How Long to Wait After Adding Chlorine to Hot Tub? – 3 Important Safety Precautions to Follow


how long to wait after adding chlorine to hot tub

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Hot tub sanitizers like chlorine and bromine are very important in making your hot tub free from germs, bacteria, and other contaminants.

The fact is that your hot tub filters help in getting rid of contaminants from the water going inside the tub.

However, chlorine is one such element that helps you get rid of the remaining sediments and contaminants that have escaped the filter.

Therefore, next time you go to take a deep soak in your hot tub, you don’t have any second thoughts in your mind about the potential infection risk.

However, playing with your hot tub chemistry can be a tricky and daunting task sometimes.

Because, this is specially related to the usage of chlorine to filter the tub water.

Chlorine has a direct effect on your skin.

If you are not careful, then excessive exposure to this chemical can cause your skin to experience irritation, rashes, and few other side effects.

Similarly, you can’t just enter your hot tub immediately after adding chlorine to it.

Then the question is how long you should wait after adding chlorine to your hot tub.

After some research I have found out that you should at least wait for 30-40 minutes before stepping into your hot tub after adding chlorine to it.

During this period of half an hour, the side effects of chlorine reacting with water and other chemicals present in the tub will be minimized and your skin will not be impacted or affected after that.

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But this is not all.

There are few safety measures that you need to follow before stepping into your hot tub after addition of chlorine.

In this article, I have mentioned some major points about adding chlorine to your hot tub and safely using it.

Keep reading further to understand these important points.

Why You Should Wait for Minimum 30 Minutes After Adding Chlorine to a Hot Tub?

As I said earlier, you should at least wait for a minimum of 30 to 40 minutes before stepping into the hot tub after adding chlorine to it.

But why is that?

And also, what is the case with Bromine then?

Let’s understand now.

Both chlorine and Bromine are well-known sanitizers that are used to cleanse hot tubs and kill germs and bacteria.

Chlorine is significantly superior disinfectant than the bromine because of its better oxidation and sanitization properties.

However, bromine stays more stable than chlorine in warm temperatures and kills germs and bacteria more slowly than the chlorine.

This is also the reason why chlorine is used more often in the swimming pools than in the hot tubs.

Another thing you should know is that bromine lasts longer in hot tubs in comparison to chlorine.

The bromine chemical dissolves more slowly than chlorine does.

This is why, you don’t need to add bromine to your hot tub as frequently as you need to add chlorine to the hot tub.

The fast-dissolving property of chlorine is also one of the main reasons why some people use chlorine in their hot tubs more often.

Another reason why chlorine is used more frequently than bromine is the price of the chemical.

Bromine is much more expensive than the chlorine and it can cost you a lot to add it to your tub every time you tend to clean your tub.

Overall, chlorine seems to be a better option than the bromine when it comes to balancing your hot tub water chemistry.

But, there are a few things that go against the chemical as well.

For example,

No. 1: Chlorine is a highly reactive chemical and overexposure to the chemical can cause severe issues to your skin.

No. 2: Chlorine can react with the other chemicals present in your hot tub to cause adverse reactions to your health.

For these reasons, you must take precautions while adding the chlorine to your hot tub.

It’s recommended that you do not enter the tub for about half an hour after adding the chemical to it.

Apart from that, there are several other safety measures you should take to make sure your tub is safe and healthy to be used after you’ve added chlorine to it.

If you want to know how to properly add chlorine to your hot tub, then you can check out the following video tutorial to understand vividly.

I’ve also listed 3 important safety measures you should take after addition of chlorine to your hot tub.

Have a look.

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3 Important Safety Measures You Need to Take After Adding Chlorine to a Hot Tub

Apart from waiting for 30 to 40 minutes, there are a few other steps you should take to be on the safer side after adding chlorine to your hot tub.

No. 1: Put the jets of the hot tub ON.

Doing so, will make sure that the water inside the tub is circulated properly and the chlorine is dissolved more efficiently.

No. 2: Keep the cover of your hot tub off while you add chlorine to it.

It will allow the chemical vapors to escape quickly.

No. 3: Always keep in mind that you’ll need a bit more chlorine than the normal to kill the bacteria and contaminants inside.

Once the chemical has done its work, you can wait for the level to be reduced and then enter your hot tub.

Following these basic tips, you can make the addition of chlorine in your hot tub a much safer and healthier option.

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