How to Level a Hot Tub on a Sloped Concrete Floor – Follow These 5 Steps to Level Your Hot Tub


how to level hot tub on sloped concrete floor

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Have you recently purchased a new hot tub or planning to move your current hot tub from one place to another?

In both these situations, you certainly need to focus on a proper installation of your hot tub and deciding the type of surface for its proper leveling and installation.

A perfectly installed hot tub is the one done on a well-leveled surface that will ensure adequate and smooth functioning of your spa.

A leveled concrete slab or a reinforced deck are some of the most widely used surfaces by many hot tub and spa owners for the installation of their hot tubs.

However, most of these users usually face the issue of sloped and uneven surfaces and not knowing how to balance the hot tub properly.

If you chose to install your hot tub on a concrete slab, you may be faced with this issue of sloped surface at least once.

However, you can easily fix this problem with the help of shims.

All you need to do is use the right types of plastic shims under the hot tub to get it leveled.

However, you need to make sure that the sloppy area is one inch or less only to use these shims.

Heavy Duty Plastic Shims are readily available in the offline as well as online stores.

You can get the suitable quantity and size for these shims at a considerable price.

However, you have to make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the owner’s manual about how to properly use shims to level hot tubs.

Note that some hot tub models do not support shimming whereas most of them come with shim points.

Hence, it is important to always follow guidelines to avoid some level of risk that would get your hot tub warranty void.

Here are 4 basic steps you need to follow while using shims to level your hot tub.

Step 1: To place the plastic shims under your hot tub, you need to first empty the tub.

Then, start tapping in the shims from the lowest side of the tub.

Step 2: Now, place shims at regular intervals to get the weight distributed evenly over the low side of the tub.

Step 3: Alternatively, you can use pressure-treated 2×4 lumber with external pressure-treated plywood.

Both these materials can be used to construct wooden shims and platforms for the slope.

Step 4: After taking out the hot tub and ensuring you place it on a flat surface, simply cut the 2×4s into pieces like a wedge shape.

Step 5: After that, place them on every foot underneath the tub.

Then screw in the exterior plywood to the wooden shims.

Shims shouldn’t be an option for leveling a sloppy area that is more than 1 inch.

In this case, a spa or hot tub leveler works much better.

In case of slope having 1 inch or more, you can simply adjust the leveler and fix the height of the hot tub to fit the level of the slope.

Can You Put a Hot Tub on a Slope?

Most patios are designed to direct water away from the house for drainage purposes.

You can decide to put your hot tub on a slightly sloped platform to avoid water pooling up under the tub.

A slight slope on a tub’s pad will not alter the performance or affect its structure or stop it from functioning properly.

If you’re going to install the tub on a slope, a maximum slope of ½” or 1″ in an 8′ run is required.

The slope must not exceed the above range.

Or else, you will have to move the hot tub to a leveled surface or build a new compact and leveled foundation.

In such scenario, a framed sand topped with gravel will make a great combination.

To avoid putting too much stress on the wood frame or acrylic shell of the tub, kindly do not try using shims for slopes greater than 1 inch. 

3 Methods to Level a Hot Tub on a Sloped Deck

Before installing your hot tub, you must understand that a slope beneath a deck is arguably important to consider.

It should also slope away from your home.

A slight slope of not more than ½ to 1 inch per every 8 inches length or width of the hot tub is considered necessary to help with tub drainage.

You can also add gravel under these for better drainage.

When leveling a hot tub on a sloped deck, ensure the surface is flat.

There are several ways you can level your deck.

I have explained 3 important methods to level your deck for hot tub installation.

Method 1: Remove the deck boards and apply plastic shims underneath the boards.

Method 2: Level from underneath the deck by simply lifting a deck, and by placing a jack underneath a joist to raise it.

After that, just place a shim between the joist and beam.

Then, put the joist and beam back, and continue down the deck length till the slope is leveled.

Method 3: Fill the area with a layer of sand by first marking the hot tub area with chalk or a paint.

Then cut a 1-inch thick and 6-inch wide board to a length long enough to reach both ends of your hot tub.

Slide the 1-inch edge from one end to the other end.

This will remove the sand from the ground surface and leave the sand in depressions on the ground.

Sweep off the excess sand and dispose of it.

And you are done!

These are 3 methods which you can apply to level your hot tub properly on the deck with a slight slope.

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Do Hot Tubs Have Leveling Feet?

The simple answer is ”yes”, hot tubs have leveling support that can be adjusted to get the tub to your desired level.

You can simply adjust the support upward to increase your hot tub level and down to lower the level.

This feature however is not common in most hot tubs.

These leveling feet are adjustable feet that are either plastic, wood or concrete screwed into different levels depending on the height you wish to put the hot tub in.

To help with raising and lowering your hot tub to your desired level, you can make adjustable feet for your hot tub.

For this task, you can use a spa leveler, plastic shims or wooden shims.

You can even install a custom-build wood for the same purpose.

Can You Shim a Hot Tub to Level it?

Yes, you can get your hot tub to a perfectly even level with the use of shims.

Shimming a hot tub is practically a simple process that will cost you only a few bucks.

You just need a few materials and tools that are readily available in a hardware store.

The majority of hot tubs come with shim points.

Those points are specifically designed to provide a secure place for easy application of shims in a way that can prevent any damage to the hot tub.

Note that, shims are to be used to level a tub only when there’s a slope not more than ½ or 1 inch per 8″ length or width.

Nonetheless, when choosing shims, ensure to choose shims with the best material strong enough to hold the weight of your tub.

Wooden shims may be strong but they do not last for a longer period.

A better choice to go for is the durable and heavy duty plastic shims because they are stronger with higher life span means they can last for a longer period without any issues. 

How to Level a Hot Tub on Uneven Concrete?

If your hot tub is sitting on uneven concrete, you may consider leveling it with sand and gravel.

You can even use a custom-built pad made of wood, or can create a new concrete slab for this task.

However, the easiest way will be to use a self-leveling compound i.e. a liquid floor resurfacer within sections of level-cut rail will.

Within an hour or less of the application of the liquid underlayment, the material gets thickened like syrup and hardens the surface to a perfectly smooth level.

That’s how you can level your hot tub on uneven concrete surface.


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