Can I Use Armor All on My Hot Tub Cover? – 5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Hot Tub Cover


can you use armor all on a hot tub cover

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Maintaining your hot tub cover should be as important to you as taking care of the hot tub.

According to the research paper published on, there is an ever increasing demand for hot tubs at restaurants, resorts, spa centers and hotels.

This increasing demand has also led to growing demand for good quality and durable hot tub covers all over the globe.

The hot tub cover protects the inner part of the hot tub including the water in it from getting tampered with by external elements.

Considering this important function, I believe hot tub covers equally need good care and maintenance to protect them from long term damage.

And taking care of the hot tub cover is not that complicated.

Cleaning it a few times in a month with a quality protectant will help keep it looking fabulous and protected from varying potential damages.

However, when using a protectant, it is important to be cautious about the kind of protectant you use to clean your hot tub cover.

You probably might have heard that Armor All Protectant and Cleaner is a good protectant for a hot tub cover.

But the truth is, using excess amount of Armor All may damage the vinyl material which is used for most hot tub covers.

For some users, Armor All may be a good protectant for vinyl but certainly not for outdoor use.

The chemical content of Armor All greatly affects vinyl covering and cause damage to the hot tub cover in the long run.

In most cases a excessive usage of Armor All makes vinyl deteriorate faster.

This is because Armor All removes the natural protective properties of the vinyl and replaces it with its own.

On the other hand, hot tub covers made up of aluminum can occasionally be cleaned using Armor All Cleaner.

However, to maintain a healthy and long-lasting hot tub cover, I highly recommend to avoid using any petroleum-based protectant on your tub cover.

Nonetheless, while Armor All is not a good cleaner for your vinyl hot tub cover, there are exceptionally top protectants to use.

These protectants have UV protection and are designed to add an extra layer of protection to your vinyl cover against wearing and tearing that might result from long-time usage outside.

A Marine-grade cleaner like the popular 303 vinyl protectant does a great job.

They are designed for wet outdoor settings and can safely be used on a whole range of surfaces such as plastic, fiberglass, rubber, vinyl, etc.

A 303 protectant blocks sun rays from the vinyl and protects the hot tub from cracking, discoloring, and fading.

If you do not want to use any protectant that will wear off the vinyl covering of your hot tub then you should try using the 303 Aerospace UV Protectant Spray 320Z for getting the best protection and cleaning of your hot tub cover.

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What Can I Spray on My Hot Tub Cover?

Your outdoor hot tub will be best protected if the hot tub cover is well-insulated and most importantly well-maintained.

The longevity of your hot tub also depends on the tub cover in order to prevent dirt, dust, and debris from entering the hot tub water and damaging it.

You can protect and maintain your hot tub cover by spraying it with a vinyl cleaner recommended by the hot tub cover manufacturer.

A quality UV vinyl protectant spray when used at least every 3-4 months will protect the cover from the sun rays that could get it damaged and also prevent it from cracking and discoloration.

An alternative cleaner to use on your hot tub is the white vinegar and water solution.

A mild mixture of water and vinegar will scrub away dirt and grime from the tub cover.

Avoid the use of alcohol or any home detergents as these products can strip the vinyl protectant from the cover.

You can check out the list of a few recommended hot tub cover cleaners and protectants on Amazon.

How Do You Waterproof A Hot Tub Cover?

The first step to waterproofing a hot tub cover is first, making sure the tub cover is made from a good quality water-resistant material.

Ideally, a quality hot tub cover is made with a heavy-duty vinyl material that needs to be protected from the sun’s rays and other external elements including rain, snow, dust, etc.

A hot tub cover with a waterproof backing will keep out these weather elements from your tub cover, and further prevent them from getting into the tub water.

The ULTCOVER Waterproof 600D polyester Square hot tub cover is one of the best-rated waterproof hot tub covers on Amazon.

Secondly, you could try setting your hot tub in a good location covered with a roof or you can install the tub under a belvedere, or set an umbrella over it.

This way you can waterproof it to prevent rain and other weather elements from touching and tampering with the tub cover.

5 Simple Steps to Clean the Top of the Hot Tub Cover

Adequate maintenance of the hot tub cover should be an essential part of your overall hot tub maintenance routine.

The hot tub cover serves as a protection to the hot tub water and the inner part of the tub.

Thus, the cover protects the tub from harsh sun rays and unfavorable weather elements that might cause damage to it.

If a hot tub cover is not properly cleaned or left uncared for, it accumulates dirt and grime over time and then gradually becomes a breeding ground for mold and algae.

Cleaning the top of a hot tub cover is a very easy task and can be done in 5 simple steps as mentioned below.

Step 1: Removing Your Hot Tub Cover

To make the cleaning process comfortable and easier, I recommend you to first remove the hot tub cover and rest it on a flat and smooth surface close to a garden hose.

Step 2: Rinsing the Underside of the Cover

Set the garden hose to moderate pressure, and use it to rinse the underside of the hot tub cover.

This will help to remove any chemical stains that is residing on the back side of the cover and it will rinse off accumulated dirt and debris from the cover.

Step 3: Cleaning the Top Side of the Cover

The top of the hot tub cover requires more attention and needs to be cleaned with a gentle vinyl cleanser recommended by the hot tub cover manufacturer.

With a soft-bristled brush and a clean cloth, and working in sections, spray the recommended vinyl cleanser on the top side of the cover.

After that, gently scrub on the dirt and grime in a circular motion to get it off the surface.

Use a non-abrasive sponge on stubborn stains if you come across any.

Step 4: Remove Traces of Cleanser from the Cover

Once you’re sure the dirt is completely cleaned out, then rinse the cover to remove every trace of the cleaning agent.

Wipe with a clean microfiber cloth or a towel and allow it to air dry.

Step 5: Apply a UV Protectant Spray on the Cover

After the surface is completely dry, I highly recommend you to apply a little amount of a quality UV protectant spray to the surface of the cover.

This will help protect the cover from becoming sun-bleached and prevent it from cracking.

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3 Steps to Clean the Underside of Your Hot Tub Cover

If the underside of your hot tub is dirty and has discoloration or a musty smell, then you can simply clean it using a mixture of water and small amounts of vinegar.

You can even use 10:1 solution of water and bleach for this cleaning purpose.

Depending on the cover material, sometimes bleach may not be an ideal substance for cleaning.

You can however opt for the former but avoid using any household cleaning products.

To clean the underside of your hot tub, simply use the following method.

Step 1: First, remove the tub cover and place it close to a flat surface.

Be sure to check that the surface is not rough and do not have anything that could damage the cover.

You can rest it on the grass or a patio.

Step 2: Rinse off the chemical stains from underneath the cover using water or a cleaning solution.

Step 3: The solution of water and vinegar will help to remove strong stains.

Tougher stains are best removed using the right cleaner recommended by the hot tub cover manufacturer.

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4 Important Tips to Protect a Hot Tub Cover in the Winter

The winter season can be a bit harsh for your hot tubs.

In this season, it is extremely important to follow an adequate hot tub maintenance routine.

To help protect your hot tub and keep it effective during the winter weather, I recommend following the below mentioned tips.

Tip 1: Clean the Hot Tub Cover Regularly

It is important to rinse off the hot tub cover with a hose on a regular basis in the winter season.

You can use a clean piece of cloth or a soft sponge to wipe it clean.

Then spray a non-abrasive cleaner on it to maintain its cleanliness.

Tip 2: Conditioning the Hot Tub Cover

By proper conditioning your hot tub cover, you can easily prevent the vinyl material from drying out during the winter season.

303 Marine Aerospace protectants work very efficiently by repelling dirt, dust and prevents the vinyl covering from damage.

Tip 3: Clear the Dirt and Always Handle the Straps with Care

Always clean out accumulated snow and ice from the top of the cover using a broom or a brush.

Also, be careful when handling the straps and handles.

Tip 4: Secure the Hot Tub Cover Carefully

If your hot tub is located in a high exposure spot or the winter weather is stormy or windy, then you need to properly secure your hot tub first.

You can achieve the same by locking it down with a wind strap.

This way you don’t have to worry about it when the extreme wind blows.

What is the Best Hot Tub Cover Protectant Spray?

There are several hot tub cover protectant sprays in the market today.

However, based on my personal research and reviews from several users of this forums, I can definitely say that the best cleaner found so far is the 303 Marine Aerospace Protectant.

303 Aerospace protectantis widely known to be the most effective and quality UV screening product formulated for the aerospace and aviation industry.

This product does not only maintain the vinyl but also keeps it looking newer.

303 Aerospace protectant provides following benefits for your hot tub cover.

1. Protects hot tub cover from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

2. Prevents it from cracking and fading

3. Restores the original color and luster.

4. Smoothly dries up to a matte finish. 

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