection of your Pentair pool pump, I suggest you to turn off the pool pump by pressing its start/ stop button to avoid any further issues.

Solution 1: Clean the Clogged Impeller

If the error is caused by a clogged impeller, the only way to fix it is to unclog it or clean it properly. 

When I faced this issue; at first, I removed the pump lid and basket.

Then with the help of a screwdriver, I removed the stuck debris.

With the help of the same screwdriver, you can slowly spin the impeller.

You can continue the process until the impeller moves freely.

Then replace the pump lid and basket. 

But do not forget to clean the pool pump basket before replacing it.

I also tried an alternate method to unclog the impeller.

This time I used a ¼ inch Allen Wrench to unblock the impeller.

I inserted the Allen wrench into the back of the pump.

Then I started spinning the impeller gently until it moved freely.

I had to repeat the process several times to ensure the blockage was completely cleared.

This process may be a bit time-consuming for many of the pool pump users.

After the blockage is cleared, I reset the pump by turning the pump breaker off and on.

Thereafter, you can check the device screen.

If the issue is fixed then the error code will not appear on the display screen. 

The pump will go into the priming mode before starting to operate.

If the error code still persists, then repeat the above steps that I already performed and reset the device.

I experienced the same and was successful to clear the error code after repeating the entire process twice.

Solution 2: Fix Loose Wire Connection

Even after resetting the pool pump, sometimes the error code may not get cleared.

Here, I want to share that a loose wire connection in the pump also causes an 0002 error code.

It happened to me once.

So, this is what I did to resolve the issue.

Using a multimeter, I inspected the pump and its connection to find out where the fault was occurred.

Once I detected the location, I fixed the loose wire.

If someone is not well versed with a multimeter, it is always advisable to take an expert’s help in this case.

So, always look for any loose wire connection that may cause error code 0002 in your Pentair pool pump and then fix it properly to solve the error.

Solution 3: Fix Power Surge Problem

Do you know a power surge situation can also trigger the 0002 error code in your Pentair pool pump?

I was not aware of it until I faced it myself. Let me explain this in brief.

We all know that every electrical circuit can safely handle a specified amount of current or voltage.

Sometimes due to internal faults, higher level of current passes through the pool pump circuit.

This leads to a power surge and can trigger the error code 0002 in your pool pump.

To solve this problem, the first thing I did was to inspect the pool pump and find out the primary cause of this error. 

This time I took professional help to fix the power surge issue quickly to protect it from further circuit damage.

Also, as per the experts’ advice, I turned off the pool pump for about 5 minutes and then turned it back on.

I waited again for another 5 minutes before using the pool pump again.

So, if ever after cleaning the clogged impeller and fixing loose wires, the problem does not get fixed then ask for a professional to see if the circuit has been damaged by a power surge.

I am sure when you apply all these solutions, you will certainly be able to fix error code 0002 of your Pentair pool pump.


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