How to Disconnect Polaris Pool Cleaner? – 3 Easy Steps and 2 Methods to Turn off Polaris Cleaner


how to disconnect polaris pool cleaner

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Having a swimming pool at your home is indeed a luxury.

You can spend quality time with your loved ones in your own swimming pool.

However, swimming pool maintenance is a tough task despite all of its aesthetic and physical benefits.

You need to spend hours keeping it clean and tidy.

A clean swimming pool ensures the safety of your dear ones too and protect you from various health hazards.

But how frequently you need to clean your pool depends primarily on two factors.

The first factor is the frequency of usage of your swimming pool.

The second factor is the external environment of the pool.

If your swimming pool is regularly used then daily cleaning is highly important for you.

The presence of trees and grasses around the pool can bring debris easily inside and around the pool water.

In such a case, I highly recommend that you clean your swimming pool on a regular basis.

Manual cleaning is however not feasible for many of us as it demands lots of time and labor from your side.

To ease the cleaning process, I highly suggest you to make use of robotic pool cleaners such as Polaris Pool Cleaner which makes your cleaning process a lot easier and time saving.

These cleaners are self-operating, highly efficient, and neatly designed.

All these features make them very popular among swimming pool owners.

The market is thriving with such pool cleaners.

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However, in order to obtain maximum benefits out of this pool cleaner, you also have to properly and regularly maintain the machine.

One of the most efficient ways to maintain this Polaris pool cleaner is to use it as per the user manual.

But due to our negligence and lack of interest, sometimes we fail to follow the safety and precautionary tips.

This may lead to some issues or problems in your cleaner later on.

While surfing the net, you will come across various questions regarding pool maintenance.

I found one such common query online which is “how to disconnect the Polaris Pool Cleaner from the pool?”

After proper research, what I found is that disconnecting the pool cleaner is not a hazardous task.

You can easily disconnect it by following the 3 simple steps mentioned below.

Step 1: The first step is to press the “Start/Stop” button.

It should be done before starting the removal process.

Step 2: The second step is to bring the pool cleaner within arm’s length.

It should be done by gently pulling the floating cable.

Step 3: The final step is to lift the cleaner by the handle.

It should be vertically lifted.

Water should be allowed to drain from it fully before bringing it to the surface.

It is advisable not to lift the cleaner abruptly by grabbing the floating cable.

If you do the same, then it may cause damage to the machine.

In this article, I will try to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Polaris Pool cleaner.

Let us know about this pool cleaning machine in more details in this article.

How Do You Remove the Hose from a Polaris Cleaner?

Removing the hose efficiently from the Polaris pool cleaner can be somewhat tricky for some users.

Often, most people tend to fix it more tightly instead of removing it.

The trick to successfully removing the hose lies with how you unscrew the nuts.

People, in general, incorrectly unscrew the hose nuts.

It results in tightening it more.

At first, the hose nuts are fixed onto the barb of the cleaner.

Thereafter, the hose is pulled near the barb.

After this arrangement is made, the nut is fixed on the hose.

So, when you stand over the cleaner, unscrew it in a clockwise direction.

The process seems a bit complicated at first.

But it becomes easier once you start following it.

Maintaining the correct length of the hose is extremely essential.

It ensures proper movement of the pool cleaner.

Also, the hose should be free from any leakage.

Any fault in the hose will decrease air pressure.

A decrease in air pressure will directly affect the Pool cleaner’s performance.

So, when required, you can successfully remove the hose by following the above steps.

2 Best Methods to Turn off Polaris Pool Cleaner Properly

The primary function of the Polaris Pool cleaner is to keep the pool clean and tidy.

They are very efficient in cleaning up every nook and corner of your swimming pool.

This makes them a popular choice among pool cleaner users.

But for enjoying the utmost benefits, you also need to take care of this machine on a regular basis.

It can be done by following the user guidelines properly.

Turning off the pool cleaners in the wrong way is a common mistake many of us users do.

It can hamper the function and performance of your machine.

You can remove the pool cleaner from the pool in 2 easy methods.

Method 1: The first method is the traditional one.

Here the pool cleaner is first switched off by pressing the START/STOP button.

The floating cable is then gently pulled to bring the cleaner to arms’ length.

Lastly, you need to gently lift the cleaner vertically.

Avoid pulling it by grabbing the floating cable.

Water should be allowed to drain away completely while lifting the device.

Method 2: The second method of removing pool cleaner is via Easy Lift System feature.

This is an advanced method of turning the pool cleaner off.

For using the Easy Lift System, you need to follow the below mentioned steps properly.

Step 1: In the control box, there is a “lift system button”.

You need to press it first.

It can also be done by using the mobile app iAquaLink.

The screen displays the command “lift”.

It means the “Lift System” is functioning.

Simply press and release the button if you want to stop the process.

Step 2: Now the second step is to rotate the device in the water.

It can be done by pressing the same button.

You need to decide on which side of the pool you want to retrieve it.

Once decided, rotate the device until it faces the pool wall.

When this process is over, stop the device.

The pool cleaner will drive towards the wall. It will wait in the water line for you to retrieve.

The cleaner will automatically drain out residue water. It will make it lighter.

You can now carefully lift the pool cleaner by the handle.

In this way, you can easily turn off the pool cleaner efficiently.

How to Disconnect Polaris Hose from Pool?

The hose is an important part of the Polaris Pool Cleaner.

If there is any leakage in the hose, the air pressure decreases very often.

A decrease in air pressure may directly affect the performance of the Pool cleaner.

The length of the hose is also crucial in this case.

The length of the hose should not be too long or too short.

When the ideal length is not maintained, it hinders the free movement of your pool cleaner.

If the pool cleaner cannot move freely, proper cleaning cannot be done.

So, it ultimately hinders the performance of your machine.

Thus, for hose replacement or repair, it is important that you disconnect it properly.

But, the process of disconnecting is a tricky one.

It depends entirely on the hose nuts.

People tend to unscrew the nuts in an opposite direction.

It tightens the grip of the hose. Hence makes it difficult to remove.

In most of the hoses, the nuts are at first placed on to the barb of the cleaner.

The hose is then pushed over it. Thereafter hose nuts are screwed.

So, when you attempt to remove the hose by standing over the cleaner, unscrew the nuts clockwise.

The process may seem counterintuitive initially.

Therefore, you need to have proper knowledge of the hose connection.

It aids in its successful removal whenever necessary.

Different varieties of hoses are available in the market.

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6 Simple Steps to Disassemble Polaris 360 Pool Cleaner

Sometimes you may need to disassemble your Polaris 360 Pool Cleaner.

I recommend to follow the below mentioned 6 steps to learn to properly disassemble Polaris 360 cleaner.

Step 1: The first step is to remove the head float, all-purpose bag, feed pipe, sweep hose assembly, and top covers.

Step 2: The second step is to remove all the 4 screws that hold the frame of the cleaner to the base.

Step 3: The third step is discarding the base.

It should be done by lifting the base frame at an angle of 45 degrees.

Gently pull the base and lift it. It will now be removed.

If you are rebuilding, then you can discard the base.

It is because the rebuilding kit will have a pre-assembled base assembly.

Step 4: The fourth step is somewhat tricky.

You need to remember the location of bearings, gears, and e-clips before dismantling the machine frame.

I recommend taking notes in advance will help you a lot.

Now you need to remove the rear and front belts.

It can be done by shoving the belt from the pulley.

The above process must be done while you gently turn the wheel.

Step 5: The fourth step is removing and discarding the wheels, belts, axle blocks, gears, hub caps, transfer pulley, bearings, and the turbine wheel.

Step 6: In the final step, you need to check the notching of the frame.

If it is not done then the frame should be filed. It is done to offer clearance to feed pipe.

By following these six steps, you can take apart a Polaris 360 Pool Cleaner comfortably and then clean it properly.

6 Troubleshooting Steps to Perform When Polaris Pool Cleaner Disconnects Abruptly

Sometimes, your Polaris Pool Cleaner can stop working abruptly.

If it happens, you do no need to worry.

You need to check the following  steps to fix the device malfunction problem.

Step 1: Check the filter and pump. If nothing is wrong with them, check the booster pump for possible discrepancies.

Step 2: Check for any leakage in the backup valve and float hose.

Step 3: Check if the quick disconnect is clogged or broken.

Step 4: Broken drive belts and disconnected internal tubing may also pause the cleaner.

Step 5: Check if the hose has got tangled up. It may hinder the movement of the cleaner.

Step 6: Check the wheels for any damage and variation in RPMs.

The presence of any of the above problems can be solved by using the machine’s user manual.

In some cases, you may even need to replace the parts.

Replacement parts are easily available on online or at your local stores.

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It is always advisable not to use the pool cleaner when the temperature is below 70 degrees F.

When all your efforts fail, then kindly consult the local Polaris dealers for possible fixes.

How to Empty Polaris Pool Cleaner?

Periodic maintenance of Polaris Pool cleaner is essential.

It helps to ensure optimum performance of your pool cleaning machine.

Emptying the bag of pool cleaners is a necessary step in pool maintenance.

It is always advisable to empty the bag when it is half full.

If the debris is mostly sand, this step must be followed.

Now, first, you need to remove the bag by opening the prongs.

Then you must remove the bag tie collar from the feed hose.

Finally, you need to dump the debris by opening the bag closure.

Always dry the bag before emptying.

It makes the process much easier.

In this way, you can easily empty your Polaris Pool Cleaner.


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