How Long Does It Take to Heat Up a 110 V Hot Tub? – 4 Reasons that Cause 110V Hot Tub Longer to Heat Up


How Long Does it Take to Heat Up 110 v Hot Tub

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So, it’s the winter season again and we are all set to enjoy our hot bath in our favorite 110 V hot tub.

Enjoying a bath in your hot tubs is one of the most soothing things to do in the winter season.

When it is so snowy out there, just sitting and relaxing in the soothing hot water in your hot tub is the best thing you can do for your relaxation.

But what if it takes you hours and hours to just heat up your hot tub?

You will have to wait for too long just to take your favorite hot bath.

When you don’t know how long it takes to heat up a 110 v hot tub, things can be a bit annoying for yourself.

To enjoy your hot and relaxing bath in your special 110 V hot tub, you need to do a bit of planning in advance.

A 110 V hot tub usually heats up at a rate of 1-2 degrees per hour.

The preferred temperature of a 110 V hot tub ranges between 104 degrees F to 108 degrees F.

So, depending on the initial temperature of the water poured into the hot tub, it can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a day to reach your hot tub’s ideal temperature.

But this is not all, there is still a lot I have to talk about your 110 V hot tub.

In this article, I have covered the most common yet annoying heating issues with your 110-volt hot tub along with their simple yet effective solutions.

4 Reasons Why Does My 110 V Hot Tub Take So Long to Heat Up

A 110 V hot water tub usually heats up at a slower heating rate.

The average heating rate of the tub is 1 to 2 degrees per hour, which is quite slow.

Thus, the time taken to get your hot tub heat up completely, depends on the initial water temperature when poured into the tub.

But this is not the only factor.

There are several other things that affect the heating rate of water in your 110 V hot tub.

I have mentioned 4 main reasons that are responsible for water temperature of your hot tub.

1. Lower Base Temperature

Well, this seems too obvious but it is worth mentioning here.

The initial temperature of your hot bathtub is definitely going to affect the time taken by your tub to get heated up.

The base temperature of your bathtub also depends on how frequently you use it.

If you are living in a milder climate area, you might be using your hot tub infrequently.

This means that the base temperature of your tub will be lesser than usual.

So, you will need to wait for a longer time to get it heated up to its ideal temperature.

On the other hand, if you are using your hot tub frequently, the hot tub will get heated up in much lesser time period.

But note that keeping your hot tub running all the time can affect its performance as well as its lifespan.

2. Lower Ambient Temperature

Ambient temperature is the measure of the temperature around a given asset, a piece of equipment, or any other object.

In simple words, it relates to the surrounding temperature of the object.

If the water your pour inside the tub is warmer and the air around your tub is warmer, then your 110 V hot tub will get heated up much faster than you imagine.

3. Lack of Hot Tub Cover

You may recall that science lesson, heat rises.

This principle tells us that when things are heated up, they get lighter and tend to rise upward.

The same goes for water.

When it is heated, it starts rising upwards after a certain temperature.

This process is also called as the evaporation of water.

When the water in your hot tub starts heating up, it tends to rise upwards and if you don’t have the hot tub cover, it will evaporate.

This will make the heating process of your tub much longer than it should take.

To make things faster, it’s important to cover your 110 V hot tub with an energy-efficient and well-maintained cover.

It will prevent the water inside from getting evaporated and also help hot tub to get heat up faster.

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4. Improper Hot Tub Insulation

A well-insulated tub will be able to hold up the heat for a much longer time than a non-insulated tub does.

Tub surface is not the only place where heat can escape from.

It can also escape from other parts such as those tiny cracks in the tub and the cabinet.

To prevent the heat from escaping your tub and speed up the heating time of your hot tub, make sure your tub is properly insulated.

These 4 are few of those important factors that can affect the water heating process in your 110 V hot tub.

As all of the aforementioned are controllable, you can make sure your hot tub gets heated up as fast as possible.

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How Long Does it Take to Heat Up a 110V Hot Tub for the First Time?

If you are careful about the wellness of your 110 V hot tub, you will not keep it running all the time.

You will only use it when required and that is in the winter season most of the time.

Usually, you will need to heat up your 110 V hot tub once a year.

So, it will be like heating it for the first time.

When heating your hot tub for the first time, or for the first time in the year; you will need to raise the temperature from an average to the required level.

The average temperature is around 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit and you will be raising it to around 102-105 degrees F.

I have mentioned in the earlier section that the 110 V hot tub heats up at a rate of 1-2 degrees per hour.

So, it can take one to two days to reach the ideal temperature on which you can enjoy a soothing bath for you and your family.

The heating duration may vary according to the outdoor factors that are affecting the heating rate.

If the room temperature is low, it will take longer to heat up your hot tub.

Meanwhile, in hot weather conditions, the time taken will be much lesser than the winter season.

How Long Does it Take to Heat Up a 110V Hot Tub Outside?

When heating up a 110 V hot tub in the outdoor environment, the outdoor factors come in play quite efficiently.

Outside factors such as ambient temperature, weather conditions, and room temperature will be the main factors on which the heating time will depend on.

If the ambient temperature is very high, then it will take shorter time period to heat up a 110 V hot tub outside.

On the other hand, if you are heating up a 110 V hot tub outside in the cold weather conditions, then the time taken will be much longer.

Usually, at normal temperature your 110 V hot tub will be heated up when kept outside in a couple of days.

Should Jets be On When Heating 110V Hot Tub?

Well, the answer to this question is a bit debated and it can be “Yes” or “No” depending upon your own experience and local weather conditions.

Some people say that you should keep the jets on while heating the 110 V hot tub as it will help the warm water float around the tub more easily.

On the other hand, some say that keeping jets on when heating up your 110 V hot tub transmits cold air bubbles through the water.

And it ultimately slows down the heating speed of your hot tub, leading you to a longer waiting period.

My perspective about this question is a bit compromised.

I will suggest you to keep turning the jets on while heating up your hot tub.

I think, these jets do not affect the heat-up process that much, so you can use them without any issues.

And to solve the cold air bubbles problem, you can turn the jets towards the end to make sure the warm water is being circulated before anything else comes in.

Is a 110V Hot Tub Good Choice?

Yes, as per my research and experience, 110V Hot Tub is the best choice for people looking for budget friendly hot tub option.

But it mainly depends on your own preference and requirements.

Both 110 V hot tubs and 220 V hot tubs are 100% worth your investment.

In the end, it all depends on what are your needs and what’s your budget.

When it comes to 110 V hot tubs, there are 3 main reasons why they are worth buying.

1. Budget-friendly: People who have never tried hot tubs before are less likely to spend too much on buying one.

For them, 110 V hot tubs seem to be the best fit as they are way less costly than the 220 V hot tubs.

2. Easy to Install: 220 V hot tubs are harder to install whereas you can install a 110 V hot tub quite easily.

All you need to do is a plugin, fill water, heat up, and start enjoying a relaxing bath.

3. Highly Portable: You are definitely not living in the same place for your whole life unless you love the place so much.

In case you do need to shift somewhere else, you will realize the benefit of the 110 V hot tub.

They are quite easy to shift because of their light weight and higher portability.

But, am I only going to talk about the benefits?

No, being a long time users, I will also explain to you the downsides of these hot tubs.

1. Longer Heat-up Period: The 220 V hot tubs have a much faster heat-up rate as compared to the 110 V hot tubs.

The 220 V hot tubs can be heated up to their ideal temperature within 4-5 hours whereas it will take almost double time which means around 8-10 hours to heat up a 110 V hot tub.

If you are patient enough to get the hot tub heated up, the 110 V hot tub will be the best choice for you.

How Much Does it Cost to Run a 110V Hot Tub?

Well, there is no definite answer to this question.

However, on average you may end up spending $25-$40 per month for maintaining your 110V hot tub.

Because the cost you will need to pay for running your 110 V hot tub depends on several factors.

Those factors are as follows.

1. Unit price per kilowatt hour

2. How frequent you use the hot tub

3. The temperature to which you are heating up the hot tub

After calculating everything, I have estimated a cost range for you.

You might need to pay between $25-$40 per month to run your 110 V hot tub properly.

How Can I Make My 110V Hot Tub Heat Up Faster?

The best way to heat up your 110 V hot tub faster is by keeping a proper attention on the factors that affect the heat-up process.

Let me again remind you of those factors which are as follows.

1. Ambient Temperature

2. Base Temperature

3. Tub Cover

4. Tub Heater

5. Jets

6. Tub Insulation

7. And The position of the Hot Tub

If you keep a close eye on these factors, then you may be able to reduce the heat up time period of your 100V hot tub by a significant percentage.

Final Thoughts

A 110 V hot tub is my obvious choice when I am looking for convenience, portability, and easy installation.

These hot tubs are also budget-friendly and can be quite handy in situations.

They do take a bit longer to get heated up to the ideal temperature as compared to the 220 V hot tubs.

But you can make the process faster by following the tips provided in this article.

Good luck!


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