How to Clean Pool Steps Under Water – 4 Super Easy Methods to Keep Under Water Pool Steps Dirt Free


how to clean pool steps under water

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I have experienced this several times in and around my swimming pool that the pool steps under the water often get stained and slippery after few days.

If I don’t clean it regularly, then they get dirty and muddy after some time.

If you too experience this problem, then don’t worry.

To avoid any unwanted consequences, I always advise all the pool users to properly clean and maintain those pool steps especially I am talking about under water steps.

In this article, I will provide 4 simple cleaning methods which you can use to clean your muddy and dirty pool steps under water.

So, here are those 4 methods.

4 Main Steps to Properly Clean Pool Steps that are Under Water

Method 1: Cleaning Pool Steps Using a Pool Brush or Pool Skimmer

One of the most effective ways to get rid of stains and the sliminess of under water pool steps is by scrubbing them.

By using a pool brush or pool skimmer, you can scrub the stains from your pool steps.

It will also remove the slipperiness of the pool steps.

In addition to this, using a scrubbing sponge can also do the trick.

But choose your brush and your skimmer wisely. 

Different varieties of such brushes are available online for you.

From my experience, I will give you one more good advice.

While cleaning the steps, you can keep the pool filter running.

It will help to remove all the debris during the cleaning process.

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Method 2: Cleaning Pool Steps Using a Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Another effective method of cleaning the pool steps is the use of a pool vacuum cleaner.

Different varieties of pool vacuums are available in the market today such as suction pool cleaners, robotic pool cleaners, pressure pool cleaners, and manual pool cleaners.

Choose any type as per your need and actual requirements.

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It comes with dual scrubbing brushes and different types of filter options.

If you have around 50 foot of inground swimming pool, then this is an ideal automatic pool cleaner for you.

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Method 3: Use Vitamin C tablets (Ascorbic Acid) to Clean Pool Steps

The use of Vitamin C tablets is an effective yet simple way to clean your swimming pool steps that are under water.

They are generally applicable to stains that are isolated.

Vitamin C tablets contain ascorbic acid.

This type of acid is a fantastic cleaning agent for pool equipment and accessories.

For this method, you need to lower the pool water level first so that it reaches the stains of the steps that are under water.

Then rub the vitamin C tablets directly on those steps.

If those stains are not caused by metals, then the steps can be cleaned very easily with these tablets.

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Method 4: Maintain Proper pH Level of the Water

The variation in the pH level changes the chemistry of your swimming pool water.

This change may sometimes cause the stains or discoloration of the pool steps, floor, and walls.

So, you need to keep checking the pH level regularly.

For that, you need proper digital pH testing kit at your disposal.

If any discrepancy is noted make the necessary adjustments to your pool water.

Thereafter, leave the pool untouched for 24 hours.

The stains, caused by the chemical build-up, will gradually disappear if you keep tab on the pH level of your water.

The steps will turn sparkling clean again in few days after water pH remains balanced.

3 Methods to Clean Under Water Yellow Stained Pool Steps

The yellow stains of your pool steps are generally caused by three elements.

1. Mustard Algae

2. Mineral stains

3. Organic stains

But before cleaning, you must first identify the reason for those stains.

For this, take a pool brush and scrub the stains gently.

If the stains disappear easily, then it is caused by mustard algae or else it is caused by mineral deposits.

The identification of organic stains is easy.

They are caused by the deposition of decomposed organic materials like leaves, tree branches, etc.

By careful observation, we can easily identify those stains.

Once the main element causing those stains is confirmed, then you can clean those stains with 3 following cleaning methods.

Method 1: For removing algae stains, you can either use algae stain remover or a manual pool cleaner.

But before using chemicals, you need to wear your safety gloves, masks, and goggles.

After the cleaning process is over, check the pH level of the pool water.

In case of any variation, make the necessary adjustments.

The last and final step is to shock the pool.

It is also known as breakpoint chlorination.

The sunrays interact with chorine and decrease the efficiency of this process.

Therefore, you need to carry out this process only after the sunset to get the best results.

Method 2: For removing stains caused by minerals like iron, manganese, etc., you need to use a reliable metal stain remover.

Such iron stain removers can easily be purchased online or from offline stores.

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But before applying the chemicals you need to make certain adjustments.

The first step is to lower the chlorine level to 0ppm and pH to 6.8 ppm.

Thereafter, add the stain remover.

This will soften the stains and makes them easy to scrub off.

Once the process is over, keep the pool to rest overnight.

The next morning, raise the pH of the pool.

Maintain it between 7.2 to 7.8.

Adjust the levels of chemicals in pool water and finally follow the process of pool shock.

You need to vacuum out the debris after this process is over.

Method 3: Pool shock is an effective method to eradicate organic stains.

You can do this by adding a heavy dose of chlorine followed by intense scrubbing with the help of best pool cleaning brush.

You can also use ascorbic acid-based cleaning agents for this process.

For waterline organic stains, the addition of pool enzymes is the most effective way.

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Can You Use Magic Eraser to Clean Under Water Pool Steps?

Yes, as per my experience, I can say that a magic eraser is good enough cleaning element which can clean the pool steps that are under water.

It is generally used to remove algae stains.

The magic erasers are comprised of melamine foam.

They are made from a compound called formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer.

Magic Erasers are easily available in the offline market as well as on online platforms such as Amazon.

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However, let me convey all the facts here.

Even though Magic Eraser is a popular stain remover, it cannot remove the algae stains entirely.

It can only somewhat lighten them and remove dirt particles if any.

Thus, using the magic eraser may be a temporary solution.

But it is certainly not a permanent solution.

Algae, itself may not be harmful but it can gradually attract lots of harmful bacteria inside the pool water.

Thus, ultimately algae accumulation is harmful to health.

So, for the complete removal of algae stains, instead of Magic erase, I recommend to follow the above mentioned cleaning methods.

How to Clean Above Ground Pool Steps?

We all desire to have a crystal-clear pool.

To achieve this, regular pool maintenance is highly necessary.

Cleaning above-ground pool steps are as important as cleaning the steps underwater.

If the steps are stained and slippery, climbing up and down the steps becomes dangerous.

Like underground steps, the cleaning process depends on the staining agents.

In the case of a yellowish slimy stain, scrubbing them with a pool brush can be helpful.

Such types of stains are generally caused by algae deposition.

For isolated stains, rubbing vitamin C tablets directly over them can do the trick

For organic and metal stains, scrubbing off may not be helpful.

You generally need to apply stain removers to clean such stains.

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How to Clean Discolored Pool Steps?

Your pool steps may get discolored due to various reasons.

The probable causes are stated below –

1. Organic Stains

2. Inorganic Stains

3. Unbalanced chemistry of water

Depending on the cause of discoloration, the cleaning process varies.

One of the quickest processes to clean discolored steps is to rub vitamin C tablets.

If that does not work, you need to scrub the steps with a pool brush and a stain remover.

Correcting the chemical imbalances of pool water also removes the stains from the steps.

It must be noted that the Ph of pool water should neither be too high nor too low.

If water is acidic, corrosion of metals takes place. This causes discoloration of steps.

Also, too much alkaline nature helps in the rapid multiplication of algae.

This in turn causes yellow stains on the steps.

So, pool water pH should be between 7.2 to 7.8.

Also, it’s important to maintain the chemical balance of your pool water.

Thus, regular checking of pool water chemistry is advisable.

In case of any discrepancies and too much technical stuff, I recommend to take help of a professional swimming pool cleaning company in your area.


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