How to Make Your Own Hot Tub Cover? – 5 Simple Steps to Design Hot Tub Cover at Home


how to make your own hot tub cover

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Hot tubs are our go-to things after a hectic workday or a cold winter day.

Hot tubs provide us with so much – from warmth, and relaxation, to muscle soothing.

By taking proper hot baths in hot tubs, you ensure yourself a healthy body and a relaxed mind for yourself and for your whole family.

Hot tubs work on electricity and convert electrical energy into thermal energy to heat up the water.

Also, the jets fitted in the hot tub control the circulation of water and give us body soothing therapies which are good for both our physical and mental health.

Frankly speaking, hot tubs do a lot for us.

But what about us?

Isn’t it our duty to keep our hot tubs in good condition, clean, and make sure they are working properly?

Yes, it is true for sure.

So, how can we do that?

There are several ways to take care of your hot tubs.

And one of the most popular ways is by covering your hot tub to protect it from dirt and dust.

For that, there are different types of hot tub covers available in the market.

But are we going to learn how to buy them today?

Certainly not!

In some cases, buying a good cover for your spa can be a tough task.

Though I can assist you properly to get one, it will still be messy.

For that reason, instead of guiding you through how to buy a new cover for your tub, today I will be guiding you through how you can make a new hot tub cover yourself.

Yes, a new cover for your hot tub, created by you!

One good way to make your own hot tub cover involves the following steps.

Step 1: Select the appropriate material for your hot tub cover.

Step 2: Measure the length of your hot tub.

Step 3: Cut the plywood to the size similar to your hot tub.

Step 4: Apply glue to stick the foam insulation to the base surface area.

Step 5: Now cut the cover material to fit the size of the hot tub.

Step 6: Paste the cover material to the plywood.

Step 7: And finally, attach the cover properly to the tub.

So yeah, you have successfully created a cover for your hot tub all by yourself with the above mentioned steps.

Looks hard to do?

Worry not as I have mentioned other amazing ways to create a good cover for your tub.

But to know, you will have to go through the complete article.

So, without any delay, let’s get to those actual steps of making your own hot tub cover.

5 Easy Steps to Make a Homemade Hot Tub Cover

Making a homemade hot tub cover doesn’t need to be that hard.

If you follow the steps properly, you can make a good-looking, high-quality, and durable cover for your hot tub within just a few hours.

Below, I have mentioned 5 simple steps following which you can make a brand-new, high-quality, good-looking, and durable cover for your hot tub within hours.

With the secret tricks mentioned, give your tub a pleasant gift now!

Step 1: Collect the Materials Needed to Craft the Spa Cover

To create a hot tub cover, you will need the following things.

1. 2- 2″ thick 4×8′ Polystyrene Foam Boards

2. The adhesive in the caulk tube

3. 2 – 4×8′ Plywood Boards

4. Durable plastic

5. Paint for the wood exterior

6. 2 – 4′ Continuous Hinges and screws

Once you have all these items gathered, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Measure the Height, Width and Length of Your Hot Tub

You don’t just want to put anything over the top of the hot tub as the cover.

You want it to be perfectly sized.

To make that sure, you need to take proper measurements of your hot tub first.

Measure the spa both outside and inside.

It’s better to measure thrice than to cut twice.

Note down your measurement on a notepaper.

And draw a guide you would follow in the further steps.

Let me give you an amazing tip here.

You can keep your cover big enough to sit on the rim of the spa.

You can watch YouTube videos to learn how to measure the hot tub cover in the best way possible.

Once done, move to the next step.

I highly recommend you to watch the following video to understand how to take the right measurements of your hot tub for a new cover.

Step 3: Cut the Materials with Right Sizes

In the third step after measuring the tub, you will need to cut the plywood according to the size of the tub.

For spas with squared corners, you’ll have to do less cutting.

While for the rounded spas, the task will be a bit tougher.

For round-shaped spas or octagonal hot tubs, you will first need to break the jigsaw so you can then cut the radius curve in the plywood.

As for the foam, you can cut it with even a kitchen knife or a hacksaw blade.

Once you are done with cutting both the plywood and the foam, lay them on each other.

But how will you know you have cut them in the right way?

If so, they will seem to be identical in size and shape.

Let’s move to our next step.

Step 4: Apply Foam to the Wood Board Properly

You can’t get the vacuum sealed.

But it is still important to put some effort into wrapping the foam as tightly as possible.

This is important to make sure that the moisture coming from the tub doesn’t come into contact with the foam board.

To wrap the foam, you can use a thick painter’s plastic that you have already bought earlier.

Wrap all the sides of the board properly, just like you wrap up a gift box.

Once you are done wrapping the foam board, it’s time to glue it to the wooden boards.

Using a high-quality adhesive, glue the foam to the wood board you cut earlier.

Spread the glue properly across the wood board and make sure to cover the edges properly.

Then, put the foam board onto it and press it gently yet firmly to get it fixed there perfectly.

Tip: Put the foam flipped back, facing the ground. Then, put something heavy on the top of the wood to make the adhesion better.

Step 5: Paint the Wood and Put the Cover On

At this stage, you are almost to the finish line.

Now, its time to simply paint the wooden cover in your favorite color and it’s ready.

After painting the cover, let it dry for a few hours.

Then, you can install a hinge.

Here, even a door hinge will work.

And then you are done.

You have successfully made a dashing, high-quality, and durable cover for your favorite hot tub.

It will be cheap in cost and supreme in quality.

Use this cover for your hot tub and remember your efforts every time you remove it for having a bath.

What a feeling! Isn’t it.

What Can I Cover My Hot Tub with?

Though there is a wide range of materials available in the market you can use to cover your hot tub, I have selected the best options for you.

While deciding what to use to cover your hot tub with, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Those things are as follows.

1. What is your hot tub made of (whether it is a wooden hot tub or a metallic one)?

2. How is the hot tub designed?

3. What kind of look do you want from your hot tub?

If you have answers to these simple questions, you will automatically find out what will suit the best with your spa.

Let me explain this to you with a simple example.

Suppose you have a wooden hot tub.

It is hard, rigid, and solid.

Now, will a softcover look good on it?

It might but I don’t think so. It may look weird.

Similarly, suppose you have a soft tub.

In this case, will you use a hard wooden cover for it?

Certainly not! It may damage your hot tub.

Also, what type of cover you want is also important to know.

For example, if you want a cover that can be rolled up and easily carried to different locations, a soft one will be perfect.

If you are still feeling unsure about which material to use for your hot tub cover, contact the official customer support team of the tub and ask them about this.

They will give you the best advice possible.

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Can You Use a Tarp as a Hot Tub Cover?

One question that I get a lot from you guys is; “can I use a tarp as a hot tub cover?”

My answer is Yes.

You can use a tarp as the cover for your hot tub without any issues.

But it won’t be as effective as your regular hot tub cover.

When using a tarp as the cover, the water inside the tub will not stay warm for a long-time.

This means that you will have to heat up the tub quite frequently, which you obviously don’t want to do.

So, in my opinion, it would be better if you go with a regular hot tub cover to protect your hot tub.

Using a tarp might cost you more due to excessive electricity usage.

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How Do I Build a Hot Tub Cover Holder?

So, you have created a high-quality and durable cover for your hot tub that will work.

What now? You can protect your tub with the cover for sure.

But what about the cover itself? Won’t you take care of it?

You should!

One good way to do this is by building a hot tub cover holder.

Below, I have mentioned a few simple steps that will help you build a good holder for your hot tub cover.

Step 1: Gather the Required Materials

First of all, you will need to get all the materials and tools required for this making a hot tub cover holder.

Remember that building a hot tub cover holder all by yourself is not a cup of tea.

It will take some efforts, time, and determination from your side.

These are the materials you will need for this:

1. 10′ long pieces of 3/4″ EMT conduit

2. One 10′ long piece of 1″ EMT conduit

3. Three 1″ two hole conduit straps

4. Six #10 X 1″ pan head sheet metal screws

5. 20 #10 X 3/4″ Tek screws

And, these are the tools that you will need in this project:

1. 3/4″ Conduit bender

2. Hacksaw

3. Level

4. Drill motor

5. Screwdriver

Once you have all the tools and materials required, you can move to the next step.

Step 2: Using the Conduit for Making the Bends

Once you have all the items required with you, lay out the two pieces of conduit and place both the pieces on the cover seam.

Make sure they are placed in the center from each side.

At the same time, measure their edges and mark them.

On the mark you made, place the first bender and bend it to 90 degrees.

Similarly, place and bend the second bender to 90 degrees on the other end.

Make sure both the ends seem to be parallel to each other and the bender makes a U shape with a long center and short legs.

Do the same with the second conduit bender as well.

Step 3: Attaching the Benders to the Base and Cutting the Uprights

In the third step, you will be attaching the conduit benders to the base of the tub.

For this, you will need the two-hole conduit straps.

Do this with both the pieces.

Though it might be a bit complex and you might have to lay the pieces on the seam cover again, it will look easy if you do it in the right way.

Once you are done with that, you need to get the lower and the upper pieces to work together as if they were a single entity.

Using the 1″ conduit as sleeves, join the upper and the lower halves. This need not be complex.

All you need to do is angle both the bend conduit pieces towards each other and measure the longest length to fit the bends. And then, just cut the sleeves from the 1″ sleeves.

Step 4: Attaching Both the Halves

Centralize the sleeves and make sure you have equal space both above and below.

Using the Tek screws, join all the three pieces through the joints to make them a single entity.

Now, level the top piece using the level tool before securing the last join together.

Step 5. Install a Restrainment system

Installing the restrainment system will make sure the cover doesn’t fall over.

To install the system, you can use a nylon webbing from a travel bag or something similar like that.

Using the Tek screws, attach one end of the webbing to the bent conduit pieces and the other end to the rim of the tub.

And that’s it! You have successfully built a durable hot tub cover holder for you that will protect your hot tub cover.

If you find this task difficult, there are dozens of YouTube videos available online you can watch to learn how to build one practically.


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