Pentair Intelliflo Overcurrent Alarm – 4 Main Reasons and 4 Easy Steps to Fix Overcurrent Problem


pentair intelliflo overcurrent alarm problem

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The pool pumps such as Pentair Intelliflo are responsible for circulating water throughout our swimming pools.

This includes the devices, piping, and other parts, etc.

You can compare a pool pump’s function to a living being’s heart.

If the pool pump stops working, water will not circulate and the filtration process will get hampered.

And after that, the stagnant water of your swimming pool will become the breeding house of various dangerous algae, bacteria, and fungus.

The water will slowly turn murky and contaminated after some days due to lack of filtration.

Obviously, such water is not at all safe for your swimming.

Therefore, running the pool pump regularly for a specific time duration is extremely important for all the pool owners.

For pools that witness greater footfall, continuous running of the pool pumps becomes mandatory.

But not all the pool pumps are fit to run continuously.

Only the pool pumps with variable speeds are suitable for this purpose.

These devices are equipped with electronic controls.

The users can set the speed limit of these devices as per their requirements.

By default, such pool pumps have around 3 to 8 preprogrammed speed limits.

These pool pumps are designed with highly advanced variable speed technology.

It enables them to switch from one speed to another as per the user’s requirement.

By using these variable speeds, you can perform all functions starting from normal pool filtration to operating water features of the pool.

They can even work efficiently at lower speed limits and can save up to 90% of their energy.

Due to all these attributes, variable-speed pool pumps are very popular in the market today.

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The Pentair Intelliflo is one of the most sought-after models of variable-speed pool pumps.

They are the first of their kind to adjust their speed as per the flow rate of water in your swimming pool.

They are extremely efficient and produce almost zero noise while functioning.

In addition to this, they can circulate more water consistently at low speed and are thus a great energy saver.

But like any other device, the Pentair Intelliflo pump can also malfunction due to lack of proper maintenance.

To warn the users about this malfunction, the Pentair brand has provided a set of different alarms.

Whenever a fault occurs, the alarm corresponding to that specific problem, warns the users.

This helps you to find out the main fault easily and fix it immediately.

One such alarm in Pentair Intelliflo pool pump is the overcurrent alarm.

When overcurrent occurs in the system, the pool pump can trip.

So, if you observe that the overcurrent alarm is blinking, you need to act immediately to avoid any visible damage to the pump system.

But the question is what exactly is an overcurrent?

In any electrical circuit, there is a rated amperage capacity.

In other words, there is a specified limit of current that an electrical circuit can safely handle.

Now, due to any fault, the current flowing through the circuit may exceed its defined amperage capacity.

In such a condition, overcurrent is said to occur in a pool pump system.

The overcurrent situation in a Pentair Intelliflo pool pump can be caused due to below mentioned 4 reasons.

Reason 1: Increased load on the motor

Reason 2: Clogging of the pump by dirt and debris

Reason 3: Rise or imbalance of the system temperature

Reason 4: Worn-out or aged pool pump parts

So, whenever the overcurrent alarm beeps in your Pentair Intelliflo variable pool speed pump, try to locate the exact cause of the fault.

Once you know the reason, the fixing part is not that tough.

Let us delve further into the article and discuss more about this overcurrent issue in the Pentair Intelliflo pool pump.

4 Main Reasons for Overcurrent Alarm in Pentair Intelliflo Pool Pump

I have already mentioned the main 4 reasons in the beginning of this article for the occurrence of overcurrent in the Pentair Intelliflo Pool pump.

I will now explain them one by one in more detail.

Reason 1: Accumulation of Dirt and Debris

The dirt and debris in your swimming pool water may get stuck in the impeller or the rotating parts of the Pentair pool pump.

After that, the pump needs to overwork to maintain its normal operation.

While doing so, it draws more current than it usually requires.

This eventually leads to the occurrence of overcurrent in the pool pump.

Reason 2: Temperature Issue / Overheating

Most of the variable speed pool pumps release lots of heat while operating or running continuously.

This is the reason why you often find the pump a bit hotter while it is operational.

But there is a certain limit of heating that a pump can sustain or bear.

Now if your pool pump has become old, the amount of heat dissipated will be significantly more the usual.

Also, exposure to the direct sunlight during the summer season may raise the temperature and cause overheating of the Pentair pool pump.

If the pool pump gets overheated, it will obviously draw in more current.

And this is how, it leads to the occurrence of an overcurrent alarm in a Pentair Intelliflo pool pump.

Reason 3: Increasing Motor Load

The motor of your pool pump may get overloaded due to multiple reasons like increased mechanical loads, damaged bearings, etc.

When the overloading of the motor occurs, its output torque fails to move the load.

In such a case, the pump motor draws more current than the normal one which leads to an overcurrent situation.

They do this to produce the desired torque to move the load.

Reason 4: Worn-out or Damaged Pump Parts

After several months or years of constant usage, the pool pump parts can get damaged when used over a prolonged period.

The bearings, wirings, or any other part may get worn out after few months or years.

When this happens, overheating of the machine takes place.

This subsequently leads to the overcurrent alarm of your Pentair Intelliflo pool pump.

4 Simple Steps to Fix Overcurrent Issues of Pentair Intelliflo Pool Pump

I have provided 4 easy solutions to fix all the overcurrent problems of your Pentair Intelliflo pool pump.

Step 1: When the overcurrent alarm of your pool pump starts beeping, you need to first turn off the pool pump system.

Step 2: Then check the presence of dirt and debris in the rotating part of the pump.

If you find dirt accumulation, remove it immediately.

Also, clean the skimmer basket to stop further dirt accumulation.

Step 3: By following the Pentair Intelliflo VSF Installation and Maintenance guide, disassemble the pump.

Check for any worn-out or damaged internal parts.

Either repair or replace the damaged parts as soon as possible.

Once it is done, assemble the pool pump properly by following the user manual.

Step 4: Keep the Pentair IntelliFlo pool pump away from direct exposure to the sunlight.

If possible keep it covered when not in use or store it in a shade to avoid temperature increments of the pump system.

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What will Happen if Overcurrent Issue is not Fixed?

If you choose to neglect the over-current alarm and do not fix the issue asap, then the following situations can arise.

Case 1: The circuit and other pump components may get damaged.

Case 2: Itmay cause a fire outbreak due to higher temperature increments.

Case 3: The complete pool pump system can get damaged due to short circuit. The replacement of those parts will need higher investment for you.

6 Key Features of Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pool Pump

1. This pool pump is equipped with 8 programmable speeds. It also has a built-in timer.

2. It contains a rotatable keypad and an optional wall mount kit. But users have to buy this kit separately.

3. The top-mounted field wiring compartment makes it easier to connect and control.

4. This machine is fully enclosed and fan-cooled by construction.

This feature enhances its durability and ensures its better performance.

5. The pool pump is compatible with Pentair Automation.

6. The users can easily understand its menus and can operate it effortlessly. This means the pool pump system is extremely user friendly.

3 Factors to Consider while Buying a Variable Speed Pool Pump

Every swimming pool has a different requirement for a pool pump.

The 3 factors to consider while buying a variable speed pool pump are mentioned as follows.

Factor 1: Size of the Pool

Based on the size of your pool, you should select the right kind of pool pump.

If the pool size is large, the pump capacity should be more.

In the same way, for a smaller pool, the pump capacity should be less.

Factor 2: Size of the Pre-installed Piping System

It is always advisable to buy the pump which fits well with the pre-installed piping system of your swimming pool.

This will make the future repair process easier and cost efficient.

Factor 3: Pool Pump Must be Compatible with Water Features

Some swimming pools have water features.

But not all pool pumps can support the water features.

So, if your pool has such features, make sure to buy the variable speed pump which is fully compatible with it.

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