Pentair Timeout Mode – 9 Steps to Properly Use Timeout Mode of Pentair Pool Pump


pentair pool pump timeout mode

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If you are a proud swimming pool owner like me, then you can very well understand the importance of installing a reliable and good quality pool pump.

They play a crucial role of maintaining the homogenous circulation of water across your swimming pool.

In today’s market, you will basically find 3 types of pool pumps.

First type is single-speed pool pump, second type is a dual-speed pump, and the third type is a variable or multi-speed pool pump.

Single-speed pool pumps are the most basic and the least expensive type of pumps.

They run at a constant non-adjustable speed level.

They generally operate at a very fixed speed i.e around 3450 RPM.

This type of pool pump does not have high efficiency in terms of electricity usage and economical scale.

Dual-speed pool pumps as the name suggests can operate at two speeds namely high speed and low speed.

They are comparatively more efficient in their performance but are expensive as compared to single-speed pool pumps.

Finally, the Variable-speed pool pumps can operate at different speed levels.

They are more efficient than single or dual-speed pool pumps.

They have electronic controls and have 3 to 8 preprogrammed speed limits.

Users can set the speed of the pool pump as per their requirements.

These machines are designed with highly advanced variable speed technology.

You can change their speed from one level to another very efficiently and smoothly.

In another word, according to the type of function, the device can adjust its speed.

By using this feature, all the functions of the pool like regular filtration, running water features, etc. can be done more effectively.

Although variable-speed pool pumps are expensive as compared to other pool pumps, they offer long-term profits because they are great energy savers and more durable as compared to the first two types of pool pumps.

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As per my research, Pentair is one of the best brands that offer quality and reliable variable-speed pool pumps.

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There are 3 main features that make Pentair variable speed pump so popular which are as follows.

Feature 1: Pentair VS pumps produce almost zero noise while operating.

Feature 2: They have the special capability to adjust their speed as per the flow of water in your swimming pool.

Feature 3: They can run efficiently and circulate more water at low speed for a long period.

Thus, Pentair VS pool pumps save a great deal of electricity bills by conserving your energy during its daily operations.

In addition to the above attributes, Pentair Variable speed pool pumps have many other attractive features.

One such feature is the Pentair VS pool pump’s time-out mode.

Sometimes, while performing activities like the addition of chemicals in the pool, checking the pH of pool water, or other maintenance tasks; you may need to halt the operation of your Pentair pool pump.

In such cases, time-out mode offered by Pentair VS pool pump becomes extremely helpful for the users.

This feature enables the pump to stop operating at the preprogrammed speed for a set duration.

The duration of the time-out feature can be adjusted in the menu and is displayed in terms of hours and minutes.

After the time-out period is over, the pool pump automatically returns to its previous operating mode.

The users can observe that the LED corresponding to Start/Stop is lit and the device is thus ready to operate after the subsequent run time.

Let us now learn how you can access the time-out mode in the Pentair variable speed pool pump by using my simple 9 steps mentioned ahead in this article.

9 Simple Steps to Accessing Pentair Time-out Mode

By following the 9 easy steps below, you can easily access the time-out mode of your Pentair variable speed pool pump such as Pentair Intelliflo Pool Pump.

Step 1: The first thing you need to make sure is that the green power LED is switched on.

Step 2: Next step is to press the menu button of your pool pump.

Step 3: Now, use the Up/Down arrow and scroll down to the “Features” option.

Step 4: Fourth step is to press “Select” and choose the “Time out” option.

Step 5: After that, press the “Select” again to set the duration of “Time Out” mode.

Step 6: Then by pressing select you need to change the time.

Here, the minute’s column will be highlighted by the cursor.

Step 7: Again, press the left arrow and move the cursor to set the duration in terms of hours.

You can set the time-out mode ranging from 1 minute to even 10 hours.

Step 8: Once the time-out mode settings are done, press the save option.

If you want to make any changes, you have to press back for exiting.

You should do this before saving the settings.

Step 9: Finally, to exit the menu, you have to press the back option and then you are done.

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3 Points to Consider Before Buying a Variable-speed Pool Pump

Your variable speed pool pump will function optimally only when you choose the correct machine suitable for your swimming pool.

The requirements of every swimming pool are different.

Below mentioned are 3 important points you need to consider while choosing the variable speed pool pump for your pool.

1st Factor: Size of Your Swimming Pool

This is the most important factor to consider while buying a pool pump.

You don’t always need a big pool pump for better performance.

Buy the variable speed pool pump according to the size of your pool.

2nd Factor: Pre-installed Piping System of Your Pool

Every pool has a pre-installed piping system.

Therefore, I highly recommend you to make sure that your variable pool pump fittings are compatible with the already installed piping system of your pool.

This makes the repair and replacements process much easier.

Also, a well-fitted pool pump has better operational efficiency.

3rd Factor: Water Feature Compatibility of the Pump

This is applicable only when your pool has additional water features.

Not all variable pool pumps can run water features along with the other regular functions.

So, if your pool has water features, make sure to choose the pump which is compatible to run it smoothly.

5 Important Tips to Properly Maintain a Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump

To ensure that your Pentair variable-speed pool pump enjoys a long life, you need to properly care and maintain the machine.

I have listed below 5 essential tips that will help you maintain your Pentair variable speed pool pump.

Tip 1: Always repair worn-out noisy bearings and leaks without delay.

Tip 2: While adding chemicals to the pool, avoid doing it near the motor.

Any use of chemicals near the motor should be strictly avoided to prevent future damage.

Tip 3: Do not let dirt and debris deposit around the motor vents.

Always clean them on a weekly basis.

Tip 4: Protect the pool pump from harsh weather conditions, flood situations, extreme spraying or water splashing.

Tip 5: Regularly check the skimmer basket for dirt and debris.

You need to remove this dirt whenever you find one.


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