Pentair Pool Filter Clamp Bolt Stripped – 3 Main Reasons and 6 Steps Solution to Fix the Bolts


pentair pool filter clamp bolts stripped

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Pool Cleaners are one of the most essential tools for maintaining cleanliness of your swimming pool.

They are efficient, easy to handle, and require minimal human intervention.

Owing to these attributes, the popularity of these cleaning machines has skyrocketed recently in the market.

Few days back, I read a report published by

This report says that by the end of 2031, the market value of robotic pool cleaners will reach a value of US$ 1.3 billion.

The inclusion of modern technologies like AI and the cloud has added to its popularity.

As an owner of the pool cleaner, we all want it to last longer and provide best performance without any problems.

But like any other equipment, pool cleaners can also malfunction when its proper care and maintenance is neglected.

So, I strongly feel that we as a swimming pool owner, must take right care of every part of the pool cleaner including its clamp bolts and nuts to ensure its longevity.

Though it may sound insignificant, clamp fittings and assembly are an important part of your pool cleaner machine.

The primary function of a clamp is to tightly secure different parts of a device and prevent it from separating.

Generally, a clamp is made from plastic or a metal.

But you will find that the jaws of the clamp are mostly made up of metals.

It is because it makes the grip of the clamp stronger and durable.

Depending on the utility and the type of device, clamp fittings are found in various shapes.

Mostly in a pool filter, a circular type of clamp also known as marman clamp is used.

This type of clamp fitting looks like a band with a gap in between.

A bolt is present in the gap that controls the grip of the clamp.

They are widely used to hold two cylindrical bodies together.

You may find such clamp fitting in cartridge-type and DE-type pool filters to keep the two parts of the device intact.

Now if this bolt of the pool filter clamp gets stripped, the grip of the clamp gets loose.

In this case, the filter starts to leak gradually.

A leakage in the pool filter will hinder the efficiency of your pool cleaner.

Also, sometimes if the clamp fitting is not tight, the filter lid may explode.

This may cause serious injuries to people present near the device.

Thus, we see that a small fault in the bolt connection can be dangerous or even hinder the performance of the entire pool cleaner machine.

In this article, I will actually explain why a bolt may get stripped and how can we fix this from my explanation ahead.

3 Main Reasons Why Pentair Pool Filter’s Clamp Bolts Get Stripped

A bolt in any device may get damaged or stripped for various reasons.

The 3 most common reasons for this issue are mentioned as follows.

Reason 1: Bolt Too Tight or Too Loose

Sometimes we tend to over-tighten the bolts of our pool filter.

We do this to make the connection stronger.

But what you don’t know is that this action can exert an additional force on the clamp.

Thus, it can cause the bolt to strip or get damaged later on.

Also, if the bolts are kept too loose then the grip of the clamp over the bolted joint starts weakening after some time.

It may even break eventually as the part of the loose bolt may get slipped away.

Reason 2: Vibration and Shock

External forces like mechanical shock and vibration may sometimes affect the grip of the clamp fittings.

If the device to which it is attached moves frequently, it may exert mechanical shock to the joint of the clamp bolt.

Later on, it can cause the bolt thread to slip.

Also, the frequent vibration of the machines moves the bolt joints.

The friction between the bolt and its joint thread may get affected by the vibrations.

It can ultimately strip the bolt from its joint thread.

Reason 3: Difference in Thermal Expansion of Materials

Thermal expansion is one of the key reasons for stripping pool filter’s clamp bolts.

Sometimes the material composition of the bolts and joints may vary.

This may affect how they will behave under different external changes.

Any alteration in the environmental condition may sometimes cause contraction or expansion of either the bolt or its joints.

These changes may even strip the bolt from the bolt thread.

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6 Steps to Fix the Pool Filter Clamp When the Bolt Gets Stripped

When the bolt of the clamp band gets stripped or damaged, the best way to fix it is to replace the clamp assembly.

Here you need to note that every clamp is pool filter specific.

So, while replacing, you must choose the clamp assembly compatible with your Pentair pool filter model.

Let us now understand how we can replace it in 6 simple steps.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to turn off the pool filter from the power supply.

Step 2: Now, using a multi-tork pool filter socket tool, you need to remove the clamp assembly.

Step 3: The next step is to let water flow out of the pool filter to rinse the outer body of the filter.

Step 4: Then,check the O-rings for any wear and tear.

To ensure the durability of these O-rings, you can apply good quality silicone lubricant spray.

Step 5: After this, place the new clamp assembly and fix it.

You must be careful not to leave any gaps between the springs.

Step 6: In the end, turn the pool filter on and check the presence of any leakage.

If there is none, then your device is ready to use.

I highly recommend you to check out the below video tutorial for easy understanding of the new clamp assembly for your pool filter.

2 Simple Tips to Keep the Pool Filter Clamp Bolts in Place

Sometimes by using additional tools you can keep the bolts intact and prevent them from stripping.

Two simple yet effective methods are stated below.

Method 1: Use of Washers 

Using washers helps to distribute the load on the bolted joint equally.

They also add friction.

Thus, it helps to keep the bolts intact.

Method 2: Adhesive Patches

Adhesives can also be used to keep the bolts in their original positions.

You can use both solid and liquid adhesive patches.


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