How to Lock a Hot Tub Cover – Use These 2 Simple Methods to Put a Lock on a Spa Cover


how to lock a hot tub cover

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Hot tub covers offer a lot more benefits and should not to be seen just as a decorative piece for your hot tub.

One of these benefits is to provide extra security measures which prevents children or pets from entering the tub without your knowledge.

A good-quality hot tub cover comes with a lockable safety feature to keep the tub secured.

Open water when left unsupervised can pose a safety risk for your kids.

No matter the kind of hot tub you use, a good way to improve the safety of your hot tub is to use a good quality hot tub cover.

The best cover comes with a strong locking device, ensuring that the hot tub is covered when you’re not close by and not watching the hot tub or when particularly not in use.

You must keep the hot tub cover strip latched whenever you put the cover back on.

Most hot tubs have a sign on them that reminds their owner to clip the hot tub cover strip when not in use.

Even though this is not specifically childproof, with an external strap or with steel bars as your hot tub locking hardware, it is certainly unlikely for a child or pet to unclip or open the tub cover.

Heavy Duty Wind Straps Cover has a standard-style cover clips that protects your hot tub against heavy wind blows.

However, for some extra security, you can keep your hot tub locked and secured by installing a padlock on both sides of the hot tub cover and the hot tub.

This will help you to prevent it from being opened without a key.

Using a spa cover lock, you can attach two heavy plates on the side of the hot tub cabinet.

After that, with a padlock, you can secure the steel bars.

If you’re using an inground hot tub, you can still secure the cover with an inground hot tub cover locking straps.

A hot tub cover lifteralso prevents removal and sliding off the hot tub cover to the other direction.

In the absence of a spa cover, you can substitute it with two bars, this will also prevent the tub cover from being removed.

Safety awareness among its regular users is equally important.

I recommend you to discuss the safety around the hot tub with your children and keep them aware of the dangers of open water.

Warning them to keep off the open water will prevent them from going close to the tub or even trying to open the tub cover.

Your hot tub safety is your own responsibility.

If you don’t have kids around, you may have neighbors and guests who have, and you may also have trespassing acquaintances.

For this reason, you must keep the safety of your hot tub in mind and keep it locked regularly to avoid unsafe situations.

In this article ahead, I will provide you the information regarding the best method to put a lock on your hot tub cover and will also mention how to secure your hot tub in the best possible way.

2 Methods to Safely Put A Lock on A Hot Tub Cover

Installing a lock on your hot tub cover depends on the type of your hot tub you have at your home.

Whether you have in-ground hot tub or a portable hot tub, the method of putting up a lock varies a bit.

The type of surrounding surface of your hot tub also matters a lot.

To put a locking strap, however, you need to fit it onto the hot tub after putting the cover in place.

Method 1: Putting a Lock on Wood for a Portable Hot Tub

Depending on the size and shape of the hot tub cover, it should have between 2 to 20 locks, typically between 4 and 8 in number.

A hot tub cover comes with male clips, female clips, plastic locks, and stainless steel screws.

Step 1: With the hot tub cover on, the first step is to leave the lock straps to hang over the edge.

Step 2: Then latch the clips together (the male and the female) and put the entire lock against the wooden part of the hot tub in the position where you want it to be.

Step 3: Once that is done, remove the male clip and then attach the female clip to the wood.

You can do this by two methods.

First method is pre-drilling a hole and screwing the stainless steel screws through the plastic clip holes.

And the second method is screwing the screws directly into the screw holes on the plastic lock.

Step 4: After that, latch the male clip and repeat the same method for the rest of the other locks.

For additional safety, you can use the keys that come with the lock pack to lock the clips.

Method 2: Putting a Lock into Wood for an Inground Hot Tub

If your hot tub is inground, then putting a lock on it follows the same process as putting a lock on a portable hot tub.

The only difference here is you can’t screw the screws directly through the screw holes.

Step 1: In this case, after pinching out the male clip, you’ll need to drill a hole directly through the screw holes on the plastic lock.

You can as well choose to remove the lock and mark the hole points with a pencil before drilling.

Step 2: Next step is to attach the female clip and screw in the stainless screws in the plastic clip holes.

Step 3: After that, latch the male clips and repeat the same process for other locks.

3 Important Tips to Safely Secure Your Hot Tub

Securing your hot tub shouldn’t cost you much or take much of your time either.

It simply requires you to follow the right steps which involve following the simple 3 tips that I have mentioned below.

Tip 1: Investing in a Good Quality Hot Tub Cover

Your hot tub cover adds superior protection to your hot tub and helps to maintain a long-lasting tub by protecting its components.

It also serves as a safety device, preventing curious kids or pets from entering the tub unsupervised. 

A good hot tub cover will save you the cost of reheating your hot tub by offering high insulation and trapping heat inside the hot tub for a longer period.

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Tip 2: Keep the Hot Tub Cover Properly Locked

If your hot tub is not in use, I highly recommend you to lock the cover properly.

Also, make sure that the lock straps are firmly secured.

Do this also when there is an extremely high wind outside.

Confirm that the cover is firmly locked, try to move the cover to check.

It is equally important to tighten the straps until it doesn’t move again.

Tip 3: Use an Extra Lock Strap

If you’re certain that the lock straps on the hot tub cover are not that strong enough to hold the tub cover, then I recommend to get extra lock straps for the same.

You can opt for extra lock straps or install another locking device.

This will protect the hot tub from any external element, even from the strongest wind blows.

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How Do I Stop My Hot Tub Cover from Blowing?

During the harsh winter weather or stormy rain season, your hot tub cover can get blown away by the stormy wind.

This is one of the common causes of damage to your hot tub during stormy weather season.

Hot tub covers can act like large kites during stormy weather due to their shapes.

You need to secure your hot tub cover from blowing off by making sure that the cover is secured with a strap lock and latched to the hot tub properly.

I highly recommend you to invest in durable heavy duty wind straps that will help hold the cover down during the wind storm and prevent it from blowing away.

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Why You Must Use Safety Straps on a Hot Tub Cover?

Safety straps on hot tubs serve a variety of functions and benefits.

First and the most important is to provide the safety for your expensive hot tub and its cover.

It keeps the hot tub cover safe from wind storms and firmly secures the hot tub cover as a form of child lock.

This child lock helps you to prevent children or trespassing acquaintances from opening your hot tub without the knowledge of the adult supervisor or the tub owner.

The handy strap locking buckles help to prevent unauthorized use of your hot tub.

With two sets, you can adjust them to fit your hot tub.

The standard strap is one side per strap and is strong for light winds, providing a little amount of security.

Nonetheless, it makes the hot tub cover a better device for safety rather than having a tie-down strap in another setting.

For added security, you can use hot tub wind straps which are also called as hurricane straps.

They are heavy-duty fasteners that clip together easily and are strong enough to hold down the hot tub cover during heavy wind blows.

How To Properly Use Hot Tub Cover Locking Clips And Locking Bars?

Typically, hot tub cover straps come with sets of locking clips and locking bars.

A single strap usually comes in a pair.

There is a male clip which is sewn into the vinyl of the hot tub cover, and there is a female clip which is to be screwed to the plastic lock and attached to the body of the hot tub.

The proper usage of the clip is to snip both the male and female clip together when you have the tub cover in place.

The lock pack comes with plastic keys, you can use these keys to lock the clip if you’re leaving your home for several days to prevent its unauthorized use.

On the other hand, the locking bar rests against the cover fold.

The hot tub cover can simply be folded back to the bar after unlatching the strap clip.

Folding it back the second time takes the cover back, from the surface of the tub and holds it in place.

Check out the following short video to understand how to use hot tub cover locks.


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