Can You Run a Hot Tub Without a Filter? – Avoid These 5 Things to Prevent Ruining Your Hot Tub


can you run a hot tub without hot tub filters

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Honestly, in my opinion, hot tubs are one of those things that give us real joy, calmness and relaxing bath privately at our home.

Whether you are looking to relax after having a hectic workday or want to enjoy a hot bath with your spouse in the cold winters; the hot tub is always there for you.

For a basic introduction, a hot tub is an electronic machine that gives you the pleasure of a hot bath from the comfort of your home.

Also, most hot tubs provide you with different body relaxing therapies to keep you healthy.

These machines work in a simple yet systematic way to carry out their work.

Water goes inside the tub water tank through a tube and is filtered by the hot tub filter.

The water filter helps in removing all the dirt and dust carried along with the water stream.

It also prevents the accumulation of potassium carbonate deposits in the water.

But even after so many features, some hot tub owners do ask me if they can use their hot tubs without the water filter installed.

Personally, I have never done this ever.

But with this website, I am trying my best to clear all your doubts regarding your hot tub machines and their troubleshooting.

As per my experience and research, my answer to this question is a “Complete No”.

I would not advise you to use your hot tub without filter feature.

You may try using your hot tub without installing the water filter for few days, but that would end up in harming your hot tub and creating more problems for you to fix later on.

I have already mentioned in the previous paragraph, the hot tub filter prevents dirt, dust, calcium carbonate deposits, scum, debris, and many more things from entering your tub.

If you use your hot tub for a long time without the filter, it will cause a buildup of scum and debris in your tub, ultimately causing green water, which you never want.

Well, this was just one reason why you shouldn’t use your hot tub without a water filter.

But there is still a lot you need to know about using your tub without a filter.

And guess what, I, your best friend, am going to explain all this today in this article.

So, I recommend you to read this article entirely to understand the topic at hand.

5 Things that are Responsible for Ruining Your Hot Tub

As I mentioned in the previous section, using a hot tub without a water filter can ruin it completely.

But that is not the only thing that can harm your hot tub.

There are so many little and unnoticeable things and steps that are there just to damage your muscle relaxing machine.

Let’s see some other elements and steps that can destroy the functioning of your hot tub other than its filter.

No. 1: Draining the Spa and Leaving it Empty

Draining your hot tub is a good thing.

It helps you eliminate all the remaining bacteria, viruses, and dirt from your hot tub.

But leaving it empty after draining it can cause you issues later on.

This is a slow and gradual process that shows the effect after a while.

For one or two days, you won’t see any results.

But then, the water and moisture remaining in the tub will start to funkified and I will eventually become a bacteria biofilm.

This can be quite messy as you cannot eliminate all the bacteria at once if there is a colony established already, which is established in few days if you keep repeating this cycle.

There is one more reason why you should avoid draining the spa and leaving it empty.

It is because when you keep the spa empty for a long time, the seals and gaskets can become dry.

And this can lead to hot tub leaking, which becomes super messy and tedious problem to fix for you.

No. 2: Using Your Hot Tub as a Bathtub

A hot tub is a hot tub and you need to keep that in mind all the time.

I have seen so many people out there who just jump into their hot tubs no matter from where they are coming from.

Whether they have come after 3 hours of sweating muscle workout or after clearing all the grass in the garden, the only thing they see is the hot tub.

But believe me, these bad habits can truly ruin your hot tub for sure.

Taking a soak in the hot tub with dirty body and dirty clothes can lead to the contamination of the water inside the tub.

Also, it can damage the hot tub filter cartridge as well.

This is also the main reason that causes imbalance in the pH and the sanitizer of your hot tub.

Therefore, I highly recommend you to make sure you are not too dirty or enter with dirty clothing when you go inside the tub.

I am not telling you to have a bath in the shower every time before you go inside the tub.

But keeping yourself clean can save your hot tub’s life and enhance its durability for a longer period of time.

No. 3: Using Pool Chemicals to Clean Your Hot Tub

I am here to remind you one important thing that there is a distinct difference between your spa and a swimming pool.

A spa is a spa and a pool is a pool, am I right?

Do not think they are the same.

A hot tub or spa has its own tools, equipment, and chemicals.

Using different chemicals for cleaning your spa or hot tub can only ruin your tub.

The manufacturing of spa chemicals and pool chemicals are different and they work in different ways.

I have seen many people cleaning their hot tubs using the pool chemicals, and they have only regretted it later.

So, don’t try using swimming pool chemicals to clean your hot tub.

No. 4: Keeping Hot Tub Shut off for a Long Time

This might sound unusual, but yes, keeping your hot tub switched off or in not working condition for a long time can harm the machine.

Because it is an electrical appliance and it needs to be checked regularly if it is working or not.

Not running it for a long time can make it dull and then it won’t start after few days.

So, if you are going out of the town for a week or two, make sure to keep the hot tub on auto circulation.

Even 2-3 hours of auto circulation per day will keep the machine running perfectly.

No. 5: Overfilling Your Hot Tub

I have personally experienced this problem a few times in the past with my hot tub.

Overfilling your hot tub mostly happens because of carelessness or if you got something urgent to do at that time.

Usually, overfilling your hot tub doesn’t harm much.

But in some spa models, it can harm the elements of the tub and affect the overall functioning of the tub.

To get rid of this issue, you can get a plastic timer that can be used on the garden hose while filling your hot tub with water.

This plastic timer automatically shuts off the water flow after a certain time period so that you can prevent the problem of overfilling your hot tub.

I have used this, and this works for sure.

Click Here to Get a Plastic Timer for Your Garden Hose while Filling Your Hot Tub.

Can You Heat Your Hot Tub Without a Filter?

Now we know that you shouldn’t use your hot tub without the water filter installed.

For a short time, you may use heat up your hot tub without using its filter.

However, I don’t recommend you to do this on a regular basis.

Now, the second most frequent question I get from my lovely audience is whether they can heat up their hot tub without a filter or not.

First of all, heating the hot tub is a whole different process than the others.

In this process, the water is carried through the tube, and the water filter tank is heated by the electrical resistance heaters.

The process is executed after the filtering process, so the hot tub filter plays a vital role here.

But let me tell you, you can heat up your hot tub without having the filter installed.

When you are using pure filtered water that doesn’t contain any dirt particles, calcium carbonate elements, and other things, then it is absolutely safe to heat the tub without any filter.

Still, I don’t recommend at all to heat up your hot tub without using any filter because no matter what, the water being used always contains some kind of contaminants which can harm your skin.

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How Long Can You Leave a Hot Tub Without Chemicals?

I have talked much about running your hot tub and running and heating it without the filter.

Now, let’s talk about the use of chemicals.

Chemicals are one of the most important elements for running a hot tub without any contaminants in it.

Chemicals are used to keep your hot tub clean and running properly.

But people, including me, don’t like to use chemicals much in their hot tubs on a daily basis.

However, it is almost impossible to use your hot tub without using chemicals.

The best way here is to use as few chemicals as possible.

And that gives the rise to our question; how long can you leave a hot tub without chemicals?

Well, it’s not suggested to use a hot tub without any chemicals.

Though you can do it, you will have to keep draining out the tub and changing the water every 12-14 hours to keep it clean.

And this is a lot of work to do.

Sure, you need to use chemicals in your hot tub more frequently.

However, there is a trick with which you can reduce the use of chemicals and keep your tub healthy at the same time.

I use sanitizer instead of chlorine to keep my hot tub clean and usable.

Regular use of sanitizer, maintaining the pH value of the tub, and keeping balanced alkalinity in the water can make sure your hot tub remains clean for a month, at least.

Sometimes, it can remain safe to use for even 3 to 4 months.

It all depends on how frequently you are using the tub and in what conditions you are jumping into it.

Keep yourself clean and the water will remain clean automatically.


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