Pentair vs Polaris Pool Cleaner – 5 Striking Features Help You to Decide the Best Pool Cleaner


pentair vs polaris pool cleaner

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A swimming pool with sparkling clean water attracts one and all.  

But keeping it clean is an extremely tough and time consuming job for sure.

I and you know that swimming pool maintenance requires a lot of our time and energy in the process.

Above all, the time required and frequency of cleaning are different for every pool which differs based on the pool size and its type.

People who own large pools will require more time to clean and vice-versa.

Also, pools that are used regularly and are surrounded by trees require frequent cleaning.

This is because they tend to bring more debris inside the pool water.

Thus, to ease the process of pool maintenance, the robotic pool cleaners play a vital role in this case.

They are very efficient in saving cleaning time and energy of the pool owners.

The demand for such robotic pool cleaners is increasing day by day.

Considering this trend, the market is full of brands selling different models and types of pool cleaners.

Today, we have plethora of choices when it comes to choosing the pool cleaner models.

However, finding the right type of pool cleaner for your swimming pool has become the top most priority for all of us pool owners.

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Nowadays, from the comfort of your home, you can check and study different models of pool cleaners using these online stores.

These stores help you compare prices and user reviews and select a suitable model for your pool.

But, when I researched a lot online, then I often saw the mentions of two most popular models.

Those pool cleaners are Polaris and Pentair robotic pool cleaners.

Both of them are market leaders and have outstanding performance as well as durability.

They are available in offline stores as well on online retail stores such Amazon and Walmart.

Polaris has been in the market for almost five decades.

All of its models are user-friendly and highly efficient.

It is indeed the number one choice among users.

On the other hand, Pentair is a new brand.

But that does not make it inferior to Polaris.

They are equally efficient and known to be pocket friendly.

Thus, deciding which one is better is a difficult job.

In this article, I will basically compare Pentair vs Polaris pool cleaners in terms of their basic features, pros and cons and finally their performance.

And after the deep comparison, I will recommend the right pool cleaner for you.

Let us delve further into the article.

How Does a Pentair Pool Cleaner work?

Generally, a robotic cleaner depends on an electric motor to operate.

It is powered by a power supply which can be recharged.

Before using you just need to charge the device.

After that, your pool cleaner is ready for the cleaning process.

Pentair is a reputed brand in the swimming pool cleaning field.

For its reliable performance, it has successfully carved a niche in the market.

Pentair offers a diverse array of pool cleaners.

Customers can select as per their actual need and requirements.

One can even purchase them at online as well as local stores.

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In my experience, one of the most popular Pentair Pool Cleaner models is the Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly Legend Inground Pool Cleaner.

I will explain its function in short in the below paragraphs.

The Pentair Kreepy Krauly Legend model can vacuum the inground swimming pool bottom pretty faster.

When the transition from floor to wall is smooth, it can clean the lower portion of the wall.

The sweep hose attachment of the device acts as a tail.

It helps to sweep the dirt and debris from the narrow corners.

To maintain air pressure inside the device, a booster pump is required.

It is generally does not come with the pool cleaner.

You need to buy the booster pump separately.

It has to be 3 / 4 horsepower booster pump.

I highly recommend you to use Pentair LA01N Single Speed Booster Pump for this purpose.

Once you purchase the pump, you need to install it properly.

The pool cleaner can remove large debris pieces easily from your swimming pool.

The machine has a large collection bag on top of it.

The debris gets collected in the collection bag.

However, to remove leaves from the pool base, you need to use a leaf mesh bag.

The pool cleaner moves randomly when it starts cleaning.

It has a backup valve that helps the device to reverse.

Due to this action, the pool cleaner does not get stuck in one place.

6 Main Features of Pentair Pool Cleaner

The Pentair is a successful name in the pool cleaning industry.

Its popularity is owing to its high efficiency and broad product line.

One of the most favored Pentair pool cleaner models is the Rebel pool cleaner.

It is equipped with many striking features.

Let us discuss in detail about them.

Appearance: The dimension of the rebel pool cleaner is 42” × 15” × 8”.

It is comparatively smaller and looks different from other pool cleaners.

Due to its modest design, it can be easily moved around the pool.

User Friendly: You do not need great technical know-how to use the pool cleaner.

It has a very simple setup that can be easily followed.

The device also has a programmable timer.

You need to connect the cleaner with a skimmer or vacuum line and hose.

Your pool cleaner is then ready to go.

Advanced Hydraulic System: This pool cleaner is equipped with an advanced hydraulic system.

It enables the machine to operate at variable speeds and with two-speed pumps.

It can thus be used in a diverse variety of pools.

Programmable Cleaning Cycle: This is a unique feature of this model.

It aids the user to decide when the cleaning is to be done.

Users can fix the cleaning schedule and set the cleaning cycle.

The cleaning is done automatically as per the schedule.

It makes the pool ready immediately when required.

It also has a suction feature to ensure optimum cleaning.

Flexible Turbine Design: The turbine of the Pentair Rebel Pool cleaner is unique.

It aids to collect a large number of debris without clogging.

Dual Action Roller Skirt Feature: This striking feature enables the cleaner to cross barriers smoothly. 

The switching from low to deep level is made easy with this feature.

The cleaner can even climb at a 90-degrees angle without difficulty.

5 Pros and 2 Cons of Pentair Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaners are a boon for pool owners. They help them to keep their pool clean.

Without pool cleaners, maintaining the pool is a hard task.  

But like other devices, Pentair Pool cleaner has a fair share of pros and cons.

Let us dig deeper into this fact and discuss them in detail

5 Pros of Pentair Pool Cleaner

1. Affordable: The Pentair Pool Cleaners are very affordable.

Thus, everyone can enjoy the benefits of these cleaners.

2. Easy Installation: The installation and assembling of the pool cleaner is very simple.

It does not demand great technical knowledge from your side.

3. Easy to Operate: The design is convenient to move and it is easy to operate.

4. Rapid Functioning: The machine is equipped with uniquely designed bristles. They help to remove dirt very fast and effectively.

5. Extended Warranty: The Pentair Pool Cleaner offers a minimum of a 2-year warranty.

2 Cons of Pentair Pool Cleaner

1. The Pool Cleaner does not clean uniformly. It often gives more time to the shallow region than the deeper region.

2. The product tends to break easily. It happens if fittings are not done properly.

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How Does a Polaris Pool Cleaner work?

Robotic pool cleaner such as Polaris Neo Robotic Pool Cleaner is an extremely efficient inground swimming pool cleaner and it does not need constant manual observation at all.

This specific pool cleaner has some amazing features which makes it more user-friendly and energy efficient machine.

This pool cleaner draws water and dirt from the pool more effectively and traps the debris in a bag known as a filter bag.

There is a return jet via which the clean water goes back to the pool.

In this way, this specific cleaning machine works more productively with less amount of energy requirement as compared to the other pool cleaner brands.

However, in order to work this pool cleaner to its maximum capability, you need to follow the below mentioned steps properly.

Step 1: Installing and Submerging the Pool Cleaner

At first, the control box should be plugged with a GFCI outlet.

Float cable should be spread uniformly. The cleaner should then be submerged at the center vertically.

Care should be taken so the device completely sinks in the water. Floating of the cleaner should be avoided

Enough float cable should be attached to ensure free movement of the pool cleaner.

Step 2: Use Control Box Properly

The control box helps the user to start the basic cleaning process.

It also aids to connect the pool cleaner with the Wi-Fi connection of the home.

Step 3: Make Use of Start / Stop Button at the right time

Users can start, stop and adjust the time of cleaning by pressing the Start/ Stop button.

For first-time users, it is advisable to follow the user guide for any adjustments.

Step 4: Use Lift System Whenever Needed

Sometimes you need to retrieve the pool cleaner from the water.

Robotic Pool cleaners are equipped with a “lift system” button.

To initiate the process automatically, this button needs to be pressed. The screen will display the sign “LIFE” when the process begins.

Random removal of the device by pulling the cable should be avoided.

6 Main Features of Polaris Pool Cleaner

The below mentioned 6 key features of Polaris Pool cleaner are extremely important to know as an end user.

1. It is equipped with an all-wheel belt drive.

2. It requires a booster pump for operating.

3. It has active motion sensor technology.

4. Vortex Vacuum Technology is another important feature of a Polaris pool cleaner.

5. The machine works with a programmable timer.

6. This pool cleaner also comes with its patented jet sweep assembly.

6 Pros and 4 Cons of Polaris Pool Cleaner

6 Pros of Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaner

1. Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaners have a built-in pump and filter. This makes them self-sufficient.

2. They can efficiently scrub the pool surface. They are specialists in removing large debris and dirt

3. They are easy to use. You just need to plug them and the device is good to go.

4. Polaris pool cleaners are low maintenance machines.

5. They have a programmable timer.

6. These cleaners consume less power and are eco-friendly.

4 Cons of Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaner

1. The robotic pool cleaners are very technically advanced. So, they may incur expensive repair costs.

2. Though good at scrubbing surfaces, they act poorly while removing floating debris.

3. The filter in the robotic pool cleaner gets dirty more frequently. The reason is they have less dirt carrying capacity.

4. Their movement depends on the length of the attached electric cord. If the cord is short, the cleaner will fail to clean uniformly.

5 Comparison Factors of Pentair Pool Cleaner vs Polaris Pool Cleaner

Both Pentair and Polaris are reputed brands in the swimming pool cleaning field.

Each of them boasts of its efficiency and capabilities.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for swimming pool owners to choose between both of them.

For your convenience, I have compared 5 main features of both of these brands and have provided my own verdict at the end.

Let us find out what are those.

Serial NoFeaturesPolaris Pool CleanersPentair Pool Cleaners
1PerformancePolaris pool cleaners has outstanding speed. They can clean a pool in 1.5 hours.Pentair Pool Cleaners also have great speed but little slower as compared to Polaris cleaners. They can clean a pool in 2 hours.
2MaintenanceIt has low maintenance and care.Pentair machines also are low-maintenance cleaners.
3DurabilityThey are quite durable. They can last an average of 5 years.In terms of durability, they are also good. They generally last 3 to 5 years.
4CostThey are slightly costlier than Pentair.They are more affordable than Polaris cleaners.
5Ease of useAll the models of Polaris cleaners are user-friendly.Pentair pool cleaners are also user-friendly. However, the robotic model requires frequent programming. This may sometime cause trouble for users.

My Verdict

From all the above information, I can easily conclude that both Polaris Pool Cleaner and Pentair Pool Cleaner are best in terms of their performance, features, and cost.

Functionally, both Polaris and Pentair are at par with each other.

They both are efficient cleaners and are masters of their art.

But, if you ask me to choose only one among the two pool cleaners then I would definitely go with Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaner because of its extra features and user-friendly functions.


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