How Long to Wait After Adding pH Up to a Hot Tub? – Also Know How Much pH Plus to Add to Your Spa


how long to wait after adding ph up to hot tub

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Have you recently successfully boosted the pH of your hot tub?

But wait, are you going inside your hot tub right away?

This might be harmful for your overall health and skin.

But worry not, I am here to explain you how long you should wait after boosting pH of your hot tub.

We all know that maintaining the chemical levels of your hot tub is a very important task.

I highly recommend you to always keep testing the pH level, TA level, Chlorine & Bromine level (also known as sanitizers) of your hot tub.

This is extremely important to make sure you are soaking your body into the right thing and its safe for you and for your family members when you enter inside a hot tub.

Adding pH up to your hot tub increases both the pH level and the total alkalinity of the hot tub water.

If you step into the tub, after increasing the pH level of your tub water too early, then it can cause you several issues such as skin rashes, eye-itching, body pain, and much more.

So, the main question is, How long to wait after adding pH up to your hot tub?

Well, according to my thorough research and 2 years of personal experience, you should wait for at least a couple of hours before going into your hot tub after adding pH up to it.

The waiting time differs greatly on the basis of what chemical you have added to the tub.

For example, if you have added sodium bicarbonate, there is not a big thing to be worried about.

You can comfortably take your bath in the hot tub in a few hours.

But what if you have added chlorine? What if it is bromine? Or any other strong chemical?

You may need to think twice before stepping into your tub after adding the above mentioned sanitizers.

But worry not, I have provided the answers to all these questions in the further sections of this article.

All you need to do is to read it thoroughly.

How Much pH Plus to Add to a Hot Tub?

Look, adding pH plus to your hot tub is not like cooking food where you are allowed to make little mistakes like forgetting to add a pinch of salt or adding less masalas, etc.

Adding pH Plus to your spa requires much more focus and accuracy from your side.

The more accurate you are with the process, the better it is for your overall health.

When you are adding pH plus to your hot tub to boost its pH, be very careful about the quantity.

The best dose suggested is 2 teaspoons of pH plus every 1,000 liters of water.

As per nutritional institutions, each teaspoon includes 4 grams of pH plus.

You can first add the chemical to a jug and then dissolve it properly with water.

Then, pour the jug into the tub of water and distribute it evenly in your tub water.

Make sure to keep the motor pump operating because that will assist you in the process.

After adding and dissolving the chemical to your tub, make sure to test the pH level after 2 hours before you get ready for your favorite hot bath.

Is It Safe to Go in a Hot Tub with High Chlorine?

No, I will never recommend you to enter into your hot tub if the chlorine level of your spa is above 3 PPM on your test strip.

Stepping into hot tubs with higher chlorine levels than this can cause you red eyes, skin rashes, and eye-itching.

And in case the level rises above 5 parts per million, you may be a victim of nausea, vomiting, heavy breathing, and other severe respiratory diseases.

That is why it’s a bad idea to even thinking of going inside the hot tub with this much high chlorine levels.

But why? Why does soaking in a high-chlorine hot tub cause these issues?

Let’s discuss about it.

Chlorine particles are present in the hot tub mainly to kill bacteria and viruses, not to harm your health.

A high level of chlorine in your hot tub makes the water harder and degrades the tub’s surface much faster.

And you know that a poor hot tub surface means danger.

At the same time, we all know that the chlorine is a strong chemical.

And when it reacts with the hydrogen particles present in the water, it forms HCL acid which is very dangerous for our skin.

So, you better stay away from the hot tub with very high chlorine levels.

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Can You Over Shock a Hot Tub?

First of all, to all those who don’t know, shocking a hot tub means adding a dose of chlorine (sodium dichlor, to be precise) or non-chlorine shock (potassium monopersulfate) to your hot tub.

Hot tubs are shocked to regain their water clarity and odor by breaking down organic waste and contaminants.

But now the question is, can you actually over shock a hot tub? In other words, is adding too much chlorine or non-chlorine shock to your hot tub possible?

And if yes, does that work?

My answer to this question is, Yes.

You can over shock your hot tub.

But to make sure that the trick works, here are a few things you need to take care of.

No. 1: Are You Adding Too Much Chlorine?

Before you even think of shocking your hot tub, you should do some reading and then test the current chlorine level of your hot tub.

As I have already mentioned in the previous section, a high level of chlorine can be too dangerous for your health.

Testing the chlorine level will help you decide better, how much chlorine to add to your tub.

But in case you just add the chemical without any readings, you may need to wait much longer than usual to again step into your tub.

I recommend getting a proper pH testing kit for your hot tub to know proper level of chlorine in your hot tub water.

Click Here to Get Best pH Testing Kit for Your Hot Tub.

No. 2: Are You Shocking Your Hot Tub Too Often?

Over shocking your spa can be messy if you are doing it every day.

Shocking a hot tub in a week or two is good.

However, if you start doing this regularly, you are just losing your tub, and your money as well.

So, be aware not to overdo over shocking your hot tub!

How Long After Adding Chlorine Can You Test a Hot Tub?

As we have learned throughout the article, adding chlorine eliminates organic waste contaminants from our hot tub and makes the tub water fresher.

Meanwhile, we also learned how dangerous it could be to add too much chlorine to your hot tub.

Now you feel hesitant about going in the tub after adding chlorine to it.

Well, you should!

You should never rush and jump into the hot tub just after adding chlorine.

This can be harmful for your skin, eyes and for overall health too.

Irrespective of how much chlorine you add to the tub, you should wait for at least 30-40 minutes before going in the tub again.

This is suggested by both hot tub manufacturer companies and the subject matter experts.

But why 30 minutes?

Because in this period, the chlorine particles dissolve to the water particles of the tub properly and become harmless to your skin.

But remember, 30-minutes is just an average calculated number.

It mainly depends on the amount of chlorine you are adding to your hot tub.

The more chlorine you are adding, the longer you will have to wait. As simple as that!

How to Lower pH in a Hot Tub Quickly?

In case you have increased the pH of your hot tub more than the required levels and you want to pull it back to normal, you will need to make the water a bit acidic again.

The stronger acid you add, the faster the pH comes down.

You can use liquid muriatic acid and dry sodium bisulfate to bring the pH of your hot tub down quickly.

If you want more information on this topic, then click here to read our other article.


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