Why Does My Polaris Pool Cleaner Go in Circles? – 3 Main Reasons and 3 Easy Solutions


why does polaris pool cleaner go in circles

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Do you have your own swimming pool in your backyard?

If so, it must be kept clean and debris free on a regular basis.

This is where durable and reliable swimming pool cleaners such as Polaris Neo Robotic Pool Cleaner play a pivotal role.

However, just like any other machine, these pool cleaners do face some issues if you don’t maintain and clean them properly.

In some cases, you might have noticed that your Polaris pool cleaner suddenly started moving in a circular motion.

Polaris Pool cleaner going in circles is one of the most common problems that you can face while using the pool cleaner.

It may not be caused due to any mechanical defect.

It may happen due to our actions and often without our knowledge.

In this article, I will explain its main reasons and also provide some simple solutions to fix this problem asap.

The first main reason is curling of the hose.

Many a times, we keep the Polaris pool cleaner submerged for a longer period of time or leave it overnight in the pool.

In such cases, exposure to cold water for a prolonged period of time after a warm day can cause curls in its hose.

The curls thus formed restrict the normal movement of the cleaner and make it move in a circle.

Apart from this, a full filter bag, water in the float head, or a damaged drive belt may also result in the circular motion of the Polaris Pool Cleaner.

Robotic Pool cleaners in general are usually very easy to use.

They consume less time and do not require personal monitoring.

But just like any other machine, it may also malfunction due to lack of proper care.

Also, it’s a fact that not everyone is equipped with great technical knowledge.

So, for a basic user like us, we tend to seek solutions by googling.

Thus, in this article, I have tried to discuss some other common problems concerning the Polaris pool cleaner.

Hope this will be helpful to all my readers.

Why is Polaris Pool Cleaner Floating in the Swimming Pool?

If your Polaris pool cleaner is not settled and is floating in the swimming pool, then it is not doing its cleaning at all.

Reason 1: The main reason for such malfunction is the presence of air bubbles.

Now, in a pool cleaner, air bubbles can enter from various sources.

Let us study the main reasons for its floating.

A loose, faulty, or broken hose connection can cause most pool cleaners to float.

Check for any loose or damaged part in the hose of your pool cleaner.

If you find one, be sure that they are bringing the air into the machine.

Usually, an air being lighter than the water makes it float on the pool.

An easy way to counter this problem is the replacement of faulty parts.

You can easily purchase those parts from both online and offline stores.

Click Here to Get New Hose Parts for Your Polaris Pool Cleaner.

However, always make sure you are purchasing the parts with correct measurements that are suitable for your specific pool cleaner model.

Reason 2: Another important reason for floating pool cleaners is damaged O-rings.

In a pool cleaner, O rings form an important part.

They are present in the pump, filter, heater, and so on.

The main function of the O rings is to prevent water leakage and stop air to pass through the system.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of these O-rings is highly essential to prevent floating of your cleaner.

Applying silicone sealant can prevent the occurrence of damaged or worn-out O rings.

In case, O-rings are damaged or broken, then you should replace them asap with the new ones.

Click Here to Get Replacement O-rings for your Polaris Pool Cleaner.

Reason 3: A pool cleaner will also float if water enters the float head of the pool cleaner.

Not all pool cleaners have float heads.

But if you are using Polaris pool cleaner then you will definitely have one.

If you find water in the float head, simply replace it.

Click Here to Get New Float Head Replacement for Polaris Pool Cleaner.

If you cannot find any of the defects as stated above, and your pool cleaner is still floating then you can consult a professional and fix your issue.

How Do You Adjust a Polaris Sweep Tail?

Sweep tail forms a very essential part of a pool cleaner.

It ensures proper cleaning of the pool.

Smooth movement of tail sweep is a must for this purpose.

But sometimes it may create problems in the cleaner’s functionality.

You may find it either moving too fast or too slow and not moving in the desired fashion.

If such incidents occur, you need to adjust the sweep tail.

Adjusting the tail sweep is not a difficult process.

The first thing that you need to observe is whether the tail sweep is moving too fast or too slow.

If the tail sweep is moving faster than its expected rate, you need to decrease its speed.

You can easily do so by simply switching off the booster pump and rotating the sweep jet counterclockwise.

Similarly, if the tail sweep is moving slower than the desired speed, you need to increase its motion.

You can achieve it by switching the booster pump off and rotating the sweep jet clockwise.

Thus, by following these simple steps you can adjust the tail sweep of your Polaris pool cleaner.

You can also refer to the user manual if you face any problem in understanding its mechanism.

2 Reasons Why Polaris Pool Cleaner Runs on its One Side

If you own a Polaris Pool Cleaner, you may observe that your cleaner sometimes gets stuck in the side and does not move as expected.

If such a case occurs, then you should first find out its root cause to implement the right solution.

Keep reading further to understand the main reasons behind this problem.

Reason 1: Filter Bag is Full of Debris

When the filter bag is full of debris or dirt, then it may cause the pool cleaner to run on its side.

A filter bag full of dirt may weigh down the cleaner on one side and obstruct its desired movement.

So, make sure to empty the filter bag from time to time.

Also, try running the pool cleaner without the bag to check if it is clean or not.

If it functions normally without the bag, then you need to clean it gently with warm water and soap.

Reason 2: Improper Wheel RPMs

The incorrect range of wheel RPMs (Rotation per minute) also causes the Polaris pool cleaner to run on its side.

Generally, RPMs should not be less than 28 and greater than 32.

You can check the same by turning the pump on and placing the cleaner under the water.

Now count the rotations per minute.

If you find any anomaly, you need to adjust the speed.

Refer to the instruction guide to make the desired adjustments in its speed.

When water enters the head float, it may obstruct the normal motion of the pool cleaner.

If that happens, there is no other way but to replace it with a new one.

You can either find it at your local store or can obtain it from online stores.

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Why Does My Polaris Pool Cleaner Stay in one spot?

Sometimes, your Polaris pool cleaner may stop moving and can remain in one place only.

It will not go ahead due to certain issues.

There are a number of reasons that may cause this issue.

Here are the possible reasons that cause the pool cleaner to not move and stay in one single spot in the pool.

Reason 1: Problem in the Filter and the Pump

If your pool cleaner stops moving, first thing that you should do is to check if the filter and the pump is working or not.

If they are functioning perfectly then you need to check the booster pump.

If you find a problem in the booster pump, then you must replace it with the new working one.

The cost of repairing such pump is usually higher than buying a new one.

Therefore, I recommend getting a new booster pump for your pool cleaner if it is damaged or broken.

Click Here to Get Most Reliable Polaris PB4-60 Booster Pump.

Reason 2: Dirt Inside Quick Disconnect

The hose of Polaris pool cleaner is attached to the return jet by a tiny object known as a Quick Disconnect.

This tiny piece contains a screen to collect the dirt and debris from the filter and ensures that they do not return to the Polaris pool cleaner.

Sometimes it may happen that it may get clogged.

When this happens, the pool cleaner will stop moving and stay in one spot only.

So, you need to check the quick disconnect and clear the dirt from it.

Reason 3: Disconnected Internal Tubes

Polaris pool cleaner contains a number of tubes to control the pressure inside it.

If the tubes somehow get disconnected, the pool cleaner will stop moving.

You can simply check the connections of the internal tubes and if there occurs any fault, simply fix the connections.

Reason 4: Damaged Float Hose and Drive Bolts

Any leakage in the float hose and broken drive belts are also two major reasons that trigger the pool cleaner to stop moving.

If you observe any leak in the hose, you can temporarily repair it by sealing it with waterproof tape.

However, it usually does not last longer.

In my experience, the best method is to get the new float hose that is leaky and damaged one.

Similarly, if the drive belts of the Polaris pool clear break down, then there is no easy way to fix it.

Click Here to Get New Drive Belts for Your Polaris Pool Cleaner.

Click Here to Buy New Float Hose for Your Polaris Pool Cleaner.

3 Reasons Why Does Polaris Pool Cleaner Get Stuck in the Corner

Sometimes, your Polaris pool cleaner may get stuck in some corner of your pool.

You may wonder why this happens!

There are generally three main reasons for such occurrences.

Reason 1: Firstly, due to wear and tear, the pool cleaner may get stuck.

It happens either when the pool cleaner gets old or can also happen due to lack of proper care and maintenance.

Reason 2: Secondly, the shape of your swimming pool bottom also affects the motion of the pool cleaner.

If you have repaired the pool bottom or due to some reason, the angle between the pool bottom and drain changes even slightly, the Polaris pool cleaner can get stuck in the corner.

Reason 3: Thirdly, a suction force is created when water flows at the same time through the pool drain and pool cleaner.

The force thus created will be so strong that the pool cleaner will not be able to break the suction lock.

This may cause the Polaris Pool Cleaner to get stuck in the corner.

How to Adjust Polaris Pool Cleaner and Prevent it from Going in Circles?

Solution 1: Apart from other reasons as discussed earlier, the circular movement of the Polaris cleaner is also caused due to tangled hoses and cables.

Before using the pool cleaner, I recommend you to first check the presence of any curled-up hose or cables.

If you see such a problem, then make sure to detangle them before using your cleaner.

There are a different methods that you can follow to adjust your Polaris pool cleaner properly.

But the main adjustment is to maintain the proper length of the hose.

The length of the hose should not be very long or very short.

Solution 2: Secondly, the RPMs of the wheels should be maintained within the range.

Solution 3: Thirdly, the adjustment of the jet of the Polaris Pool cleaner should be properly managed in order to maintain proper movement of the cleaner.

You should refer to the user guide to make all the necessary adjustments for maintaining the optimum performance of your Polaris pool cleaner.







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