Pentair Spa Draining When Turned On – 4 Main Reasons and 5 Easy Steps to Fix This Issue


pentair spa draining when turned on

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Most of us including myself, enjoy both swimming in the pools as well as taking a relaxing bath in the swim spa.

Both of them are great ways to destress and rejuvenate your mind and body.

For some people, who don’t have the space to build a swimming pool or has the luxury of time to enjoy a spa day, the swim spa is the best option to destress at economy scale.

It is an effective alternative to building an expensive in-ground or above ground swimming pools or even a lap pools or indoor smaller sized pools at your backyard.

I have installed one such swim spa at my house and believe me it’s really worth every penny invested.

Users can enjoy the goodness of swimming and at the same time get therapy like a spa.

This unique arrangement does not take up much space and can be used throughout the year at your home at a smaller space.

Even a pool owner can have a swim spa and enjoy its benefits throughout the year.

One of the most striking features of a swim spa or a hot tub which I find very interesting is its in-built jet system.

This attribute can create a water current.

It gives you the feeling of swimming in the river.

The current enables you to swim in that smaller place.

You can easily move along with the water current and get the benefits of doing swimming exercise.

This activity does not need large spaces and is thus suitable for smaller households.

Another interesting feature of the swim spa is that users can adjust the temperature as per their requirements.

This feature enables you to enjoy a soothing and cool summertime swimming experience and a hot relaxing spa experience after a tiresome day.

Thus, you can enjoy its benefits throughout the year.

The versatility of this product is what attracts the most of its actual users.

But like any machine, a swim spa can develop problems later on due to lack of proper maintenance.

I am using a swim spa manufactured by the Pentair brand.

One of the most common issues that I have faced so far is that my Pentair spa starts draining when it is turned on.

Initially, I was clueless.

I did not know how to fix the issue.

So, I did some serious digging into this matter and have found some important fixes to this problem.

I found out the most probable reasons that make the Pentair spa drain when it is turned on.

The four main reasons that cause the Pentair spa to drain when it is turned on are as follows.  

Reason 1: A blockage in the suction line

Reason 2: The water level is insufficient

Reason 3: Improper orientation of the suction valve

Reason 4: Presence of airlocks in circulation pipes

Now whenever I find the spa draining out, I immediately look for the above-mentioned reasons first.

I feel that if you know the root cause first, then troubleshooting that specific problem becomes much easier.

Now let me share with you how I fixed this issue in this article below.

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5 Simple Steps to Fix A Draining Pentair Spa When Turned On

The following 5 steps will help you fix the problem of the draining your Pentair swim spa when it is turned on.

Step 1: Clear the Blockage from Suction Lines

First thing you need to do is to inspect the suction lines for any blockage.

If any sort of obstruction or blockage is present in the suction lines, then I recommend you to clear that blockage immediately.

Step 2: Fill Spa with Water Completely

The next thing you will have to do is to fill up your Pentair swim spa with water to its maximum limit.

Then turn off all the pumps and blowers of your spa.

Step 3: Remove Any Airlocks from Circulation Lines

After that, you will have to inspect the circulation lines thoroughly.

If you find any airlocks in the lines, then you will have to remove them with a garden hose or a plunger pump.

Once you clear the airlocks, then restart the pump and make sure water flows through the system unobstructed.

Step 4: Keep Suction Valve in Spa Mode Only

Some users own both swimming pools and swim spas at the same time.

In this case, they share a common suction valve with two modes namely pool mode and spa mode.

Therefore, when you are using the swimming pool, then you need to close the spa mode and vice versa.

Here, it is very important for the users to always orient the suction valve in either of the two modes and should be kept in either spa mode or pool mode depending on if you are using your pool or spa.

If it is kept in the middle, then water siphons from the spa and empty it.

Therefore, I recommend to keep the suction valve to spa mode only when you intend to use your Pentair spa only.

Step 5: Call the Professional in case You Can’t Fix the Problem

I am sure the above 4 steps will help you in fixing the draining problem of your Pentair swim spa when it is turned on.

However, sometimes the problem is more complicated and average regular users can’t find the root cause of the problem.

In this case, it is better to take help of a professional and hire them to fix your draining spa problem.

So, I highly recommend calling a local swim spa technician from the company to fix this draining spa issue if you can’t seem to locate the problem.

If you want detailed video tutorial on how to fix draining issues for your Pentair swim spa, then I highly recommend to watch the following video.

2 Important Tips to Properly Maintain Your Pentair Spa

As an experienced user of a swim spa, I want to share some tips for a Pentair spa maintenance.

I am sure these 2 tips will help you increase the durability of your Pentair swim spa.

Tip 1: Always Drain Your Spa Before Turning On

Before turning on your spa, always make sure that the spa is completely drained.

The process of draining can be done manually or by an automatic shut-off valve.

This valve does not let water enter or overflow the swim spa.

Also, draining the spa after every use reduces the chance of any damage to the spa equipment.

Tip 2: Drain Your Spa in Winter Season or During Vacations

Sometimes the user may not use the spa for a long period of time.

This is especially true in case of vacations or during the winter season.

In such cases, I will suggest draining the spa completely.

This action will prevent rusting and ensure that the freezing temperature does not damage the inner components of your swim spa.


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