Can You Shim a Hot Tub Level? – Find the Best Shim Kit to Properly Level Your Hot Tub


can you shim a hot tub level

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As a proud hot tub owner, you must be already knowing how important it is to keep a hot tub on a leveled surface.

It is important to level your hot tub on a deck or on a patio in order to balance its weight including the extra weight from the water and its users it holds.

When it comes to leveling the ground for your hot tub to sit properly, of course, you have several material options you can go for.

You can build a wooden platform, a concrete pad, or any customized pad.

You can also use a hot tub leveler or a plastic shim for this same task.

However, in conditions where building a platform is not financially feasible, you can still choose to go for plastic shims.

They are fairly cheap and can easily be used to level a hot tub on concrete ground.

Generally, shims are the most commonly used materials for leveling a hot tub.

These shims are available in the market in different ranges depending on the size of your hot tub.

They are pressure-resistant and can strongly hold the weight of your hot tub.

The fact is some hot tub brands do not support the use of shims.

But the majority of them include shim points in their hot tubs with detailed instructions in their manual.

In these manuals, you can find info such as where the shim points can be found in a hot tub and how they can be used to level the hot tub.

The best place you can use shims is on a minor slope.

This means you can perfectly use shims for minor adjustments or to level your hot tub if the hot tub rests on a slope of 1 inch or less.

Additionally, you should be cautious not to over-shim to avoid putting too much pressure on the wood frame/acrylic shell, which may result in cracks in the hot tub

Shims can get rotten over time, maybe within a few years of using it.

So, if you’re going to be using your shims for a longer time, maybe for few years, then I recommend to use heavy duty plastic shims instead of wood shims.

I recommend you to use the EZ-Shim heavy-duty plastic shims for this purpose.

These shims have a pretty longer durability because they are made from strong and durable plastic material.

They can bear the heavy weight of your hot tub easily for a long period and they are waterproof too.

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Can You Shim A Hot Springs Hot Tub?

If you’re using a Hot Spring’s hot tub, and you wish to level it with a shim, it is advised you check this hot tub’s manual for the leveling instructions.

The Hot Springs hot tubs are of different collections and models and most do not support the use of shims.

For instance, the Landmark (model S), Vista, and the Grandee (model G) require installation on a 4″ thick concrete pad or a deck and do not support the use of shims in any manner.

Vanguard (model G) and Sovereign (model I) both have 15 leveling points and shims can be placed at approximately 18″ inch from the edge and then center middle shims.

You can check out these pre-delivery instructions from Hotspring.

You can also refer to the pedestal support diagram to locate the recommended shimming points for your hot tub model.

The manufacturing cooperation, however, has approved the following shim materials:

1. Cedar shingles

2. Exterior rated plywood

3. Exterior rated lumber and

4. Redwood

You can go ahead to read the leveling instructions to learn how to prepare the leveling and how you can properly shim your Hotspring’s hot tub.

Does Hot Tub Have to be Perfectly Leveled?

If you ask my opinion, then I would answer “Yes” to this question.

Surely, your hot tub needs to be perfectly leveled on a surface where it is installed.

It can sit on almost any flat, uniformly leveled surface but it must not be placed on the grass or bare ground.

You can place the hot tub on a deck or patio if it’s to be used outdoors.

For indoor use, any regular floor or a basement concrete floor will be good enough.

However, it is very important to also ensure that the surface has a weight-bearing load capability.

It must be strong enough to hold the weight of your hot tub plus the water with people inside.

Your main concern when leveling should be to ensure that the surface is a flat one.

The recommended materials for flooring include concrete pavers or bricks, crushed rock or pea gravel, a concrete pad, etc.

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Can a Hot Tub be on a Slight Slope?

Yes, a slight slope of not more than 1.30 cm in a 2.5 m run is ok for a hot tub to place.

A perfectly leveled hot tub will certainly give you that comfort you need while sitting and relaxing in it.

You do not want a situation where the water in the tub gets pooled to one side instead of being evenly distributed.

In such cases, the extra weight from the water and that of the bathers will be distributed across the tub’s frame/acrylic shell.

A slight slope on the hot tub with no dips, sags, or unevenness in pads, won’t affect the tub’s performance or its structure.

Dips or voids in the surface under the hot tub can cause much stress on the hot tub’s shell due to the extra weight of the tub with people in it.

This, however, can lead to cracks in your hot tub and stress fractures.

Although most platforms are built with a slight slope away from the house to help with the tub drainage.

A slope not more than ½” (1.27) in every 8′ (2.44m) run of the tub length and width is required to help with the tub drainage.

What is the Maximum Allowed Slope for a Hot Tub?

If you’re going to use a cement pad, a slight slope will be needed to prevent water from pooling up under your spa.

A slope of ¾” in a 10-foot wide cement pad will be adequate.

For bricks and block usage, you do not need any slope as the water will drain out from in between the blocks.

To ensure water runs off the pad and prevent pooling, Happy Hot Tub has recommended a slope of 1.5cm per 3.5m for a concrete pad.

A minimum of ⅛” per ft is fine if the surface is smooth like concrete.

Maximum should be a ⅝”, however, you can go less than that if you can.

What is the Best Hot Tub Shim Kit?

When it comes to finding the best shim kit, I can only recommend to use EZ Heavy Duty Plastic Shims to you.

In this kit, you can get a set of 20 shims at a very reasonable price point.

It is easy to use and strong enough to hold the weight of a hot tub.

Also, it lasts longer and does not compress easily.

A single pack comes with two sheets of 20 shims, i.e. 10 shims in each sheet that break apart from each other.

Each shim is 7 7/8″ long, 1 1/8″ wide, and about ⅜” to 1/16” thick.

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