Pentair Intellichlor Cell Light Not On – 2 Main Reasons and One Simple Solution


pentair intellichlor cell light not on

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The Pentair Intellichlor Salt Chlorine Generator (SCG) also known as saltwater chlorinator is a type of swimming pool water cleaning machine.

It actually follows the process of electrolysis and produces chlorine gas from the dissolved salt.

The chlorine gas that is produced during the electrolysis gets dissolved and forms a hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid in the pool water.

These chemicals are capable of eradicating bacteria and algae from your swimming pool water.

They can even oxidize the organic materials present inside the pool.

After that, they again convert back to salt.

This salt is later used by the Intellichlor Salt Cell and the entire process repeats itself.

As a regular user of a Pentair Intellichlor salt chlorine generator, I can say that they are quite efficient and cost effective too.

In addition to this, 5 noteworthy benefits of using a saltwater chlorinator are mentioned as follows.

1. It is environment-friendly.

2. It is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

3. Its maintenance cost is pretty low.

4. It does not cause any discoloration of your bathing suit.

5. It eradicates the need to add harmful chemicals to your pool water.

But even after having many benefits, it is quite common for this machine to malfunction due to lack of proper care.

As a dedicated user of the Pentair Intellichlor salt chlorinator, I want to discuss about an error that most pool owners face very frequently.

Here I am talking about the condition when all the cell lights of the Pentair Intellichlor Salt Chlorine Generator stop working for some reasons.

When I faced this issue at first, I did some serious research and I found out that the cell light of the salt cell usually stops working because of 2 main reasons.

Reason 1: The fuse of the generator does not work.

Reason 2: When the cells become obsolete and need replacement.

I recommend to check out the following short video to understand how to identify the root causes of cell lights of Pentair Intellichlor chlorinator not working.

Now, let me share my experience of how I fixed this issue in this article ahead.

What to Do When Pentair Intellichlor Cell Lights Stop Working?

When I first noticed that none of the cell lights of my saltwater chlorinator were glowing, I immediately removed the connection of the cell from the power supply.

Then I removed the cover of the cell and checked if the green light was blinking or not.

As expected, the little green light wasn’t blinking inside the cell.

A small fuse is present above the green light.

I removed the fuse and replaced it with a new one.

After this, the green light started to glow.

After that, I reattached the power supply to the cell.

Once the entire process was over, I started the power supply and checked the cell lights.

To my satisfaction, the issue was resolved and the cell lights started working again.

Here I want to add an important piece of information.

If the green light inside the cell continues to glow after attaching the power supply, it means the salt cell is working and does not need replacement.

But if that does not happen, the cell needs replacement.

In such a case, I will advise users to contact professionals to fix the issue.

Also, since I am using a new model of Pentair Intellichlor Salt Chlorine Generator, the fuse is present inside the cell itself.

But in the older models, a barrel fuse is present.

It can be found underneath just behind the power cord.

In such models, users need to use a screwdriver to remove the fuse from the cell.

The next step will be to replace the barrel fuse.

After the replacement is done, you need to fix the fuse back to its position by using the same screwdriver.

But do you know why the fuse of the salt cell gets damaged?

The fuse of the salt cell usually gets damaged when the cell gets old or dirty.

Generally, a Pentair Intellichlor SCG is designed to work efficiently for 10,000 hours i.e approximately 5 years.

Usually, it does not need replacement before that if used properly.

So, from my experience so far, I sum up that if the machine is not old and the fuse has stopped working, the most probable cause is a dirty cell.

In this case, all you need to do is properly clean the cell and install it back carefully.

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How to Clean Pentair IntelliChlor Salt Cell?

The occurrence of scaling is common in case of the Pentair Intellichlor salt cell generator.

It affects the overall efficiency of its salt cell.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to clean those cells as and when required.

I did extensive research on how and when to clean salt cells.

And this is what I do to maintain my salt cell generator in its top working condition,

Step 1: First, I perform a periodic evaluation of the cell blades.

Experts suggest that every two months, users need to conduct a thorough inspection of the salt cell’s interior.

I do try following this regime without fail.

Now here is an interesting fact that I want to share with you guys.

If for consecutive two months, no scaling or debris is found in the salt cell, users can stop this evaluation process.

But the factor that surprised me is that the chemistry of pool water keeps changing.

So, it is always advisable to conduct thorough evaluations twice a year.

Step 2: Now, if scaling or impurities are detected during this process, then immediate cleaning should be done.

But, the cleaning process will depend entirely on the severity of the scaling.

Usually, users can clean salt cells by two methods.

The first method is self or automatic cleaning and the second method is acid wash cleaning.

Now if the severity of the scaling is not high, then self or automatic cleaning can fix the issue.

But for excessive scaling, only acid wash can be helpful.

In my case, I take care not to allow scaling to develop extensively.

So, for me, the self-cleaning process works the best.

As per some reports, the salt cells should be cleaned after every 3 months if pool water is hard and every 6 months if there is low amount of water hardness.

But excessive cleaning also affects the longevity of Intellichlor salt cells.

Also, frequent acid washing is not recommended which can reduce its durability.

So, in my opinion, one must not let scaling develop extensively.

Hard water and other imbalances in the pool water increase the amount of scaling in the salt cell.

Hence regular monitoring of pool water chemistry is essential.

Necessary adjustments need to be made if any imbalance is found.

If we follow this regime, I feel that it will limit the need for frequent cleaning of salt cells.

Hence its longevity will increase automatically.

For more detailed information about cleaning methods of Pentair Intellichlor salt cells, check out my another article on this website.


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