Should You Wear a Bathing Suit in a Hot Tub? – 3 Reasons to Avoid Common Bathing Suits for a Spa


can you wear bathing suits in a hot tub

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When it comes to choosing your preferred attire for your hot tub, things might get trickier than you think.

The fact is that there are lot of people like me, who love to enjoy their hot tub soaks naturally and without any clothes.

However, there are also other hot tub users out there, a large number of users to be honest actually, who need to do proper decision-making about what to wear in their hot tubs.

If you are also one of those people, whose numbers are high, I’ve got something very relaxing for you.

In this article, I have talked elaborately about what to wear in a hot tub.

First of all, let’s answer the one question that’s been bothering every single one of you.

Should you wear a bathing suit in a hot tub?

My answer to this question is a straight “No” if you are referring to that regular bathing suit that you use in your swimming pools, oceans, and beaches.

Not only do these suits carry contaminants like salt and calcium but they can bring detergent and sunscreen with them also.

And unless you have unlimited money using which you can buy a new hot tub every day, you would never want that, do you?

Also, using a bathing suit in a hot tub might not be good for that suit too.

How? I’ve explained that properly in the next section of the article.

Keep reading to find out.

3 Main Reasons Why You Should not Wear a Bathing Suit in a Hot Tub

As I said earlier, you should not wear a bathing suit in your hot tub.

But why shouldn’t you?

What are the reasons that stop you from wearing your favorite bathing suit when you enter your favorite hot tub?

Well, let me tell you about them all.

Reason 1: You Will Add More Contaminants in Your Hot Tub

I know this will be unintentional but it’s true that when you wear a bathing suit to soak up in a hot tub, you may end up contaminating your hot tub more.

But how’s that possible? Let’s understand this.

Suppose you don’t have a separate bathing suit for your hot tub and other stuff, which is the case usually for many spa users.

Now, you first go to a swimming pool, then an ocean, or a beach in your bathing suit.

When you do that, contaminants like salt and bacteria get added to your suit.

After some days, you wish to soak in your favorite hot tub, in the same suit.

Now, when you enter your hot tub wearing that same, uncleaned suit; then the contaminants present on the suit get added to the tub’s water and your tub gets contaminated.

And do I need to tell you what kind of trouble you may get into by soaking into a contaminated tub?

I don’t think so. You’re smart.

Reason 2: Wearing a Bathing Suit in a Hot Tub can Harm Your Body

I should’ve put this one as the first reason why you should not wear a bathing suit in a hot tub. But whatever!

Wearing a bathing suit in a hot tub, along with the hot tub, can damage your skin too.

And you don’t want that, I know this.

The hot tub’s chemistry, after getting contaminated with the swimsuit, can get unbalanced.

And if you soak in that contaminated water, your skin can get itching, rashes and other infections too.

Reason 3: It Can Degrade the Quality of Your Bathing Suit

Another big reason why you should not step into your hot tub wearing your regular bathing suit is that doing this might actually harm your suit as well, along with your body.

Let me explain it. A bathing suit designed for swimming pools, oceans, and beaches is only good when it is used in the right place.

If you use it to soak into your hot tub, the chemicals present in the tub might be too harsh for the suit material and degrade its quality.

However, if your bathing suit is made of a durable material like nylon, there is less harm in wearing it.

On the other hand, wearing bathing suits containing a larger blend of spandex is highly risky.

So, I just gave you 3 reasons why it can be harmful to your body , to your bathing suit, and to your hot tub if you wear a bathing suit in the spa.

But was that all? Isn’t there any other way that allows you to wear a bathing suit in your hot tub?

Well, luckily, there is.

In the next section, I am going to tell you how you can do the undoable.

Yes, I will tell you how you can actually wear a bathing suit in your hot tub without harming anything or anyone.

So, let’s go.

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2 Methods to Wear a Bathing Suit in a Hot Tub without Harming Anything

Yes, you read that right!

In this section, I am going to tell you how you can actually wear a bathing suit in your hot tub without harming anything.

Here are my secret 2 methods that you can use too to prevent any harm for your body, for your spa and for your bathing suit too.

Method 1: Have a Separate Bathing Suit for Your Hot Tub

I know it looks like a bit of common sense here but hey, common sense is not so common either, am I right?

You might have thought about having a separate bathing suit for your hot tub but you might not as well.

So, if you haven’t yet, do it now.

Get a new bathing suit for yourself that you’ll only wear when you’re craving that hot, relaxing massage of your hot tub.

Click Here to Get the Best Bathing Suit Only for a Hot Tub Experience.

Method 2: Wear an Old Bathing Suit

Well, sometimes people don’t have the money or the will to buy a new dedicated bathing suit for their hot tub.

In that situation, wearing an old bathing suit that you don’t care about can actually be a good idea.

When you are using an old suit, you already don’t care about the degradation of that bathing suit and that’ll make things easier for you.

Plus, you might not be wearing your old suit to pools and beaches anymore, so that makes your old bathing suit like a new one too.

Well, it’s kind of fun. You should give it a try.

I hope these 2 tips will help you out in preventing any harm for your skin, for your suit and for your hot tub as well.


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