Hayward Sand Filter Leaking at Collar – 4 Reasons and 5 Easy Solutions to Fix Leakage of Collar


hayward sand filter leaking at collar reasons and solutions

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Do you know if you are swimming in your home swimming pool water with dirt and debris, then it can can have dangerous health side effects for you and your family members?

If the pool water is not kept clean, it will become the breeding hub of algae, dangerous bacteria, and other disease-causing agents.

In other words, water will get contaminated if you don’t properly clean and maintain the pool water.

If you swim in such water, you may develop skin infections, eye infections, etc.

Also, if you accidentally swallow such water, then you can surely suffer from stomach infections like severe diarrhea, etc.

I recommend reading this article from CDC.Gov, where you will learn how one can get swimming related illnesses such as skin rashes, cough, eye and ear pain, diarrhea, etc.

Because of these reasons, it is highly important to keep your swimming pool clean and bacteria or germ free.

The pool cleaning activities demand lots of time and energy.

But thanks to the modern technology, pool maintenance is not as difficult and time-consuming as it used to be in earlier days.

Cleaning machines like swimming pool filters have made the lives of us, pool owners extremely easy and convenient.

These devices can efficiently filter out the debris from your pool water with minimum human intervention.

Pool sand filters are one of the most popular pool water filters globally.

In the market, these machines are sold in abundance by several brands.

As per my research, Hayward Pool Sand Filter is one of the well known and high-quality pool sand filters available in the market today.

The Hayward sand filter make use of special filter sand to remove impurities from the pool water.

Here the filter tank is loaded with the filter sand.

This sand acts as the medium for capturing water impurities.

When dirty pool water is pumped into the filter sand, the impurities are captured by the sand bed.

The clean water obtained is diverted back to the pool via the control valve.

This process continues automatically until the entire pool water is recirculated.

But over a while, the dirt accumulated in the sand bed will restrain the flow of clean water back into the pool.

So, if the rate of filter water flowing back to the pool has diminished, you need to immediately start the backwashing action.

You have to keep the control value in backwashing mode while doing this.

After this process is over, you can start using the machine again.

But before doing this, you have to re-assign the control valve into rinse mode.

Although the Hayward Pool Sand Filter is very efficient, it can still malfunction.

One of the most common issues faced by its owners is the leaking from the clamp collar or simply the collar.

Now, if you observe that your pool sand filter is leaking from the clamp collar then you must first identify the root cause of the leakage and then apply the right solution to address the problem asap.

As per my experience, the common reasons that cause this leakage problem are loose clamp collar grip, damaged o-rings, the clamp bolt stripped off, and faults in connection, etc.

In case, this collar gets damaged, you can always replace it with the new one.

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I will explain these issues one by one in more detail further in this article.

So, stay tuned to know all those problems and fix this problem before it causes major problems later on.

4 Main Reasons for Clamp Collar Leakage of Hayward Pool Sand Filter

A clamp is an important machine component which is used to secure different parts of the sand filter.

It looks like a band or a collar with a gap between them.

This gap is fitted with a bolt. The users can control the grip of the clamp using this bolt.

The body of the clamp is usually made of metal or plastic.

But the jaws are always metallic.

This is because only metallic jaws can ensure the durability and strength of the clamp collar grip.

Now, if a leak occurs at the clamp collar, then you must assume that there must be some defect internally.

Such a leakage should be quickly detected and fixed before major issues happen.

Otherwise, it will badly affect the overall operation of the pool sand filter.

Below, I have listed 4 most common reasons that are responsible for the leakage of the clamp collar of your Hayward sand filter.

Reason 1: Loose Grip of the Clamp Collar

When you use the pool sand filter on a regular basis for a very long period, then it gradually loosens its fittings and connections.

The clamp collar is no exception to this rule.

Its grip can get loose after some time.

This may cause a leakage from the collar.

So, when leakage appears from the collar, the first thing to check is if its grip is strong enough or not.

Reason 2: Broken or Damaged O-rings

As the name suggests, O -rings are circular and are responsible for sealing the grip of the clamp collar.

After a certain period, this O-ring may get damaged.

Also, dirt and debris may enter inside the O-rings.

In both cases, the sealing capacity of the O-rings gradually gets weakened.

A damaged or loose O-rings means the grip of the clamp collar also gets weakened after some time.

This leads to leakage from the collar.

In this case, you need to change the damaged or broken O-rings of your Hayward sand filter.

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Reason 3: Clamp Collar Bolt Gets Stripped

Various external factors like vibration, shock, extreme weather conditions, and differences in thermal expansion of materials, etc. may strip the clamp collar bolt.

As mentioned earlier, this bolt is responsible for controlling the grip of the clamp collar.

If this gets stripped, the grip gets weakened after some time.

This causes the collar to start leaking.

Reason 4: Loose Fittings around the Collar

Regular usage of the pool sand filter may cause its fittings to get loose after few months.

The same may occur to fittings in and around the clamp collar.

These loose fittings may cause a leak from the collar later on.

I recommend to watch the following short video that will provide these reasons in more details and will also provide simpler solutions for the same.

5 Solutions to Fix a Leaking Clamp Collar of Hayward Sand Filter

When the clamp starts to leak, the first tip of troubleshooting is to find the cause of the fault.

Once you determine the reason, you can stop the leakage by following the below mentioned 5 solutions or remedies.

Solution 1: If the cause of the leakage is a loose grip of the clamp collar, then you need to re-adjust it.

You have to carefully remove the clamp collar assembly and refix it again tightly.

Before starting the filter machine again, you must make sure that the leakage has stopped completely.

Solution 2: If the faulty O-rings have caused the leakage in the clamp collar, the only solution is the replacement of those broken or damaged O-rings.

In the market, O-rings are easily available.

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While purchasing make sure the size is suitable for your device.

Once the new O-ring is fixed, apply a silicon-based lubricant to strengthen the sealing capacity of these O-rings.

If the problem persists, you will need a rubber mallet.

With the rubber mallet in your hands, gently tap on the circumference of the clamp collar.

After that, you need to tighten the connection a bit.

This action will help to stop the leakage of the clamp collar.

Solution 3: If the clamp bolt has got stripped, you have to replace the clamp collar assembly.

But while replacing it, you must remember that the clamp collar assembly is model specific.

Therefore, you need to choose the one which is suitable for your specific Hayward sand filter model.

Solution 4: When the cause of the leakage is loose fittings, you need to readjust the connections of the fittings.

Tighten them gently.

If there are any worn-out fittings, you must replace them immediately.

This will help to fix the leakage issue quickly.

Solution 5: Lastly, if all your endeavours fail to stop the leakage, it is always advisable to approach a professional for the repairs.

In that situation, get in touch with your local swimming pool repair service and get the problem solved asap.

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3 Tips to Enhance Durability of Hayward Pool Sand Filter

Sometimes a simple maintenance regime can enhance the durability of your pool sand filter.

Following are some easy yet effective maintenance tips that will help you to enhance the durability of your Hayward pool sand filter.

Tip 1: Make sure to check the sand in the filter tank regularly.

Replace it whenever necessary.

Tip 2: Not all sand is good for sand filters.

I highly recommend you to invest in superior quality sand like silica sand.

This will provide much better filtering results.

Tip 3: Do not forget to backwash and clean the pool filter regularly.







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