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pentair vs jandy pool heater

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As the owner of an inground swimming pool, I am quite familiar with the top pool equipment brands such as Pentair and Jandy.

They are the leading brands that offer some of the best quality swimming pool products and accessories in the market today.

Each of them boasts of being the best in the market till date.

As far as my experience is concerned, I can say without a doubt that the pool equipment from Pentair and Jandy are top notched and they are designed with the help of today’s advanced technology.

They are equally popular among the masses and each of them enjoys a loyal customer base.

Therefore, every for a seasoned pool equipment user like me, choosing the better brand between the two is a quite confusing and tedious task at hand.

Now, as a long time swimming pool owner, I understand the dilemma a user faces while choosing the pool equipment.

We often get confused about which brand to choose for our swimming pools.

Sometimes we get carried away with the advertisements and end up buying the wrong product which can be quite costly for us in future.

This has happened with me quite a few times in the past because I did not perform proper research before buying those products.

So far, from my experience, I want to tell the users that every swimming pool has its specific requirements for cleaning and maintenance.

What may be good for others may not be suitable for us.

So, it is always better to have our judgment before investing in quality pool equipment products and accessories.

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In this article, I have compared one of the most essential pool equipment which is necessary for your swimming pool and that is a pool heater.

I have taken the best pool heater models offered by both Jandy and Pentair brands.

The reason for choosing this pool equipment is that the majority of people find it difficult to finalize between the pool heaters recommended by Jandy and Pentair.

I was also in the same boat.

So, before making my final decision, I did extensive research regarding both pool heater models.

To my surprise, I observed that internet is flooded with queries regarding pool heaters from Jandy and Pentair.

So, I have compared pool heaters from these two popular brands in a simplified manner to help bring some clarity to the mind of pool owners.

But before sharing my results with users, I want to discuss in brief about the pool heaters.

The function of pool heaters is to keep the pool water warm and comforting for the swimming pool users.

The cold water from the swimming pool enters the heating tank.

The resultant warm water flows back to the pool.

The pool heaters keep the temperature of the water consistent with occasional fluctuations.

Currently, in the market, three types of pool heaters are available namely electric heater, gas heater, and solar heater.

Each of them is different in terms of cost, performance, operation, installation, and maintenance.

So, before purchasing the pool heaters, I would request you to consider your budget, location, and pool size.

You must choose what suits your actual taste and requirements.

Let us now compare the features of best pool heaters offered by both Pentair and Jandy in the table below.

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10 Best Features of Pentair Pool Heaters vs Jandy Pool

The 10 key features that differentiate a Jandy Pool Heater from a Pentair Pool Heater are mentioned below in the table.

FeaturesJandy Pool HeatersPentair Pool Heaters
1. Heat Exchanger TypeJandy pool heaters use titanium heat exchangers.Pentair pool heaters use copper heat exchangers.
2. CorrosionSince Jandy pool heaters use titanium heat exchangers they are more resistant to corrosion and hence are more durable.The copper heat exchangers in Pentair pool heaters are less resistant to corrosion and hence less durable.
3. Self Diagnostics SystemJandy pool heaters have a self-diagnostics system that can warn the users of any possible malfunction.The self-diagnostic system is absent in Pentair pool heaters.
4. CostJandy pool heaters are costlier than the Pentair pool heaters.Pentair pool hearts are affordable as compared to Jandy heaters.
5. ControlThese heaters can be operated and controlled remotely.Remote control is not possible in case of Pentair Pool Heaters.
6. Freeze protection SystemComes with an in-built freeze protection system.This feature is absent in Pentair pool heaters.
7. VariationsThese heaters are available in propane and natural gas versions.Pentair pool heaters are available in natural gas models only.
8. Energy EfficientJandy pool heaters are more energy efficient than Pentair heaters.Pentair pool heaters are comparatively less energy efficient than Jandy heaters.
9. WarrantyJandy pool heaters offer a warranty period of 5 years.Pentair pool heaters have a warranty period of 3 years only.
10. Pool TypesJandy pool heaters are available in different sizes. So, they can be used for almost all types of swimming pools.Pentair pool heaters are not compatible with smaller and non-conventional-sized swimming pools.

My Verdict:

When we actually compare the features and performance of both the Jandy and Pentair pool heaters, it is evident that Jandy Pool Heaters are much better than the Pentair models.

Jandy pool heaters are best for the swimming pool owners who don’t have any issues with spending little more cash and want much better performance with long terms savings in terms of electricity usage.

If you want to save your money and don’t have any issues with little more electricity expenditure, then go for Pentair pool heater.

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If you ask my opinion, then I would highly prefer to go with Jandy pool heater as compared to Pentair pool heater because of its superior performance, more features, longer warranty period and cost efficient nature.

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