How Long Does it Take to Fill a Hot Tub? – 3 Simple Methods to Fill Your Hot Tub Faster


how long it takes to fill your hot tub with water

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There are often so many questions in the mind of a person who want to buy his/her first hot tub.

For example, how long does a hot tub last, how to turn on/off a hot tub, what are the common features of a hot tub, and so on?

Among all these questions, there is one question that is asked by buyers quite frequently.

That is – how long does it take to fill a hot tub, exactly?

Well, let’s find out the exact answer to this question in this article.

Usually, an average-sized hot tub (300-400 gallons) takes up to 1 to 2 hours to get filled up properly.

However, the exact timing depends on several factors such as the size of your garden hose through which the water is coming, the pressure applied to it, and the height on which your hot tub is placed.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most common yet important points being asked regarding hot tub filling.

I will also discuss about how you can fill your hot tub in the shortest period possible.

So, I highly recommend you to read this article entirely to understand all the points properly.

3 Main Factors Affecting the Time Taken to Fill a Hot Tub

As I mentioned earlier, there are numerous factors that can affect the time taken to fill your hot tub entirely.

Below, I have mentioned 3 main factors that mostly affect the time taken to fill up your hot tub completely.

Factor 1: The Size of the Hose Used to Fill Your Hot Tub

One of the most crucial variables that determine how long your hot tub will take to get filled up is the size of the garden hose you are using to fill it up.

The larger your hose is, the faster the tub will be filled.

Hoses are of different sizes, which also affect the time to fill up your spa.

Some have a diameter of half an inch, some have one and a half inch, while some are bigger than the former.

The standard size of a hose is ¾ inch though.

Check yours and see if you can use a bigger one.

I recommend you to get the garden hose having diameter of one and half inch at least.

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Factor 2: The Actual Size of Your Hot Tub

Clearly, the size of your hot tub determines a lot about how long it will take to fill up with water.

Unlike in the case of the hose, the size of your tub and the time taken to fill it are inversely equal.

It means that the smaller your tub is, the faster it will fill up and vice versa.

In the market, there are different hot tubs of different sizes available.

The most common among them are 300 gallon hot tubs.

Speaking of diversity, you can get a hot tub as small as 150 gallons and as big as 700 gallons as well.

I highly recommend you to get medium sized hot tub which can range from 300 to 400 gallon size.

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Factor 3: Appropriate Water Pressure

The water pressure will have a significant impact on how long your hot tub takes to fill up the water.

If the pressure is high then your hot tub will fill up quickly.

But if the pressure is very low, it may take several hours for your tub to get filled.

Usually, people living in main cities and rural areas get good water pressure as compared to people living in the countryside or urban areas.

Also, the size of your hose affects the water pressure too, so keep that in mind.

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3 Main Methods to Quickly Fill up the Water in Your Hot Tub

Method 1: Use a Garden Hose with Large Diameter

Yes, this one is pretty straightforward but often ignored solution by many hot tub owners.

Most of them use whatever garden hose available at their home.

If you use garden hose with large diameter such as 1 inches or more, then your hot tub will automatically get filled up rapidly.

Therefore, I recommend you to use large sized garden hoses for filling up your spa.

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Method 2: Use Small to Medium Sized Hot Tub

Yes, this may not be a favorable method for some folks who love to soak into a large sized hot tub.

However, the smaller to medium sized hot tubs obviously take lesser time to fill up their water as compared to the large sized hot tubs.

So, I recommend to buy only 300-400 gallon hot tubs if you have smaller family at home.

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Method 3: Use High Pressured Water

Your hot tub will fill up much faster if the water coming from the garden hose has a high pressure.

A low pressure water coming from the hose causes longer time to fill up your hot tub.

Therefore, always make sure that the water coming from your tap has a medium to high pressure to reduce the fill up time for your spa.


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