Pentair Easy Touch not Communicating with Pump – 5 Steps Remedy to Fix This Problem


pentair easy touch not communicating with pump

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The EasyTouch system is an in-built technology of the Pentair pool pump which is extremely useful feature to have.

The control systems that are equipped with this technology have made operating complex electronic machines much more effortless.

The Pentair EasyTouch Control system has made the life of swimming pool owners much easier.

When I specifically use this feature, I no longer have to make frequent trips to my pool equipment pad to keep an eye on the pool cleaning equipment.

It has eliminated many of my inconveniences like remembering the operating sequences, thermostat and time clock resetting, opening and closing the valves, and many more.

The EasyTouch control system has a single load center wherein all the required circuitry and fully programmable controls are present.

This load center is installed near the pool equipment.

This EasyTouch system does not require expensive wiring.

So, from my experience, I can say that it is an extremely useful and must have feature in your pool pump.

Also, the Pentair EasyTouch control system can be operated with a single push button.

It has a display system where all the instructions are already provided for the user’s convenience.

By following these instructions, I was able to operate the EasyTouch control system pretty quickly and effortlessly.

However, just like any other electronic equipment, the Pentair EasyTouch system can have problems and it can also stop working if you do not take proper care of the machine.

One of the most common issues that I often face is that the EasyTouch control panel stops communicating with the Pentair variable speed pool pump.

To solve this specific issue, I have done extensive research.

Most of the experts in the pool equipment troubleshooting industry suggest that this issue is usually caused due to the following 3 main reasons.

6 Features of Pentair EasyTouch Control System

The Pentair EasyTouch Control system comes with some striking features.

I have listed 6 of the most important features below.

1. Easy Touch system is available either for Eight-Function systems or Four-Function systems.

2. The Pentair EasyTouch Control system supports several types of equipment like variable speed pumps, heaters, landscape and pool lighting, fountains, etc.

3. It is equipped with an inbuilt diagnostics system that is used for repair and troubleshooting purposes.

4. This system is cUL and Ul approved.

5. This feature can pair with ScreenLogic2® Interface.

Due to this pairing, users can operate it from digital devices like mobiles, computers, and even from some smart speaker devices.

6. This system also includes a breaker base of 150-amp.

3 Main Reasons that Cause Communication Problem of Pentair Easy Touch System

Reason 1: The communication cable from the control panel to the pump is damaged.

Reason 2: The connection of the communication cable to the pump is loose.

Reason 3: An issue with the EasyTouch board or pump drive.

Let me now share how to fix this problem is simple steps as mentioned below.

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5 Steps to Follow When the Pentair EasyTouch Control Panel is not Communicating with Pump

There were a few things I did to ascertain the cause that was stopping my EasyTouch control panel to communicate with the pump.

Step 1: In the beginning, I tried to regain the connection by resetting the pump and control. 

I did this by powering down the pump and the controls at the breaker.

I waited for about 5 minutes before powering up the pump and controls again.

Step 2: Sometimes simply resetting the system re-establishes the communication system.

But in my case, it did not happen but I would suggest the users to try this in the beginning before moving forward.

Step 3: The next thing I did was to check the presence of moisture at the connection of the pump and ensured that no moisture was present.

I also checked the connection of the pump and the control box for any discrepancies.

I found out that everything was tight and secured.

But while doing the above-mentioned step, if users find any discrepancy in the connections, then I will suggest to fix them immediately.

Step 4: I have already mentioned that resetting the pump and control didn’t work out for me.

I also found out that nothing was wrong with my connections.

So, the next step I tried is to run the pump as a standalone.

That means I ran the pump with the pump keypad without the EasyTouch control.

I did this to find out if the pump is operating perfectly.

To my relief, my pump was running smoothly.

It means that there was no issue with the pump.

It also indicates that the main reason for the non-communication of the EasyTouch control was either a faulty communication cable or a defective EasyTouch board.

Step 5: Then I checked the other components connected to the EasyTouch board.

I found out that they are communicating perfectly.

So, finally, I was able to ascertain that the faulty communication cable disrupted the interaction between the EasyTouch control system and the pump.

Therefore, I replaced the defective cable and the issue got resolved.

5 Steps to Reset Pentair EasyTouch Wireless Communication

Sometimes the EasyTouch may display “No Comm”.

It means that the EasyTouch is not communicating properly.

It happens usually after a power failure.

I have experienced it several times.

I fixed the issue by following the below-mentioned 5 simple steps.

Step 1: The first thing I did is to press the menu option in the EasyTouch control panel.

Step 2: Now pressing the “down” button, I selected the “Setting” option.

Step 3: Next, I chose the option “wireless address”.

Once I pressed this option, “Address Wireless Scanning” message was displayed followed by “Sending Address”.

Step 4: From the wireless handheld controller, I repeated the above steps.

Thereafter, “Address Found” message was displayed.

Step 5: To return to the main screen, I pressed the menu button on the control panel three times.

That’s the main 5 steps which you need to follow to reset the EasyTouch system of your Pentair Pool Pump.

Watch the following short video to understand all the above mentioned steps.


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