How Long to Heat a Hot Tub After Filling Water? – 3 Main Factors that Affect Hot Tub Heating Time


how long to heat up a hot tub after filling with water

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Your hot tubs aren’t really hot tubs until they are hot, am I right?

People buy hot tubs to relax and enjoy hydrotherapy with the hot water.

But hot tubs don’t come hot themselves from the manufacturers.

You need to heat them up properly.

And to be honest, heating your hot tub can be a real tedious job sometimes.

Heating a hot tub after filling with water takes some time.

But the question is, how long does it really take to heat a hot tub after filling it with water?

As per my research and experience, I can say, on average, a regular-sized hot tub (300-400 gallons) takes up to 4 to 8 hours to reach up the temperature level of 100 to 102 F degrees properly.

You will experience this significant difference between the time hours.

Because there are several factors that affect the time taken by your hot tub to get heated after being filled.

These factors include the weather changes and the atmospheric temperature changes, the quality of your hot tub heater, the size of your hot tub, and so on.

I will mainly discuss the impact of these factors in detail in the next section of this article.

I will also provide some proven tips to expedite your hot tub heating speed.

So, I highly recommend you to read this article till the end to understand this topic properly.

3 Factors that Affect the Time Taken by a Hot Tub to Heat up

As I have already mentioned in the previous section, several factors affect the time taken by your hot tub to heat up properly.

Any change in these factors leads to a change in the time taken to heat up your spa.

Below, I have discussed those factors in detail.

But before that, you should know that the biggest thing that decides how long you need to wait for your hot tub to heat up is the temperature requirement.

Before talking about any other variable, you need to be sure how high you want your hot tub temperature to be.

Most hot tub owners prefer a temperature between 100-104 degrees Fahrenheit!

If you have lower temperature requirements, your tub will obviously heat up more quickly than a tub that needs to be 104 degrees hot.

Also, you must not raise your hot tub temperature above 104 degrees Fahrenheit as it can be harmful for your skin and overall health.

Now coming back to the topic, let’s talk about the 3 main factors affecting your hot tub heating time in detail.

Factor 1: Weather and Atmospheric Temperature Changes

I need not tell you that the current weather and temperature change will have a major impact on how long your tub will take to heat up.

If it is a cold day with very low atmospheric temperature, you will have to wait longer to get your spa heated up.

On the other hand, things will be done more quickly on hot summer days when everything is already looking hot inside and outside your house.

Not to mention, the season in which you are heating your tub will play a pivotal role too.

The heating time will become longer on winter days and shorter in the summer season.

Therefore, you need to keep in mind that any change in the atmosphere and weather will affect the heating time period for your hot tub.  

Factor 2: The Quality of Your Hot Tub Heater

How powerful your hot tub heater is?

If not, it may take you longer than expected to heat up your tub.

Bigger and more powerful heaters, such as heaters with 150K BTU or 250K BTU, will heat your hot tub much faster as compared to the smaller and less powerful heaters.

However, bigger heaters will consume more energy, costing you a bit more in the electricity bill.

If you want boost in heating time, then you must have a powerful hot tub heater, period.

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Factors 3: The Size or Dimensions of Your Hot Tub

Apart from the weather, temperature, and the hot tub heater power; the size of your hot tub also plays an important role in determining your hot tub heating time.

Bigger tubs have more water and thus they take more time to get heated up.

Similarly, the smaller sized hot tubs such as 150-gallon ones will get heated up more quickly.

If you want faster heating times, then I do recommend you to buy smaller sized hot tubs.

If you have just 2-3 people at home, then I recommend getting a 150-200 gallons hot tub.

If you have 4-6 people family, then I recommend buying a 300-400 gallons hot tub.

Get the right sized hot tub for your family and you will be able to reduce your heating time period and thus save on your electricity bill too.

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4 Proven Tips to Boost Your Hot Tub Heating Speed

No one wants to wait for hours to get their hot tubs heated up.

For this, here are my 4 proven tips that will help you speed up your hot tub heating speed.

Tip 1: Avoid using cold water in your water and use water with a higher water temperature.

Tip 2: Close the lid of your hot tub for quicker water heating.

Tip 3: If your hot tub has jets, keep them on along with other water features.

They make sure that the water is circulated and heated properly, speeding up the heating process.

Tip 4: Use a high-quality floating thermal blanket on your tub.

These thick plastic sheets prevent the tub water from getting cooled down by external atmospheric factors.

These thermal blankets help in lowering down the water evaporation heat loss by approximate 95 percent.

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