How to Switch from Chlorine to Bromine in a Hot Tub? – Follow These 4 Easy Steps


switching from chlorine to bromine in a hot tub

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Switching your hot tub from chlorine to bromine is one of the best things you can do to your tub.

Although operating a tub on bromine is more expensive than a chlorine tub, but still it’s much more advantageous at the same time.

When you switch your hot tub from chlorine to bromine, you ensure your tub has a longer life.

Because it offers the following benefits for you.

1. Unlike chlorine, bromine keeps disinfecting your tub even after coming in contact with bacteria.

2. Bromine disinfects your tub without depending on any stabilizer such as cyanuric acid.

3. As bromine is less reactive than chlorine, you enjoy much healthier soaks in your tub without worrying about rashes, itching, and other skin allergies

Okay, so you now know that switching your hot tub from chlorine to bromine is very beneficial.

But is it so simple too?

The answer is, yes. Why not!

Switching your hot tub from chlorine to bromine is quite a simple process.

In fact, you can do it without even changing the water in your tub.

To do so, follow the 3 simple steps as mentioned below.

Step 1: Check the chemical status (pH) of your hot tub water using a pH test strip.

Step 2: If it’s around 7.4 to 7.6, all is well.

In case it is higher or lower than that mark, balance the pH of the water.

You can do it either by adding more soda (to raise the pH) or by an acidic substance (to lower the pH).

Step 3: Once you have successfully balanced the water in your tub, just start adding bromine instead of chlorine for the disinfection process.

And, that’s it.

You have successfully switched your hot tub from chlorine to bromine within minutes.

However, one thing to note here is that the chlorine activates bromine.

So, when the bromine level in your tub fluctuates (due to the chlorine you added earlier), simply shock your hot tub with household bleach to get it back to normal.

Now you know how you can switch from chlorine to bromine in your hot tub.

But this is not all you need to know about switching the chemicals in your tub.

There is still some important info which you should know.

Well, I have covered all that in the further parts of this article.

So, I recommend you to keep reading till the end.

4 Easy Steps to Switch from Chlorine to Bromine for Your Hot Tub

In my experience, if you don’t know the right way, it’s too hard to do.

And if you have the right info at hand, then switching from chlorine to bromine in your hot tub is a simple process that you can do by yourself.

If you are still thinking that switching your hot tub from chlorine to bromine is hard, let me make it simple for you.

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to start using bromine in your hot tub water instead of chlorine.

And fyi, you don’t have to drain your hot tub for the same.

Step 1: Check Your Hot Tub Water Chemical Status

The very first thing to do to switch your tub from chlorine to bromine is to test the water’s chemical status.

Take a pH test strip as mentioned earlier and check the pH and total alkalinity of your tub.

To do so, just dip the strip into the hot tub water for a certain time and then pull it out.

When you pull out the strip, it will show a color that indicates your tub’s pH and TA.

Checking the pH: If the pH of your tub is between 7.4 to 7.6, it is good and you can skip step 2.

If the pH is lower or higher than the suggested unit, follow step 2 to balance it.

Checking the Total Alkalinity: Normally, the total alkalinity of a tub is between 80-120 PPM.

If it is the same in your tub also, skip the 2nd step and head to step 3 directly.

But in case your tub’s TA is not between this range, you would need to balance it.

For that, follow step 2.

Step 2: Balance Your Hot Tub Water

If your hot tub water chemistry is complicated, just like mine a year ago, it’s time to balance it.

Balancing the pH: To balance the pH of your hot tub water, you will either need to raise it or decrease it.

When you need to increase it, add sodium carbonate (32-33 gm per 100 gallons of water) until it reaches 7.4.

And in case it needs to be lowered, use dilute muriatic acid (around 1.3 liters per 10,000 gallons of water) until it seems balanced.

Balancing the total alkalinity: As I mentioned earlier, the suggested total alkalinity of a hot tub is between 80 to 120 PPM, or else you will need to balance it.

To increase the total alkalinity of your tub, you can use sodium bicarbonate (approx. 1.3 pounds every 10,000 gallons of water).

On the other hand, you can use hydrochloric acid, 1 part of diluted acid to 10 parts of water, to bring down a high TA.

Once done with balancing your hot tub chemical equation, head to the 3rd step.

Step 3: Add Bromine to Your Hot Tub

Once you have successfully balanced the water chemical status of your hot tub, then you can perform the main task i.e. to add bromine to your tub.

You can also add powdered sodium bromide to the tub as per the manufacturer’s calculation instructions for your tub.

Usually, your hot tub is good to go when it has a bromine level between 2 to 5 PPM.

So, I recommend to keep it that way.

Also, as I have been mentioning repeatedly in the article, you do not need to drain your tub to change it from chlorine to bromine.

If you follow the steps mentioned here properly, the chlorine itself will activate the bromine and you will be ready to use your hot tub asap.

Step 4: Shock Your Hot Tub

Once you have got your tub running on bromine, it is very important that you maintain its level.

For that, I suggest to add 1 cup of 5.3 percent of chlorine bleach for every 300 gallons of water.

This will keep the bromine level of your tub balanced.

Also, keep testing the pH, TA, and bromine levels of your tub every week.

And if anything seems off-balanced, balance it by adding appropriate elements to the water.

And yeah, now your hot tub will be operating on bromine and not on chlorine.

Wasn’t this simple? I am sure you will agree with me.

Do I Have to Drain My Hot Tub to Switch from Bromine to Chlorine?

When you are switching your hot tub from chlorine to bromine, actually you don’t need to drain your tub.

But if you are switching your tub from bromine to chlorine, draining your tub can be a good idea.

Chlorine is a higher reactive element than bromine.

When you add bromine to a chlorine tub, the bromine element is in higher concentration and thus the reaction is minimal.

But when you add chlorine to a bromine tub, the high amount of chlorine particles reacts with those of bromine to execute a chemical reaction that might not be good for your health.

This is why you should drain your hot tub completely and clean it before you switch it from bromine to chlorine.

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6 Steps to Start Your Hot Tub with Bromine

Starting your hot tub with bromine is quite easy.

Because you already know how to switch a tub from chlorine to bromine, there are just a few things left for you to know.

After adding bromine to your hot tub water (step 3 of the main steps above mentioned), follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Add ½ oz of natural clarifier to the tub for every 500 gallons of water per week.

Step 2: Add a stain preventer to the tub to keep the tub safe from stains and metal reactions.

Step 3: Make sure to shock your tub every week.

Step 4: Establish an immediate bromide reserve to your hot tub by adding a granular bromide booster.

Step 5: Use bromide tablets in the tub to maintain the tub’s bromine level.

The number of tablets varies according to the current bromine level of the tub and your requirements.

Step 6: Turn on your hot tub and let the water circulate for an hour or two.

This will make sure everything has been mixed together properly and you do not have any problems later on.

And that’s how you start your hot tub with bromine mixture.

Now you can freely soak in your tub to get your favorite hot bath in your newly switched bromine tub.

How Much Bromine to Put in a Hot Tub the First Time?

If you are sanitizing the water for the first time with bromine, I recommend to use 60 grams of it for every 1500 liters (400 gallons) of water.

In case you use bromine tablets in your tub, start with adding 1-3 tablets to the tub at first.

Then after some time, check the bromine level of your tub.

If it is below 3 PPM, then add some more tablets and it will be sufficient.

The highest number of tablets you should use in the tub is 6.

So, keep that in mind and don’t go overboard when adding the bromine tablets to your spa.

Also, allow the bromine level in the tub to get relaxed and stable before stepping into it.

Are There Any Side Effects of Adding Bromine to Hot Tub?

Come on, nothing in this world is perfect.

And that includes using bromine in your hot tub too.

Bromine has so many advantages over chlorine.

But at the same time, it has some side effects too that can make you think twice before using it in your spa.

Here are 4 major side effects or disadvantages of adding bromine to your hot tub.

No. 1: If the bromine level in your tub is too low, you or your family members might be prone to transmitting diseases. Also, algae growth is very common in such cases.

No. 2: In case the bromine level of your tub is higher than 5 PPM, it will cost you more money.

No. 3: Bromine doesn’t have any protection from UV degradation. It means that your hot tub must be covered if it runs on bromine.

No. 4: In some cases, bromine odor can be stronger than chlorine which is so messy.

These are a few side effects of having bromine in your tub.

But these were the things why many spa manufacturers do not recommend using bromine in a hot tub.

What is the Best Bromine Starter Kit for a Hot Tub?

Here are some of the best bromine starter kits that you can use for your hot tub.

No. 1: Spa Choice Bromine Kit

No. 2: Leisure Time Bromine Starter Kit

I recommend using any one of the above mentioned bromine starter kits for your hot tub and see the results for yourself.

Good luck!


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