Can You Inflate an Intex Hot Tub with Water in it? – Follow These 7 Simple Steps


can you inflate intex hot tub with water inside

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Intex hot tubs are the go-to solutions for most hot tub users when it comes to getting that soothing and relaxing hot bath on cold winter days.

These high-tech hot tubs come along with a digital control panel and multiple next-gen features that ensure your bath is relaxing and enjoyable.

There are several types of hot tubs that are available in the market.

You will find built-in hot tubs as well as inflatable hot tubs and small or large sized spa, etc.

Of all those, I personally like the inflatable ones.

Not just because they are easy to carry and move anywhere you go, but because they give my sore muscles a great relief during a relaxing spa.

Yes, being portable helps a lot but relaxation is what I prioritize when getting me a hot tub.

Usually, these inflatable hot tubs are blown up and then filled with hot water to enjoy a soothing bath.

But what if you want to inflate your Intex hot tub with water in it?

Can you do it? If yes, how?

Well, my answer to this question is, resounding “Yes”.

Surely, you can inflate the Intex hot tub with water in it in a few ways.

The most popular method is mentioned as follows.

Step 1: To inflate the Intex hot tub cover air bladder, you just need to open the inflation valve and put the inflation hose into the valves carefully.

Step 2: Then press the inflation buttons and keep holding it until the cover bladder starts feeling rigid but not so hard.

Step 3: Once you have inflated the cover air bladder to that point, your job is done!

Step 4: Now safely disconnect the inflation hose from the air blower inflation outlet and the valve as well.

Put the control base inflation cap and replace it back.

Step 5: Then close and recess the inflation valve. And that’s it, you have successfully inflated your Intex hot tub with water in it.

Now all you need to do is just sit back and relax in the hot soothing water.

But we are not over yet.

There is still a lot to talk about.

In this article, we will cover a few more queries related to the inflation of Intex hot tubs along with their solutions.

7 Simple Steps to Inflate Your Hot Tub with Water

Well, I have just guided you on how you can inflate the Intex hot tub cover air bladder when there is water inside the tub.

But this is not basically the actual inflating process that you might be searching for.

Inflating your Intex hot tub properly takes a bit longer and you must follow the process carefully.

And there are several ways in which you can do it as well.

One great method to inflate your Intex hot tub with water in it is by using the hoses to inflate the tub wall properly.

Here are the steps you will need to follow to execute the task.

Step 1: Put out the ground cloth and spread it all over in the cleared area.

Then put the spa liner and spread it over the ground cloth.

Find the drain valve and point it towards your convenient area where the waste matter will be thrown out.

In all this, make sure you spread the ground cloth facing the bubble side downwards.

In the area where you will spread the cloth, the hot tub will be set up.

Step 2: Find and press the small button located at the top of the control base panel.

Also, remove the back cover.

Step 3: Unscrew the inflation cap from the control base panel to make sure that the air blower inflation outlet is exposed.

Step 4: Pick up the inflation hose and insert its one end into the air blower inflation outlet and turn rightwards to lock it properly.

Step 5: Then unscrew the air valve cap to let the steam go up for inflation.

Insert the other end of the inflation hose into the air valve and turn it rightwards to lock it.

As you did previously while locking the air blower inflation outlet.

Step 6: Press the start/power on button to first start all the buttons on the control panel.

Then press the inflation button to start inflating it until it becomes rigid but not too hard.

While inflating your Intex hot tub, you need to take care of overinflating it or inflating it using a high-pressure air compressor.

Step 7: Press again the inflation button to stop inflating your hot tub.

And, then you are done with the inflation process of your hot tub.

Now, just disconnect the inflation hose from the air valve and attach the pressure gauge with the valve.

For a properly inflated spa, the pressure gauge usually remains in the green area.

Put the air valve cap and replace it back. (The cap is screwable and unscrewable so never try to put it out forcefully).

If your hot tub is not inflated properly, repeat the previously mentioned process again.

3 Reasons Why Intex Hot Tub Keeps Losing Air

I have been using my Intex hot tub for a few years now and it’s been quite amazing, I’d have to say.

But there is one issue that keeps annoying me over time.

My Intex hot tub keeps losing air quite frequently and so I have to inflate the tub more frequently.

Believe me, it’s quite annoying to do it every time!

But worry not, we have got you covered with everything, from its reasons and their solutions as well.

Below, I have mentioned 3 major possible causes why your Intex hot tub keeps losing air pressure and how you can fix it up.

Reason 1: Loose Air Valve Cap

Loose air valve cap of your Intex hot tub usually is the main culprit.

It often causes your hot tub to loose air gradually.

Solution 1: Tighten the Loose Air Valve Cap

The only solution to this problem is to make sure the air valve cap is inserted properly.

It should be closed and tightened in the right manner.

Even a small leakage in it may cause an issue that will be enough to annoy you badly.

Reason 2: Loose Air Valve Base

The loose air valve base is also another main reason that cause your hot tub’s air to lose on a regular basis.

Solution 2: Make Sure the Air Valve is Tightly Closed

Check whether the air valve base is closed tightly.

In case it is loose or has any damages, it can give rise to this issue.

If the air valve base is loose, fill the tub with more air and check again that the valve is tightly closed.

Reason 3: A Hole, Cut or Split on Your Hot Tub

Sometimes, your hot tub gets some cuts or it gets split into 1-2 smaller parts.

In some cases, due to wear and tear, there can be a hole in your spa.

All these reasons are sufficient to lose air of the tub gradually.

Solution 3: Fix the Hole, Split or Cut ASAP

If you see your Intex hot tub frequently losing air, check if there is a hole, cut, or split on your hot tub.

If you find one, put a squirt bottle and mix liquid soap and water in it.

Then spray it on the seams of the tub.

You will find bubbles coming out if there is any leakage in your hot tub.

If there is a leakage, clean the area and repair it with the patch that came along with the spa at the time of purchase.

So, these are 3 most common reasons that make your Intex hot tub to lose air frequently.

If you find your tub losing air, check which of the reasons is causing the issue and then fix it with their respective solutions.

In case you are unable to fix the issue of losing air even after trying everything, the best thing will be to call the official Intex hot tub support team.

The company professional will help you to solve this problem quickly.

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Can You Add Air to Lazy Spa When Full of Water?

Yes, it is possible to add more air to your Lay Z Spa even if it is full of water.

There is no ninja technique to do it.

Instead, you just need to follow a few simple steps to get started with the process.

Those steps are as follows.

Step 1: Remove the ChemConnect and the Filter Housing.

Step 2: On the debris screens, apply the stopper caps properly.

Step 3: Add a screw-on Stopper to Pipe A once you have detached the pump carefully.

Step 4: Now you can easily add more air to the tub by following the simple steps you used to inflate the tub liner.

And, done! You have successfully added more air to your Lay Z Spa when it is full of water.

How to Inflate an Intex Hot Tub without Hose?

Well, it is quite difficult to inflate your Intex hot tub without a hose.

But you don’t need to worry as I have got something amazing for you.

The only way to inflate an Intex hot tub according to my research is by using the hose.

And it’s probably the safest way to inflate your hot tub without facing any issues later on.

Also, why go for other unsafe methods when you can get the hose all in your budget?

Here are a few products that will help you out for achieving this objective.

1. Intex Hot Tub Inflation Hose

2. Intex Hot Tub Hose

5 Steps to Properly Inflate an Intex Inflatable Spa

Intex provides you with inflatable spas that will ensure your complete comfort and ease.

With the inflation tubs, all you need to do is inflate it, fill water inside it, and just relax.

Inflating an Intex inflatable spa is quite easy.

Here are 5 simple steps to properly inflate your Intex inflatable hot tub.

Step 1: Press the small button at the middle of the tub and the control base panel to open up the cover.

Step 2: Uncap the inflation valve and connect one end of the inflation hose to it.

Step 3: Again, uncap the hot tub, cover the air bladder, and connect the other end of the hose there.

Step 4: Then press the inflation button from the control panel to let your Intex hot tub inflate.

Step 5: After a few minutes, click the button again to stop the inflation process.

Then, remove the hose from both the valves and cap them back properly.

And, there you go!

You have just inflated your Intex inflatable spa in minutes without any issue.

I also recommend you to watch the following video tutorial to understand the actual inflation process for your Intex hot tub.


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