How Long Should I Run My Hot Tub Filter? – Know Best Hot Tub Filter Cycle Settings


how long should i run my hot tub filter

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Hot tubs, our close friends on those cold and tiring days, are the go-to place where we love to rest ourselves after a hectic day or if there is so much cold outside.

More than anything, the hot tub provides us with a body soothing hot bath along with that muscle relaxing massage therapy whenever you want.

The market is full of different hot tubs that bring different features on board.

But there is something very common in every piece of the hot tub in the market and that is their comfort and ease factor.

A hot tub works in a simple and complex way both.

There are different processes continuously going around to ensure proper hot water flow inside the tub and give you that pleasing experience you are looking for.

Out of all the other parts, filters in the hot tub have become much more important than anything in their use cases.

Hot tub filters are the inevitable factor for the long and proper life of your spa.

They run silently in the background, trapping dirt particles as water passes through the filter media.

They also prevent the formation of potassium carbonate inside your hot tub which ensures its long life span.

But the topic which I am going to discuss in this article is how long should I run my hot tub filter?

This is a question I hear quite frequently from a large number of our audience and hot tub users.

First of all, running the hot tub filter all the time makes no sense to me at least.

If you do so, you are just harming your own hot tub as it decreases the performance of your tub and causes several issues later on.

Keeping your hot tub’s performance and long life in mind, a hot tub filter should keep running around 8 hours a day, only if you are using the hot tub on a regular basis.

Well, this information is not sufficient for you yet.

There is still a lot to discuss in this article ahead.

In the further sections of the article, I’ll be explaining to you why you should not keep your hot tub filter running all the time.

Also, you will know about the hot tub filter cycle and how you can use that properly.

How Many Hours a Day Should My Hot Tub Filter Run?

As I have already mentioned above, the running time of 8 hours a day for your hot tub filter is the best and sufficient for most hot tubs out there.

By sticking to this schedule properly, you not only ensure the long life of your hot tub but also make sure that the performance of the hot tub gets improved each day.

The filter filtrates dirty spa water from your tub and makes sure the water stays clear inside the tub.

Apart from that, the hot tub filter also catches hairs, bathing suit fibers, and other delicate elements that can harm the processing of your hot tub.

The time for which you should keep running your hot tub filter mainly depends on the hot tub model, its usage, and the local water quality around your area.

Initially, you can start by running the filter for 2 to 4 hours a day.

And if it doesn’t make things better, then you can increase it up to 6-8 hours a day.

You can also keep the filter running for over 8 hours but it will only cause you high-electricity bills and too much hygiene in your hot tub, which is not necessary.

Hot tub filters do run over 8 hours, but in cases where the usage is very high and a high amount of dirt particles are entering the spa.

Should I Leave My Hot Tub Filter On All the Time?

Technically speaking, there is no issue in leaving your hot tub filter on all the time.

As filters do not leave any bad effect on your hot tub, they can be running all the time without creating any mess.

However, most hot tub owners do not use their hot tubs regularly.

Therefore, it would be much more convenient and energy-efficient to turn off the hot tub filters when they are not in use.

Turn them on when you need them and turn them off after their regular running of 6-8 hours.

But there is a little issue with turning your hot tub filters on and off quite frequently.

Every time you turn them on, they cost you an increment in your electricity bill.

By turning them on and off frequently, more electricity is consumed than by leaving them on and off for a longer period.

In my opinion, you should keep your hot tub filter running for 8 hours a day and turn them off after 8 hours are over.

Always make sure to turn them off when you are cleaning the tub or are leaving the house for a long period of time.

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How Often Should a Hot Tub Filter Cycle Run?

Depending on the usage there are different time periods for which you can run your hot tub filter cycle.

According to my research, most residential hot tub owners do not use their tubs on a regular basis.

For that, they use filtration cycles of 4 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours a day to keep their hot tub clean and fresh.

For regular usage for a family of two people, a 2-hours cycle twice per day is considered perfect.

Similarly, in a small family where the tub is used regularly, the 4-hours filtration cycle twice a day looks good.

You will need the 8-hours cycle twice a day when you have a large family and kids regularly using the hot tub.

Hot tub filtration cycles are scheduled periods of time where the pumps circulate water and chemicals through the filter system and pipes.

This process is carried out whether or not the tub is in use.

As we know, dirty water, especially when stagnant, is the perfect place for breeding of the bacteria that can cause you tons of health issues and diseases.

This is the main reason why you should keep filtering dirty water out of the tub by running regular filter cycles.

In my opinion, I always go for the shortest filtration cycle for my tub to keep it clean and hygienic.

How to Tell if a Hot Tub Filter is Working?

As I said right in the beginning, hot tub filters are an essential part of your hot tub and are greatly responsible for proper functioning of the tub.

They make sure that you can use your spa for a long time without facing any health issues.

But they are also tools and hence can get damaged or defective after some usage.

Hot tub filters do not come for lifetime usage.

To keep enjoying your favorite hot baths and muscle-relaxing massages, you must take care of these filters.

The best way to know about the condition of the filter is by looking at its use time.

At a regular usage, the hot tub filters work well for a period of 8-10 months with a decent care.

After that, you will need to replace your hot tub filters with the new ones.

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Another way to tell if your hot tub filter is working or not is by analyzing the time gaps it takes to be cleaned.

If you notice that the time gap between cleaning the filters is gradually decreasing, know that the filters are not working in the same way.

And it is high time to change these filters.

There is one more way to know whether or not the filter is working properly.

It is by checking the hot tub water clarity.

When the filters are working properly, the water inside your hot tub would be clear enough to see the bottom.

If the water seems cloudy or translucent, the filters are not functioning properly and then they need a new replacement.

Well, the methods do not end here.

You can also know that your hot tub filters are not working if there is an algae accumulation inside the tub, you are getting a bad odor from the water, or there are leaks in your tub that are allowing chemicals to enter the tub and destroy the filter.

When you know your hot tub filters are not working properly, you should replace them with a new one to ensure the safety and proper performance of your hot tub.

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What is the Best Filter Cycle for a Hot Tub?

After talking with dozens of hot tub owners and manufacturers, I have found that the 4-hours filter cycle twice a day is perfect for your hot tub.

However, the time period for your filter cycles depends on several factors.

The most important factors include the following:

No. 1: Your hot tub model

No. 2: The number of people using hot tub

No. 3: How frequently the tub is used, and

No. 4: The quality of the hot tub filters

What is the Best Hot Tub Filter Cycle Settings?

To schedule the automatic filtration cycles on your hot tub, follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Press the warm or cool button on your hot tub.

Step 2: Then, press the jets 1 button on the control panel.

Step 3: Again, press warm or cool to adjust the settings.

And there you go!

You have successfully scheduled your hot tub for the filter cycle within these 3 easy steps.

The first preset filter cycle runs 6 minutes after the hot tub is powered on.

The default filtration cycle duration is 2 hours twice a day and you can adjust it following the steps.


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