How to Clean a Pool Pump Basket – 13 Easy Steps to Maintain Cleanliness of the Pump Basket


how to clean pool pump basket

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According to a recent research paper published at, the demand for swimming pool pumps is rising rapidly because of increasing infrastructure and construction industries.

The swimming pool pumps provide better water circulation, filtration and sanitization facilities.

For a swimming pool owner, having a reliable and good quality pool pump has become a necessity.

These pool pumps help to keep your swimming pool clean and dirt free all the time at a very reasonable cost.

However, you need to take care of every part of these pool pumps to enjoy its services for a longer period.

All the parts of your swimming pool pump including the pump basket need proper cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis.

A pool pump basket also known as the pool strainer is an essential part of a swimming pool pump.

Sometimes the pool skimmer fails to remove the big debris pieces from the pool.

The primary function of the pool pump basket is to collect large pieces of debris like stones, pebbles, etc.

It helps to remove such debris and keeps the water of your swimming pool sparkling clean.

The pool pump basket also helps to prevent debris from entering the pool assembly and mitigate the risk of clogging the impeller.

Therefore, I believe keeping the pool pump basket clean all the time is of paramount importance.

There are 3 important cleaning steps that you need to follow to properly clean the pool pump basket.

Those 3 steps are as follows.

Step 1: Remove the pool pump basket from the pool assembly.

Step 2: Thoroughly clean and dry the basket.

Step 3: Re-install the basket in its original position.

All these steps seem simple at first glance, but the entire process is not as simple as it sounds.

Though not complicated, you must follow the 13 steps that I have provided in this article ahead if you really want to maintain the cleanliness of your pool pump basket.

Failing to follow the cleaning guidelines can cause more harm to your pool pump in future.

So, try to follow these steps exactly as I have mentioned to avoid any issues with your machine.

13 Simple Steps to Properly Clean the Pool Pump Basket

Step 1: First step is to turn off the pool heater and the pool cleaner pump.

Now if you had been using the pool heater for a long period, then I suggest you to wait for around 10 minutes prior to turning off the pool pump.

Step 2: Next step is to close the skimmer and the main drain valves.

Step 3: Now gently remove the lid of the pump.

Step 4: Before starting the cleaning process, you must remember to close the valve.

If your pool pump is placed below the water level of the pool, you must close the valve before starting the process.

Step 5: After that, open the pump lid.

You will now see the pool pump basket.

You can now clean this basket thoroughly with the water from a hose.

Step 6: Now you need to gently lift the basket from the assembly and remove the large debris if they are present.

If you have a spare pump basket, then the process becomes much easier for you.

Step 7: If you are not using a spare basket, then you must thoroughly clean and dry the basket before reattaching it to the pump.

Step 8: But before you replace the basket, make sure there is no visible damage to your basket.

If you see any visible cracks or damages to the pump basket, then you must replace it with the new one.

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Step 9: Now place the pump basket back in its position.

You must not over-tighten it while re-installing it in its position.

Step 10: After the clean basket is back in its position, I strongly advise you to check carefully all the equipment parts like the pump lid, o-rings, etc.

If there is no visible damage, then you should lubricate them.

It will enhance the pump parts durability.

Step 11: Now, turn on the main drain valve, filter valve, and air relief valve of the pool filter.

Step 12: You can then start the pool pump and gradually open the skimmer valves.

You must turn on one valve at a time.

Step 13: Finally observe the water coming out of the air relief valve.

If the flow is steady you can turn it off.

Follow all these 13 steps and you will be able to increase the life span of your pool pump basket.

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4 Problems to Happen if You Don’t Clean Pool Pump Basket Regularly

I highly recommend to clean your pool pump basket at least once every week.

If you do not do so it can hamper the performance of your pool pump in a month or two.

The most common consequences are stated below.

Problem 1: When the pool pump basket is not cleaned on a regular basis, then it gets clogged with debris and dirt after few days.

Problem 2: Once it gets clogged, less water will flow into the pump filter.

As a result of which pool cleaners will filter out less water.

Optimum cleaning will not be possible in such situation.

Problem 3: A clogged pump basket will exert more force on the pump to filter the dirty pool water.

Problem 4: If you continue using it without emptying the basket, the pump will get heated up.

The pool pump will get damaged and hence the overall durability of the device will get affected due to lack of proper cleaning.

Therefore, always clean and properly maintain the cleanliness of your pool pump basket to avoid future issues with the pool pump.

I highly recommend to get a new quality pool pump basket if the basket of your current pump is damaged or broken.


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