How To Set Pentair Pool Pump To Run Continuously – 5 Simple Steps to Follow


how to set pentair pool pump to run constantly

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The pool pumps can be considered the heart of your swimming pool.

They are responsible for maintaining synchronous water circulation to keep the pool water clean.

These devices pull water from our swimming pool and circulate it to all equipment to undergo various processes such as heating, filtration, etc.

The filtered and treated water is then circulated back to the pool.

The resultant water thus found in the pool is safe and healthy for our swimming.

All these processes are possible only because of the proper water circulation done by the pool pump.

The chemicals added to the pool also get mixed homogeneously when water is circulated properly by the pool pump.

Now if you do not run the pool pumps long enough, then water circulation can get hampered.

Dead spots may be created if pool pumps do not work properly.

By dead spots, I mean the areas in the swimming pool where water does not get circulated properly.

These dead spots become the hub of dirt, debris, harmful algae, and bacteria later on.

Water turns murky and no longer remains safe for your swimming.

Therefore, running the pool pump for long hours is essential to ensure a clean and hygienic swimming pool.

In this article, I am specifically going to discuss about Pentair pool pump.

The main question of this article is can you keep your Pentair pool pump running continuously?

My answer would be “Yes”.

In fact, it is quite effective if you keep it on 24 by 7 days. 

Many of us may think that keeping the pool pump running 24*7 will be a waste of our energy and resources.

But when the pump is turned on after a break, more chemicals and energy are required to make it fit for swimming.

Thus, keeping the pool pump running continuously is a more viable solution rather than running it intermittently.

But not all pool pumps are suitable for continuous running.

A variable-speed pool pump is the most suitable one that can run 24*7.

The variable speed pool pump generally has electronic controls.

They help the pump to operate at the speed limit set by the user.

Most of these devices have 3 to 8 pre-programmed speed options.

It allows users to perform various tasks like normal pool filtration, operating the additional water features, etc.

This highly advanced variable speed technology helps you to switch to different speed limits as per your requirements.

These pool pumps can also consistently work at a lower speed efficiently.

Thus, it helps users to save energy by up to 90%.

For all these qualities, the demand for variable-speed pool pumps is increasing at a tremendous rate.

You will find a lot of such pumps brands in the market that satisfies government norms.

One of such most popular brands is Pentair.

They offer a wide variety of variable-speed pool pumps.

By maintaining the proper settings, these devices can efficiently run continuously.

In this article further, I will discuss the Pentair variable speed pool pump and learn how to set it to run continuously.

6 Features of Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump

For ease of understanding, I have taken into account the Pentair IntelliFlo VSF pool pump model for discussion.

The IntelliFlo VSF pool pump is the first of its kind that can adjust to the water flow condition of your swimming pool.

By doing this, this machine can maintain the flow rate that is preprogrammed.

Thus, it can also ensure an efficient running during the entire cycle of the filtration.

I have listed 6 key features of this Pentair pool pump model as follows.

1. This pool pump has 8 programmable speeds and a built-in timer.

2. It has a rotatable keypad. An optional wall mount kit is also present but the user has to purchase it separately.

3. A top-mounted field wiring compartment is present.

This feature makes it easier to connect and control.

4. The device has a fully enclosed design. It is also fan-cooled.

This feature ensures its high performance and durability.

5. It is compatible with Pentair Automation.

It also maintains the system flow requirement consistently.

6. This pool pump is highly user-friendly and its menus are simple to understand even for novice users.

5 Steps to Help You Set Pentair Pool Pump to Run Continuously

Technically, most pool pumps cannot work 24*7.

This is because they require a minute to reset.

Thus, it can run uninterruptedly for 23 hours and 59 minutes.

This value is undoubtedly close to 24 hours.

Now if you want to set your Pentair pool pump to work continuously, then I recommend to follow the below-mentioned 5 easy steps.

Step 1: At first, you will need to push the “Menu” button.

Then again push the arrow button up, till it shows a speed of 1-8.

Step 2: Now choose the speed limit that you want to schedule and press the select option.

Step 3: Next you will observe the options like “Disable” and press select again.

You need to push the arrow button up till the schedule is displayed.

Press the save button once the desired option comes up.

Step 4: Now again push the arrow up button.

You can select your time to stop.

To get back to the start time you have to push the up/ down arrow again.

During this schedule, you can also select RPMs.

Step 5: Finally, after selecting all the desired settings you have to push the save option.

Your pool pump is now ready to run continuously.

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3 Main Benefits of Using Pentair Variable Pool Pump

There are many benefits of installing Pentair Variable Pool Pump at your swimming pool.

3 main benefits are mentioned as follows.

1. The device is highly cost efficient.

 It also saves lots of energy by controlling the flow rate consistently.

2. The device produces almost no noise while operating.

3. These devices circulate more water while performing at a low-speed limit.

This feature not only saves you a great deal of money but also a lot of electricity in the process.

3 Tips to Remember while Choosing a Variable Pool Pump

To enjoy the full benefits of a variable pool pump, the right choice of the brand is extremely essential.

You must choose the pool pump which is suitable for your type of swimming pool.

Below are a few essential points that you need to consider while choosing the pool pump for your pool.

Tip 1: Choose Pump According to Your Pool Size

Sometimes bigger is not always better.

Your pump should be big enough to fit the size of the pool.

Its capacity should not be too big or too small.

Only a pump that corresponds with the size of the pool can ensure higher power saving, better water circulation, and proper utilization of your resources.

Tip 2: Choose the Pump Based on Current Piping System

It is always advisable to select a pump that fits with the already installed piping system of the pool.

This will make the future repair and replacement process easier.

The overall efficiency of the system also increases with well-fitted equipment.

Tip 3: Pump must be compatible with Additional Features and Equipment of the Pool

Some of the pools have additional water features.

Some of them also have additional equipment like salt cells or heaters.

In such cases, choose the pump which is compatible with all the additional features and equipment.

A normal pool pump will not serve the purpose here.


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