Pentair Intelliflo Alarm Reset – Learn About 11 Different Alarms of Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump


pentair intelliflo pool pump alarm reset

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We all love to swim in a sparkling clean swimming pool.

A pool with clean water is essential from both safety and aesthetic point of view.

One of the most crucial ways to maintain a clean swimming pool is to run the pool pump regularly.

It will help you to keep proper water circulation throughout the pool and will prevent pool water from turning murky and contaminated with bacteria, fungus and algae.

Depending on the usage and size of the pool, you can decide how long you need to run your pool pump.

But if your pool witnesses extensive footfall, it is always advisable to run the pool pump continuously.

But do you know that not all pool pumps have the capability to operate 24*7?

If your pool pump is not suitable, running it continuously may cause overheating and the device may get damaged in the process.

Only a variable-speed pool pump is capable of doing so.

So, if your pool pump needs to run continuously, make sure you get a variable pool pump for your swimming pool.

Now, what makes the variable speed pool pump so special?

The variable pool pumps are equipped with highly advanced variable speed technology.

This technology enables the device to smoothly switch from one-speed limit to another as per the existing running condition. 

Also, as per the requirement of the users, they can set their speed limits.

Generally, these machines have 3 to 8 pre-programmed speed ranges.

Using the different speed limits, users can easily run various functions like managing the water features, regular pool filtration, etc.

These devices can even work efficiently at a lower speed for a long time.

It helps to save up to 90% of the energy.

All these attributes make the variable speed pool pump popular among users.

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As per my experience, I will highly recommend you the Pentair model named as Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pool Pump.

The brand Pentair needs no introduction in the swimming pool equipment industry.

They are among the top brands dealing in this sector for quite a long time and have successfully maintained their grip over the market.

The Pentair Intelliflo is one of the most popular variable speed pool pumps in the market.

It is the first of its kind to successfully adjust its speed according to the flow of the water in your swimming pool.

Its 2 main features are mentioned as follows.

1, They are highly efficient and produce almost zero noise while operating.

2, They can circulate more water at low speed for a long period and hence the device saves lots of energy during filtration.

But sometimes the Pentair Intelliflo also malfunctions due to lack of proper maintenance of the machine.

Faults may occur due to both external and internal factors.

Now to help the users to detect the occurrence of any fault in the machine, the brand Pentair has provided several alarms for the same.

When the alarm beeps, the user needs to fix the issue immediately.

It salvages any gross damage to the device.

Once the issue gets fixed, you need to reset the alarm.

Only after resetting, the device will be ready to be used again.

Let us learn more about resetting the alarm in the Pentair Intelliflo variable speed pump from the discussion below.

Why is Resetting the Alarm of the Pentair Intelliflo Pool Pump Necessary?

Whenever any fault occurs in the variable speed pool pump, the control panel of the device will display the light corresponding to the fault. 

The pump will then stop working and all the buttons of the control panel will get disabled.

This will continue until the reset button is pressed and the threat is acknowledged.

When you press the reset button, it will clear the alarm.

You need to do this once the issue has been resolved.

This action of the device saves it from facing any further damage to the machine.

This is why resetting the alarm of Pentair Intelliflo pool pump is extremely important so that you can avoid further damage of the machine.

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How to Reset the Alarm of Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pool Pump?

The alarms play a crucial role in protecting the pool pump from damage due to its internal faults.

They alert the users against different faults in the device system. 

Thus, they help to limit the damage to the pump to a minimum.

In the case of the Pentair Intelliflo variable speed pool pump, it plays a similar role.

When a fault is detected, the alarm displayed in the control panel starts blinking.

All the buttons of the control panel will not respond and the device will stop working when this blinking begins.

In that situation, you have to reset the alarm to get back the machine in the working condition.

The process of resetting the alarm is very simple.

In the control panel, a reset button is present.

Once the alarm starts blinking, press the reset button and acknowledge the issue.

When you press the button, the alarm will get cleared.

After the error is rectified, restart the device by pressing the start button.

However, you need to make sure to select the speed limit before starting the pool pump.

So, first press reset button, then choose the right speed limit and then finally press the start button to successfully reset the alarm of Pentair Intelliflo pool pump.

11 Alarms of Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pool Pump

To protect the device from damage due to various faults, the brand Pentair has provided various alarms for the users to know.

Each of the alarms corresponds to a specific fault in the machine.

Let us learn about some of the major alarms present inside Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pool Pump.

Alarm 1: Weak Wifi Connection

This alarm indicates that there is some defect with the WiFi connectivity of the pool pump.

An obstruction in the pump antenna or defect in its wire may be the cause of its error.

Alarm 2: Offline

The offline alarm indicates that the Pentair cloud system is not able to connect with the pool pump.

Alarm 3: Priming Failure Alarm

It indicates the presence of insufficient water in the strainer basket.

Alarm 4: Overheat Alarm

It shows that the motor has detected excessive high temperature.

Blockage in the cooling fan inlet/outlet or high ambient temperature may be the cause of this fault.

Alarm 5: Over-current Alarm

This alarm indicates that the system has drawn more current than its defined amperage capacity.

Increased load on the motor, damaged or worn parts, deposition of dirt and debris, etc. are some major reasons that cause this overcurrent.

Alarm 6: Over Voltage and Under Voltage Alarm

This alarm indicates that the supplied voltage is way out of the normal range.

When the supplied voltage is more than normal, then over-voltage alarm blinks.

When it is less than the normal value, then under voltage alarm blinks.

Alarm 7: Speed Limit

This alarm starts to blink when the device reaches the maximum programmed speed range to achieve the required flow.

Alarm 8: Pressure Limit Alarm

It indicates that the device is running at the maximum programmed pressure range of the device.

Alarm 9: Flow Limit Alarm

It indicates that the device is running at the maximum programmed flow rate.

Alarm 10: Internal Fault Alarm

It specifies the occurrence of any internal hardware or software error in the pool pump.

Alarm 11: Thermal Mode Alarm

As the name suggests, it indicates that the pool pump is operating in thermal mode.

There are total 11 types of different alarms present inside the Pentair Intelliflo pool pump.

Once you know about these alarms and their root cause then it becomes easier to fix the problems present in your pool pump.


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