Can You Put a Hot Tub Under a Deck? – 6 Important Tips to Follow While Placing Hot Tub on the Deck


can you put a hot tub on a deck

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Buying a hot tub is one of the best home improvement purchases you will ever make in your life, isn’t it true?

Along with its supreme hot bathing experience, it gives an amazing look to your home.

But to get the most beauty out of your hot tub, you need to place it perfectly as well.

When choosing a place for your hot tub indoor, you need to be very careful with its base.

What will you put it on?

Many hot tub owners prefer using a deck to place their hot tubs outdoors.

It gives them much space and allowance to enjoy some fun time with their families outdoor.

But is placing your tub on the deck that easy? Or, can you even put your hot tub under a deck?

My answer is, Yes, you can do it without any issues.

You can put your hot tub under a deck for sure.

But to make sure you use the tub in the best way, the deck must be strong enough to endure the weight of your hot tub.

Usually, decks are designed to support a few people, not a big hot tub weighing thousands of pounds.

But you can still find decks that are specially designed for hot tubs and are built to endure that much weight. Go for them.

However, before finalizing a deck for your hot tub, there are certain things you need to know.

Like what kind of deck would be best for your tub, how much weight should a good deck endure, how to get the best deck for your tub, and a lot more.

The good news is that I have mentioned the answers to all these questions regarding your hot tub deck in this article.

You just need to read it thoroughly and you will have no doubts left regarding a hot tub deck.

Can the Average Deck or a Normal Deck Hold a Hot Tub?

To be honest, there is no limit to how much weight a deck can hold.

Some decks are built to hold 50 pounds per square foot while some hold more than 120 pounds per sq. foot quite easily.

It mainly depends on how you have got it built.

You can get your deck designed according to your requirements.

A standard deck that is built to code is rated to hold a weight of 50 pounds per square foot.

In this 50 pounds included the 10 pounds dead load and 40 pound live load.

Decks that can hold higher weight are good but they also have some disadvantages of their own.

For example, too large decks can cover space more than required and make the home suffocating.

At the same time, they will also be very heavy, so moving them would be nearly impossible.

Due to all this, you should go for decks that hold up to 100-120 pounds per square foot.

It will also hold all kinds of usual inflatable spa, acrylic or molded normal sized hot tubs without any issues.

How Far Should a Hot Tub be from Your House?

Placing your hot tub is one of the most challenging and important tasks you need to do after bringing a new hot tub home.

It can be quite tricky, exhausting, and annoying sometimes as well.

Once you have decided what to put your hot tub on, it comes to where you will be installing your tub.

While finalizing it, you need to keep a lot of things in mind.

I recommend following 6 tips mentioned below before you install your new hot tub in the outdoors.

Tip 1: You need to place your hot tub to the place where you can properly heat it up.

Tip 2: You don’t want everyone to watch you soaking into the tub. Choose a place that ensures your and your family’s privacy.

Tip 3: A good view is something we all want while taking hot baths.

Tip 4: The hot tub should be placed where it is protected from rains and storms.

Tip 5: It should be placed from where you can easily get into the house and stay warm.

Tip 6: And most importantly, it should be placed where the drainage system is sufficient and convenient for you.

Keeping all this in mind, here is how far you should place your hot tub outside the house.

To reduce the chances of electrocution, you should place your hot tub 16 feet away from the overhead power lines.

Also, make sure to keep your hot tub at least 5 feet away from anything to make sure they are not affected by the tub flood.

In short, the perfect place to install your hot tub outdoors is by the wall near the door, 16 feet away from the overhead power lines.

Where Should a Hot Tub be Placed on a Deck?

So, you are finally placing your hot tub on the deck outside your home.

But this is not a cup of coffee, you know.

You are definitely not going to move your deck (along with the tub) every month, am I right?

And that is why it becomes so important for you to place your hot tub on the deck in the right way.

To help you with this, I am here with a few things that you should consider while placing your tub on the deck.

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3 Things to Consider Before Your Place Hot Tub on the Deck

1st Factor: Distance from Your House

You don’t want to take a bath in the tub and run 500 m back to get in the house cold.

That is why it is important to keep your hot tub near the house, preferably by the walls of the house.

Placing the tub by the walls also helps in heating up the hot tub much faster than usual.

2nd Factor: Your Privacy

You surely don’t want everyone staring at you when you soak into your hot tub to relax.

It will be annoying and little awkward too.

Keeping this factor in mind, I recommend you to place your hot tub at the location where you have better privacy.

Again, I think placing hot tub by the walls seems a great idea.

3rd Factor: Sufficient Space for a Hot Tub

Suppose you placed your tub to a place where you are unable to put the covers on.

Won’t it be annoying?

You need to place your tub where you can get enough space to enter/exit the deck.

You should also be able to put on or remove the cover, and repair the tub when necessary without any problem.

I am sure if you keep these 3 three factors in mind, you will get the best place to put your hot tub on the deck.

Note: Do not put your hot tub under a tree just because it looks beautiful.

Just think of the future when the leaves will fall from it, you will be messed up. Lol!

How to Place a Hot Tub on a Deck?

Having a wooden deck placed in your backyard is a dream almost every one of us have, am I correct?

And your hot tub placed on it? Oh, it adds stars to it.

But placing your hot tub on a deck is not that easy.

First because hot tubs are heavy and you alone cannot lift it and place it on the deck.

You will need help from at least 3 more people.

Second, configuring the hot tub connection is not everyone’s task.

You need to have a better understanding of electricity for that.

But worry not, I have made everything so easy for you here.

Below, I have mentioned 5 simple steps following which you can place your hot tub on the deck quite easily.

5 Tips to Follow Before You Place Hot Tub on the Deck

Tip 1: Make sure the deck supports your spa i.e. holds the weight of the hot tub.

Tip 2: If you have a low deck, you don’t need any mechanical equipment to lift the tub.

You can easily get 2-3 men and lift it up on the deck.

Tip 3: In case you have a second story deck, it will be harder to place the tub manually.

However, you can do it by using a winch, ramp, and other tools.

Tip 4: If the deck is very high and cannot be reached from ground, you can get it installed with the help of a crane or by a helicopter.

However, using a crane will be a much cost-effective way unless you have unlimited money.

Tip 5: Once you have placed the hot tub on the deck, you need to sort out its electrical configuration.

And, then you are done.

Now, you can enjoy smooth relaxing, and muscle-soothing hot baths in your favorite hot tub placed on your beautiful deck.


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