What to Wear in a Hot Tub in Winter? – Choose These Clothing Options in Winter for Your Safety


what to wear in a hot tub in winter

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Finally, it is winter time here with all its cold romances.

Lurking in warm blankets with a hot cup of tea, coffee, shake, or whatever fills you up is an amazing experience on freezing winter days.

However, people like me crave something more.

Yes, that warm, muscle-soothing soak in that beautiful hot tub.

Soaking in the tub with your friends or family is surely one of the coolest things you can do in the winter season.

But you won’t be going there without any dress or clothing on your body, am I right?

So, naturally the question comes which is what to wear while entering a hot tub in winter?

That’s a real question to think about I guess.

Because you cannot go without any clothes in the tub especially in the cold weather days.

Neither can you go there wearing anything randomly?

For example, if you are wearing a jogging suit in the hot tub, ask yourself again.

Are you actually doing the right thing?

Now I know what your answer is going to be.

It would be like – I would simply wear shorts and enter my hot tub.

But think again!

You are thinking of soaking in a hot tub in WINTER season wearing shorts.

It can be badly affect your health if you do this.

Let me explain why.

When you enter a hot tub in the winter with just shorts on your body, only the part of your body covered by the shorts remains warm.

All the other body parts are uncovered and are at a different temperature than the former.

And this can make you sick.

Now I guess you realize the importance of this article.

Let’s now see what you can actually wear.

If you want to get the best from your soak in the hot tub, make sure your comfort parts are covered and your body temperature is moderate.

To ensure all this, you may get a dedicated diving or swim suit just for soaking in the hot tub.

It can be a regular swimming suit but dedicated to hot tubbing only.

Also, wear hats to maintain the overall body temperature.

You might find it funny people wearing big-big hats while soaking in their tubs.

Well, they do that for some reason.

When you wear a hot tub, it keeps your head temperature the same as the rest of your body.

And yes, it makes us look cool also.

But that is only for as long as you are in your spa.

Won’t you ever exit the tub ever?

Well, when you do, make sure you have your slippers or sandals by the tub.

This is because when you exit the tub, you don’t have to walk in the cold.

Also, have a warm towel near you so again you don’t need to greet the cold.

If you want to read more about what you can wear in a hot tub in winter, keep reading this article till the end.

Is it Safe to Get in a Hot Tub in the Winter?

Yes, there is no harm in getting in a hot tub in the winter season.

I use my hot tub the most in the winter days.

When the warm water droplets touch the bare cold hand, it just feels amazing.

Also, winter soaks in hot tubs are very good for relaxing and curing muscle-joint aches.

However, if you are living in a very cold place and using a hot tub, you might be prone to some health hazards such as a stroke.

To avoid that, make sure that you enter the tub only after wearing the right outfit.

Also, get your exit plan ready before you enter the tub as mentioned in the beginning of this article.

Unless the tub is dirty or there is snow present in it, it is completely safe to get in a hot tub in the winter.

Should You Wear a Bathing Suit in a Hot Tub?

The bigger question is will you enter in your hot tub without any clothes on your body?

If not, wearing a bathing suit can be a very good idea.

But make sure you use that only for your hot tubbing purposes.

If you use the same suit for your hot tub and for swimming in a pool, you may get sick and your tub might get contaminated as well.

Look, pool or ocean water is different than the water in your spa.

They often consist of bacteria and other contaminants that can affect your tub’s hygiene.

Also, they might have detergents and sunscreens that, if used in your tub, can cause severe damage to the tub.

And I believe you don’t want that to happen.

So, yes, you should wear a bathing suit in a hot tub but one which you only use for your hot tub.

Good bathing suits for your hot tub should be made of Nylon or Polyester.

They keep you safe from the side effects of high chlorine in the tub.

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Can You Wear a T-Shirt in a Hot Tub?

Yes, you can. But I highly recommend NOT to WEAR it.

I have seen many people who jump straight into the hot tub with whatever they are wearing.

Shorts, underwear, track pants, or even t-shirts.

But you should not do that for your safety purpose.

If you do not have dedicated swimwear for your tub, the best alternative is to enter the tub without any clothes on your body. 

When you wear a t-shirt or any regular cloth in the hot tub, the chemicals in the tub will fade and possibly degrade your clothes.

Also, the fibers and dyes coming out from your t-shirt can also damage the tub.

After all, you should not wear a t-shirt in a hot tub. That is it!

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Should I Wear a Hat in a Hot Tub in the Winter?

You may have seen people enjoying themselves in their hot tubs wearing big large hats on their heads.

And you will be like; should I also wear a hat in a hot tub in the winter?

My answer to this question is definite Yes, in fact you should wear it while enjoying hot tub in the winter.

Not only will this make you look super cool but it will also help you maintain a balanced body temperature.

This way, you will be safe from any kind of sudden stroke or cold in the winter. 

Because remember, we are talking about cold chilly temperatures of the winter season here.

And when your head will be exposed to the deadly cold wind waves, you will be vulnerable.

So, yes.

I highly recommend you to wear a hat before you step into a hot tub in the winter season.

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What Temperature Should I Keep My Hot Tub on in the Winter?

Choosing the right temperature of your hot tub before stepping into it is as much important as cleaning it regularly.

If you become lazy, you are gonna get sick.

Personally, in winter, I keep my hot tub temperature a little higher than I keep it in the summer.

On sunny summer days, my hot tub temperature is something around 92-95 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, when the cold winter days come, I like to be a warmer.

That’s why I increase the temperature to 98-100 degrees according to the weather outside.

The highest temperature you can get in your tub, legally, is 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

And some people actually do try override the temperature control of their hot tub to increase temperature up to 106 F.

Generally, I don’t recommend it to do it more than once or twice.

The reasons are simple.

Reason 1: If you step up in very hot water on cold days, your skin might start to swell.

Reason 2: The too hot water in the tub might cause you burns (very rare but possible).

Reason 3: Extremely high temperature of hot tub is not at all safe for your kids at home.

98 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit seems to be a decent limit for me.

It is completely safe and at this temperature, I get all that I would at 104-106 F.

What are The Best Hot Tub Robes to Wear in Winter?

It mainly depends on what kind of stuff you actually like to wear.

Everyone has their own choices, right?

So, it would not be fair if I just list one robe that I like personally and say that it is the best.

However, if I would be buying a robe for you to wear in the winter, it would be one of the 3 robes mentioned below.

First Choice: Unisex Terry Bathrobe

Whether you are a male or a female, this Unisex Terry Bathrobe will make sure you stay warm whenever you get out of your hot tub.

Made of pure combed cotton, this bathrobe is soft, elegant, and super comfortable.

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Second Choice: Alexander Del Rossa Full Length Hooded Bathrobe

Designed using the finest polyester available, this full-length hooded bathrobe is your go-to stuff on cold winter days.

Super soft and comfortable, this will keep you warm along with allowing you enough space to not feel suffocated.

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Third Choice: Plus Lined Microfiber Bathrobe

If comfort is your priority while choosing the right bathrobe in the winter, this is what you have been looking for.

Made of 100% pure polyester, this will give you superb comfort all along while keeping you warm in the winter.

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