Robotic vs Pressure Pool Cleaner – 5 Main Comparison Factors to Decide Better Pool Cleaner


robotic vs pressure side pool cleaner

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If you are the owner of an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool, then you definitely know how tedious and time consuming it is to properly clean and maintain your pool every day.

It demands lot of your time and efforts on a regular basis.

So, for the majority of us, maintaining the pool manually becomes a near to impossible task.

This is where the role of swimming pool cleaners comes into play.

These devices are extremely efficient in cleaning your pool and they do keep your pool water sparkling clean as well as hygienic.

Recently, the demand for swimming pool cleaners is increasing at a tremendous rate.

As per the report published on, the market for swimming pool cleaners is expected to grow at CAGR of 9.2 % by 2026.

The introduction of modern technology like artificial intelligence and cloud computing has added momentum to the widespread popularity of these automated pool cleaning machines.

Today, in the market, you will get to see different types of swimming pool cleaners that are being sold.

Depending on the mode of operation and utility, you need to choose whatever suits you best.

Among these pool cleaners, Robotic Pool Cleaners and Pressure Side Pool Cleaners are the most widely used pool cleaners.

Both of these versions of pool cleaners do perform better and provide good returns on your investment.

But they differ from each other in certain features and performance.

One of the key differences between them is their cost.

Robotic Pool cleaners are more expensive as compared to pressure-side pool cleaners.

In addition to this, robotic pool cleaners are fully automatic and do not require any significant human intervention.

While pressure pool cleaners are automotive but they require some amount of monitoring from user’s perspective.

In this article, I am going to talk about both types pool cleaner in more detail and at the end, I will provide 5 main differences between these two types of pool cleaners.

I recommend you to read this article till the end so that you will understand what type of pool cleaner is best for your swimming pool.

What is a Pressure Pool Cleaner?

It is a type of pool cleaner which operates by attaching itself to the pressure pump of your swimming pool.

The water pressure pushes the cleaner to the bottom of the pool.

During its movements under the water, this pool cleaner starts collecting all the debris.

The collected impurities get deposited in a filtration bag attached to it.

In most cases, pressure pool cleaners need an additional booster pump for operating.

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4 Main Features of Pressure Pool Cleaner

Feature 1: The pressure pool cleaner has a tail attached to it.

The tail pushes all the dirt and impurities behind the cleaner.

It also helps to brush the pool floor.

Feature 2: Having a booster pump helps to reduce the load on the pool pump.

This action increases the durability of the pool pump and reduces the risk of any malfunction in future.

Feature 3: The pressure pool cleaners are very efficient in collecting all types of debris from your pool floor and corners.

They follow the principle of the Venturi effect to collect the impurities in the filter bag.

Feature 4: Pressure pool cleaners are designed in such a way that they can easily climb walls and steps.

This design feature enables them to perform a thorough cleaning of your swimming pool.

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What is a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Robotic pool cleaners are more advanced and powerful pool cleaning equipment.

They are very efficient in cleaning almost every type of swimming pool.

They are fully automatic and do not require any excessive human intervention from its functional point.

These devices have inbuilt pumps and do not depend on the pool pump for its operation.

They are suitable for all types of swimming pools and therefore, are more popular as compared to the pressure pool cleaners.

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4 Main Features of Robotic Pool Cleaner

Feature 1: The Robotic pool cleaners have inbuilt filters and do not depend on the filtration system of your pool.

Feature 2: They are equipped with an inbuilt pump and thus they can function independently.

Feature 3: They can collect both small and large debris with ease.

Feature 4:  They can easily clean swimming pool steps, walls, floors, and all the hard to clean corners of the pool.

5 Comparison Factors for Robotic Pool Cleaner vs Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

The Robotic Pool Cleaners and Pressure Pool cleaners have certain differences based on their design, cost, and mode of operation.

Below, I have listed 5 main comparison factors that will help you find the best type of pool cleaner for your pool.

AttributesRobotic Pool CleanerPressure Side Pool Cleaner
1. AffordabilityRobotic Pool Cleaners have very advanced features and therefore, they are quite expensive too.Pressure pool cleaners have less features than Robotic cleaners and so, they are more affordable to buy.
2. DesignThese cleaners are equipped with an inbuilt filtration system and a pool pump. So, they can work independently.These cleaners depend on the pool pump for operating and do not have an inbuilt filtration system. Most pressure pool cleaners need a booster pump to support the pool main pump.
3. Cleaning EfficiencyThey can efficiently collect both small and large debris and dirt from the pool. Hence, they offer much superior cleaning work.They are also efficient in their cleaning results. However, sometimes they fail to remove smaller dirt particles from the pool.
4. Repair CostRepair cost is high for robotic pool cleaners.Repair cost is comparatively lower for these cleaners.
5. Human InterventionHuman intervention is next to nothing.Although they are automated, they sometimes need to be monitored and need human adjustments.

My Verdict

As per my research and experience, I can say both the pool cleaners are equally efficient when it comes to cleaning all the pool parts.

Yes, I do agree that because of inbuilt filtration system and not requiring external pool pumps, the most popular choice of people is a Robotic Pool Cleaner.

However, if your pool is large sized and you are looking for an affordable and power-saving option then pressure side pool cleaner is the one for you.

For people, who are looking for a fully automatic and technically advanced device and are ready to pay extra money, the robotic pool cleaner is the perfect choice.


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